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  • C Bear

    Found this while looking up the term “ethnocide”:
    Article 7 of a 1994 draft of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples:
    Indigenous peoples have the collective and individual right not to be subjected to ethnocide and cultural genocide, including prevention of and redress for:

    (a) Any action which has the aim or effect of depriving them of their integrity as distinct peoples, or of their cultural values or ethnic identities;
    (b) Any action which has the aim or effect of dispossessing them of their lands, territories or resources;
    (c) Any form of population transfer which has the aim or effect of violating or undermining any of their rights;
    (d) Any form of assimilation or integration by other cultures or ways of life imposed on them by legislative, administrative or other measures;
    (e) Any form of propaganda directed against them.

    Paying special attention to (d), but really any of these, wouldn’t this especially apply to Europeans in Europe?

    in reply to: Mini Mantras II #37888
    C Bear

    Here’s a new-ish mini I just came up with. it is 500 characters long for YT:


    Absolutely! Anti-racist IS just a code word for anti-white. Nobody is fighting this so-called “race-ism” ANYWHERE except in white countries. All this forced integration and government sponsored assimilation (read genocide) is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries. This is a direct violation of the 1948 Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. If only people would take the time to read the ACTUAL definition in the ACTUAL document and not be so mis-informed.

    in reply to: Complaints #28127
    C Bear

    Brian, you are doing a terrific job.  I have no complaints. I try not to present problems to people unless I am willing to help find solutions to those problems. I don’t think I could find the time to do what you do for BUGS. I have a hard enough time just getting online anymore (MAJOR, life-changing events, although nothing bad, have put restraints on my time).  If someone else thinks they can do a better job, they need to step up to the plate.

    in reply to: Mini Mantras I #20322
    C Bear

    This is a great resource.

    in reply to: Google Censorship #17703
    C Bear

    I got a similar warning. I use firefox. I got redirected to a site called “Badware”. Other than just being annoying, it doesn’t cause any problems…yet. My guess is that anti-whites are just causing trouble.
    Several months ago I tried getting online at work, and the “Barracuda” web filter blocked this site as “belonging to sites associated with hate and intolerance” I found a way around it since, where I can at least read Bob’s blog.

    in reply to: Mini Mantras I #17464
    C Bear

    Name calling from the complicit in genocide?

    I doubt you understand the gravity of the situation. Forget everything you think you know about this subject. If you are white and normal, genocide is an aberration. You have no right whatsoever claiming any type of moral one-ups-man-ship. Nor do you in any way whatsoever have any right speaking for my race, or any race for that matter. As the gravity of the situation eludes you, I seriously doubt that you can even claim any type of cognitive reasoning, much less intellectual snobbery. I suggest you refrain from further discussion here, as your comments are not fitting of a white man.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #17323
    C Bear

    A quasi-religious, or survivalist ad in the newspaper citing a web address that mysteriously goes full mantra the day of publication? We could get the NY times, Chicago Herald, LA Times to unwittingly advertize the Mantra to millions! The same idea could set up with a phone line on a smaller scale.
    I think this one could be winner.

    in reply to: YouTube Censorship #17320
    C Bear

    Congratulations! They have singled you out because you are effective, which tells me anti-whites are obviously following us here on BUGS. I wish there was a way to track these stalkers… Is there?

    I see YT usernames as disposable. The message is more important than the messenger.

    I would like to have more time to swarm. I’m only on my second YT account. I’ve been working 60 hr weeks for three years straight, not to mention 6 kids that need my attention. I also have a tremendous thirst for knowledge. I spend my breaks at work reading. I’m getting a smart phone soon. Maybe I can do some mobile swarming in the near future.

    C Bear

    I have been accused by anti-whites of using some of these tactics, without even knowing what they were. Obviously I WASN’T using them, but the fact that anti-whites would accuse me, and in the same terminology, tells me that they have at least read this. More likely, these tactics are written by and for anti-whites.
    But still,
    It reeks of shady politician, or is it just me. The skeptic in me tells me that there are also other possible sources. I know I wouldn’t use these tactics, because it is not my style, plus, I’m not a very good liar. I don’t see anyone white and normal using them either. Mossad? CIA? Is it from the old Soviet Union?
    The probability that it is not ours, or anyone on our side could make it useful in identifying the enemy.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #15248
    C Bear

    I have worked in a few propaganda campaigns in the pro-white movement over the years.
    Some local governments have ordinances that make some of these unlawful, so always check first.
    Here are a few that I have done:
    1. Confetti fliers – Small fliers with a brief message. You can fit 16+ on one sheet.
    2. Direct mailers – You will need a mailing list. The best results come from targeting a specific zip code.
    3. Sticker sales – With a good graphic design people will put them on their lunch boxes, lockers, bumpers, etc.
    4. Windshield wipers – Small shopping centers, large shopping centers, whatever your fancy.
    5. At the library – Small fliers inserted in books pro-whites might check out: history, war, guns, hunting, etc.
    6. Direct leaflets – This is my favorite. You just hand leaflets out on a street corner. The personal interaction scores points.

    C Bear

    While out spreading the Mantra, I encountered an anti-white who accused me of being a “Stormfronter”
    My response was first to thank him for the free advertizing. I then went on to say that I haven’t visited that site for some time and that fighting white genocide was much, much bigger than any site on the net. I then thanked him again for the free advertizement. That was the last I heard anything about it.

    Seeing this amateur’s attempted strategy for what it was, I decided the last thing I should do was to “throw them under the bus.” SF is a great site, for what it is. You won’t get me to say a single negative thing about any pro-white group, especially in front of an audience.

    in reply to: Mini Mantras I #13678
    C Bear

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have obviously put considerable thought and time into this.
    Not all of us have the time to create something like this, but every single one of us can use this.(I’m sure you don’t mind) I am going to copy this to word. When swarming I can easily reference,copy,paste. If I get the time I will categorize them for easier access. Keep up the good work!

    in reply to: New Anti-White Tactic on Youtube? #13597
    C Bear

    ‘White and normal’ is right up there with ‘code word’ and ‘anti-white.’ It drives them nuts! I try using at least one of these terms in every post. Most of all, I think what makes them so crazy is that we are now asserting our own terminology.

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #12765
    C Bear

    @feu-denfer, Try using Tor. Here’s the link: I use it when I am concerned with my comments being spam-flagged. It lets you visit sites anonymously. It does have it’s drawbacks, such as being a little slow, but it is still a great tool. I use it often.
    You can also try using Word (or something similar) to prepare a dozen or so responses/ posts. Then just alternate them, even switching the words or sentences around.

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #12540
    C Bear

    I occasionally use tribunal line, usually at the end of a post. I am however careful about it’s placement. The last thing we would want is a potential audience thing that we are “lunatics.”lol

    I throw it in for the sole benefit of the silent audience, not the anti-white. I am convinced most of the anti-whites we engage will never be pro-white. I say this because I believe only a handful would be nuts enough to argue for our genocide, and being ‘nuts’ they will probably never be anything but. The silent audience, on the other hand need to see exactly who we are dealing with: genocidal maniacs who as criminals think they are above the law.

    I wouldn’t compare tribunals to the day of the rope fantasy though. To a potential audience, the day of the rope fantasy could be stigmatized as something illegal,such as a lynch mob, while a tribunal implies something legal, with a panel of justices.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #12285
    C Bear

    removed… already done.

    C Bear

    I got one to admit to the charge of genocide.

    We have a typical anti-white lunatic here resorting to name calling instead of answering simple questions. I’ve had better conversations with eight year olds. It’s obviously a very amateur attempt at a cover-up.

    My race is being targeted for genocide. Forced integration, and similar policies are considered genocide under international law., but since White people are being targeted ,these laws are being ignored. Trying to justify this genocide is in itself punishable. The tribunals are coming…
    charlierebel83852 17 minutes ago

    Despite the fact that the terrorists hate Americans for supporting Israel, they continue to come to the US and live on welfare and suck on the Judeo- Christian tits of Mother Liberty. If it wasn’t for America, Hitler would have had the Islamic countries bombed into obliviion. Hitler considered Jews to be a race so he stuffed Palestinians and Arabs into the gas chambers calling them Jews. Hitler the ethnic Jew with one ball who had so many people put to death. 6 million Jews. 60 million people
    TDS4UT 19 minutes ago

    @TDS4UT Deliberate avoiding the charge of genocide will not hold up in a tribunal. My race is being target for genocide, so in an attempt to cover it up, anti-whites like you will do anything to change the subject. But the question remains: Are you pro-white, or are you pro-white genocide?
    charlierebel83852 13 minutes ago

    Glenn Beck couldn’t shine David Duke’s shoes.

    My strong suspicion is that Beck IS a Zionist.

    Beck by the way supports amnesty for illegals, he’s not a conservative in any way shape or form.

    hockeytruth 1 hour ago

    it is sad that Hitler was an ethnic Jew and murdered millions of Jews, eventually taking his own life. Now we have a mixed race David Duke, a mulatto, half black, who is a white supremacist hating blacks and wanting to lynch blacks and claims the Holocaust never happened.
    TDS4UT 8 hours ago

    Isn’t that kind of like Goebbels attacking Hitler?
    geffel 9 hours ago
    This has been flagged as spam show
    Alphaman7100 18 hours ago 4

    you scary radicals

    JuiceStainMc 19 hours ago

    Adolph Hitler was an ethnic Jew. His grandfather was a black Israelite ethnic Jew of North African ancestry. He raped Hitler’s grandmother who worked for him as a made. This is why Jews could not own property because of the shame that Hitler carried being a Black Jew. He felt that his genes were inferior and refused to have children with Eva Braun. He couldn’t father children because he was impotent. 
    TDS4UT 1 day ago

    @TDS4UT And you would use this a justification for the genocide of my race? Really, what is the difference between what anti-whites say about my race and what Hitler said about the Jews? Calling Hitler a Jew in this discussion is what is called “running interference.” It also tells me you are grasping at straws. Admit it anti-white. You are a genocidal maniac.
    charlierebel83852 12 hours ago

    @charlierebel83852 Charlie how can you talk about your race when you don’t even know who your real father is? Maybe it’s that Jew guy who always flirts with your mom. Charlie the Jew. Now that has a ring to it. Shalom, Charlie the Jew. Shalom.
    TDS4UT 1 hour ago

    @TDS4UT That’s a first. I’ve been called a lot of things, but never a “Jew.” ROFL! You have been charged with complicity in genocide, and you respond with name calling. Typical. How about this: Use some of your infinite PC intellectualism (sic) to answer the question instead of resorting to games. Just in case your short term memory lapsed, I’ll ask it again. Do you support White genocide? Yes or no. Nothing about Irish,or Hitler,or Anglo-Saxons, or Jews. Just answer the question.
    charlierebel83852 32 minutes ago

    @charlierebel83852 Yes, I support white genocide. We can start with fundraising for family clinics and abort the children. Millions of them, more than the Holocaust. The blacks need to be encouraged to fight the whites until eventually there will be no black or white race left. The killing of the Jews had a clog in it, so next we can kill all the Christians instead. The Muslims will take care of the Jews. Pissing everyone off gets the war going.
    TDS4UT 23 minutes ago

    @charlierebel83852 Okay Charlie. If you consider Irish Americans to be anti-white, I am not going to argue with you. So what part of the country are you from that you go around calling the Irish “micks” and you don’t consider them to be white nor part of the white race? Must be all that pure, Anglo Saxon, Aryan race only that the micks, the guineas and the Jews are not part of. Ain’t that right, Charlie boy? Saying the the Irish are genocidal maniacs is a bit strong. We’re not all in the IRA.
    TDS4UT 7 hours ago

    @charlierebel83852 Obviously, English is a second language to you. Hitler’s grandfather was an ethnic Jew. He kiled his own people and he killed himself. There is truth in the joke “Why did Hitler kill himself? He found out he was a Jew.” And so Hitler was the last victim of the Holocaust and the 6 millionth Jew to be killed on his orders. Hitler was ashamed of what he was and his own hated destroyed him. He also had a gay lover that he had to hide from the Nazis out of shame.
    TDS4UT 8 hours ago

    The Vikings. Those bloody bastards invaded Great Britain. Then Sweden and Norway were neutral during WWII. Its like wanting to look like Hitler- with one ball.
    TDS4UT 1 day ago

    If you say white people are not allowed to have their own countries and self-determination just like the non-white world does,you are a white genocide advocate.

    If you support the deliberate replacement of white children with non-white immigrants,you are a white genocide advocate.

    If you demand that whites must “assimilate” themselves out of existence with non-whites,you are a white genocide advocate.

    Beck is a white genocide advocate.Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
    dungeoncrawler55 1 day ago 2

    Glenn Beck and his neo-con traitors have done more to destroy my race than any Liberal could ever hope to. They are the anti-whites in sheep’s clothing. Just remember: Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
    charlierebel83852 1 day ago 4

    @charlierebel83852 And David Duke is a code for an ethnic Jew who is a zebra in sheep’s clothing.
    TDS4UT 1 day ago


    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Get it right.
    charlierebel83852 1 day ago

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #11202
    C Bear

    @ Scrivener: On you last paragraph above, I’ll definitely be using that one.

    in reply to: Are you new to BUGS Swarm? #11159
    C Bear

    Remember, some of the people we “debate” with are just too far gone. The discussion isn’t for them. It is for the bystander. We are here to show the world how silly the anti-whites are.

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #10920
    C Bear

    After 289 views and 32 posts his sicko topic is still up!
    What gets me is that there is maybe just a handful who don’t agree with it there! My advice, don’t bother reading the posts. I need Listerine for my brain now.
    We really need to take this guy down.

    I have heard anti-whites accuse certain older pro-whites of pedophilia before. Since I knew these distinguished White citizens myself, I would usually correct them. But experience tells me that anti-whites really believe they can make up anything they want, and get away with it. After all any one who opposes them are “racist.” So they consistently just make things up.

    But where do they get these ideas? They scream intolerance because they are intolerant, and scream racist because they hate Whites. White people aren’t naturally “racist” or even racially aware. Left to ourselves, we probably wouldn’t even discuss race. Many of us were brought to the movement because we were TOLD we are racist (Negative Conditioning). Normal people don’t like think about negative things such as pedophilia. Since these negative things don’t normally float around in our heads, we don’t falsely accuse people of of what we don’t imagine. For example, an unadulterated child may call you a “Silly Goose Pimple”. In their mind they are saying something hurtful out of anger.

    Now we know where the anti-whites get their ideas. They get them from their peer group. Interestingly enough, their peer group includes the dregs of society. No surprise.
    Is this something we can use?

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