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  • in reply to: Mini Mantras II #19979

    Thanks Scythian, but can you put a character count on each mini when you put it down?

    Also, is the thread free to dump my old mini mantras here too?


    You are right , the entire website is hosted and written by you know who.

    “OPP’s mission is simple: to research and report on who’s who and what’s what regarding right-wing groups, individuals and activities, and encourage society to be vigilant against them in an effort to diminish their ability to function and cause that society. We have been a go-to source for anyone wanting to learn more about the hate politics in today society.

    LMFAO, they are a bunch of Anti-Whites who sit around and monitor us and discredit us. Any BUGSTER will remember we are also being monitored 24/7 by US/Israeli Gov agencies to discredit the defense of our people, White People. We only need to look at self-righteous Anti-Racist Publications like them for evidence of White Genocide.

    Note- The entire site seems to be just a prop, It looks like your standard propaganda rag in a Berkley 60s student newspaper put up on the web imho. Mainly used as ‘in-group-vs-out-group’ social engineering by anti-whites to get liberals to attack respectable conservatives, which is amusing.

    in reply to: Different Codewords for Genocide #19246



    The more I read Bob, Orwell, and Solzhenitsyn, I see the ‘hidden think’ in the enemy’s cryptography. This is a little example of what you can do with some Mantra Think.

    “White Entitlement”

    In short, if one is able to use mantra thinking you can break it down fairly easily.

    “White” here is refereed in the 2nd person to a man or woman of European decent. It’s speaking from a non-white ‘outsiders’ point of view to a White man or woman.

    “Entitlement”, is extremely cynical here, again coming from a non-white ‘outsiders’ view. It’s used as a way to defame and demoralize a White man or woman about their heritage, nation, history, or current political/economic standing in their own nation.

    Teaching them that if they enjoy the current status they have it is far over their capacity and economic standing to attain it and they have only attained it through a ‘Evil White System of Exploitation’ against the ‘downtrodden non-white outsiders’.

    It is very cynical because it essentially tells a White man or Woman that “Hey Whitey, you don’t deserve what you have, stop your clinging to the past which your proud ancestors left for you, your people enslaved others in evil imperialism/capitalism/slavery/oppression/segregation, and don’t deserve any of what you have!”

    You can synthesize a ‘code word’ of what it means rather easily when you break it down.

    in reply to: Different Codewords for Genocide #19072


    Terminology is territory.

    ‘Diversity’ is a codeword for less White People.

    ‘Community’ is a code word for non-white exclusive.

    ‘Tolerance’ is a code word for Anti-White prejudice.

    ‘Dialogue’ is a code word for suppress Pro-Whites.

    ‘Coexist’ is a code word for White People “Resentful”.

    ‘Non-Minority’ is a code word for Evil White majority.

    Own the territory.

    -Note- I’d make a few more about ‘privilege’ and stuff too. This sort of thing might make a good viral marketing campaign for bugs.


    “My question is, how can we take these thoughts and make them mantra talking points.”

    I asked Horus and Bob that. meawhiterabbit, I think we all are alot alike in that respect. We want to ask the questions and think for ourselves and use the key that is the mantra to bash the prison gate of political correctness open.

    I think if you like all of us take a moment to step back and look, we are slowly seeing more and more through Bob’s Untrained Eyes.

    But taking a little bit from the porch talk ( I recommend listening to AT LEAST twice a week for therapy purposes).



    The BEST PRISON in the WHOLE WORLD, is one where the inmates DON’T REALIZE they are IMPRISONED. Where the inmates don’t even know who or what they are. When the entire world is in bondage, and nobody can see the minefields because they are doped up on LSD, Television, Prozac, Fluoride,False Religion, Pot, Video Games,YouTube, iPhones,  and other psychoactive drugs, POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is the STRAIGHTJACKET in the greatest insane asylum ever devised.

    As a FREE MAN myself and millions of other White and Normals who just escaped the greatest prison in the world. It’s best to let the Masterminds FIGURE THINGS OUT, we are just escapees and still need to learn the mastermind’s trade of escape from the Beast of Babylon before we are able to develop our own Tools of the Trade.

    A Free Man speaks a different language than the prisoners, a Mastermind knows how to turn the Prison into a farm, a nation, a fortress or Eden. White Rabbits like us are gifted with the One Key, we are born to escape this prison. We are staging the greatest RIOT in history, all you need to know is.

    Follow the White Rabbits.

    Hop, Skip, Jump,  Anti-Racism is a code word for Anti-White.

    “It starts with a sound, a Vibration…”

    in reply to: YouTube Censorship #18063

    Heres a good proxy list too.

    in reply to: YouTube Censorship #18061


    No such thing as ‘bad publicity’ 😀

    Yes and we can stay under web proxy. Use Bing to find a video tutorial for your web browser and Computer type (Mac, windows, linux).

    YOU, decide if YOU want to be protected on the internets, it’s not hard and IT won’t kill you. Just take 30mins out of your day to get under proxy and you won’t worry.
    As well as we can see their IP addresses and locations as well. Keep that in mind.


    Good idea, we can put the images in the BUGS picture folder on stormfront, or use a photobucket/imageshack to upload them for sharing.

    To save a screen cap on your web browser (Firefox, internet explorer, google chrome) simply use the PRT SC key on your keyboard, this will put the image cap on your copy/paste save file. Then use your image editing software of choice (Microsoft Paint, Photoshop est) and chose the “Save Picture As” option in the upper right corner.

    I don’t know much about Macs or even Safari, we can have a Mac user BUGSTER put up a little how to on saving web pages as image files on macs too.


    Does anyone know if we can send formal complaints to federal agencies on this? We need to “Break the Rock against the Stone” on this one.

    I think it would be best for us to use this and other like it as the real image of “Anti-Racism” as it’s cyber-bullying against White People and ethnic warfare and promotion of Hate against Whites.

    in reply to: Crazy Ideas For Spreading The Mantra #16573

    @battle cry

    You should avoid all immageboards no matter how good looking they are, they are always controlled opposition and constantly patrolled/trolled by gov/jewish-supremacist groups.


    Another Idea I had was that we use chat sites like omegle spy to pick at the brain of people and use the terminology to pull them into the Anti-white labeling.

    in reply to: Mantra images & fliers #16444

    Hey Gar5,

    Tomorrow I’ll open up pictures on the BUGS HIVE social group on Stormfront and albums of source of Pro-White-Genocide material for you guys who are doing images to use that we all contribute to.


    Well, I think OB and Genseric you two really know your stuff.

    But we still have a problem, we need to IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY.

    White GeNOcide.

    We need to mention and refer back to these points in every, single. post.

    In reality, we want to say that these people are pro-white. but being pro-white is the idea that your race has the right to exist, and standing up for them. Right now we must treat those who want to defame white geNOcide with ‘suicide’ as anti-whites. I think Horus put it best.

    “Nobody voted to flood all white countries with millions of non-whites and ‘assimilate’ with them until there are no more white people.”

    The mods are hypersensitive at SF, you really have to expect when you are hitting an anti-white WN to either get locked or deleted. That’s just how it is. But above all with handling Pro-whites who want to dissagree, or who want to sit on their rear, WE NEED TO MAKE THEM USE OUR TERMINOLOGY. IF WE IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY EVERYTHING ELSE WILL FALL INTO PLACE EASILY.

    My favorite suggestion I read earlier is that we need to post on SF’s most popular boards. News & Views will have the most people watching it. Then, we post somewhat controversial articles involving emotional issues relating to white GeNOcide and point out the obvious with mantra thinking, PRO-WHITE, ANTI-WHITE, WHITE GENOCIDE.

    We should take pointers from the Commies that took over the News agencies and used it to impose terminology on the masses.

    If we just post 2 or 3 articles a week using our terminology, and get enough people to use it, and post the mantra on the News-posts in Pro-white websites, we can exponentially increase our power fighting white geNOcide.


    Also, Anyone can post the mantra, or drop a mini mantra, or a snipet. We can use those posts on pro-white websites to get people to try posting the mantra on them, like we did with the tram video which we had such success with.



    We are doing well, but I WANT TO IMPOSE TERMINOLOGY.

    We need to bring our terminology with us into the public eye on pro-white boards all around the net, I think if we get them chanting “Anti-Racism is a code word for Anti-White” we will find winning our cause will be 1000x easier.


    @Feu denfer


    If you are a pro-white, then you are opposed to white genocide.

    Simply knowing a GeNOcide is happening and doing nothing about it makes you an Anti-White’s favorite tool.

    Most of the StormFront crowd is not willing to admit their race is undergoing GeNOcide, let alone speak out against it and fight it.

    In the end, they are ALL ANTI-WHITE. KNOCK THEM DOWN JUST LIKE THE ONES IN THE FIELD …those who are truly PRO-WHITE will join us.

    in reply to: Martin Luther King (MLK) YewTewb Talker #15957

    Good thread, remember the ANTI-WHITES W-O-R-S-H-I-P anything with brown skin.

    “I have a dream… That one day little WHITE boys, and little WHITE girls won’t be forced to love the destruction of their race. That they can love their heritage and people free from the bigotry of Anti-Whites. Today being WHITE IS A CRIME PUNISHABLE like rape, murder, and treason. When our white children won’t HATE themselves for the ‘color of their skin’. I dream of the day when just BEING WHITE is NOT a HATE CRIME.”

    “Everyone has a dream, a dream where the WHITE peoples of the earth are all gone. Destroyed by learning to hate WHO-THEY-ARE. Everyone applauds the GENOCIDE OF MY RACE. Everyone says there is the RACIST problem MUST. BE. FIXED. This RACIST problem is the existence of white children. Because all White children are BORN RACIST, and MUST DIE”

    “God said ‘Kind after Kind’ but God said to NOT worship a man that cometh in his own name, yet Anti-Whites WORSHIP ANYTHING with BROWN SKIN and preach that I AM a SINNER, a RACIST, A HERETIC. Who simply wants his own race to not hate it’s existence. To Anti-Racists this is a sin, it is punishable with BURNING AT THE STAKE. Anti-Racist is a code word the CHURCH OF POLTICAL CORRECTNESS uses to burn White Children with”

    “Everyone has the dream when WHITE children hate their existence and participate in the genocide of their own race to cleanse their ‘ORIGINAL SIN’ of ‘racism’. Your ORTHODOXY of political correctness DEMANDS THE DEATH OF THE WHITE RACE because according to your holy doctrines BEING WHITE IS A SIN”

    “You Anti-Whites love your Angels and Demons. You worship MLK as a PROPHET, you worship Gandhi as your ANGEL, you WORSHIP

    “Anti-Racists L-O-V-E to COLOR CODE EVERYTHING. White=EVILNAZIRACISTKKKBIGOT. Brown= Oppressed. Black= Discriminated and perfect.”

    “Racism is a SIN punishable by DEATH in the religion of Political Correctness. All WHITES are automatically RACIST and only whites can be racists.

    “All ‘Anti-Racist’ action is directed at white children, they are beaten, brainwashed, and intimidated until they accept the voluntary and welcomed Genocide of their race.”

    “If I said that all Blacks are Stupid and only Blacks can be Stupid I’d be called a racist. If you say all WHITES are RACIST, and ONLY whites can be RACIST, you’d be Anti-white. Anti-Racist is a code word for ANTI-WHITE.”

    “Every Tyranny has it’s state religion. Nazi Germany had Aryan race worship. Apartheid Israel has Holocaust worship. Communist North Korea has ‘leader’ worship. ‘Modern’ America has Political Correctness.”

    “You have been brainwashed. When thinking of a RACIST, you are probably thinking of a WHITE person. That’s because Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White”

    That’s all for now, battery is running out. I hope the mobile site get’s fixed soon. :-\



    I agree with you, we don’t need to swarm storm front or any other pro-white website. We need to IMPOSE OUR TERMINOLOGY ON THEM and make them use it.

    They need to use OUR terminology, NOT us use theirs.

    in reply to: Also calling Anti-Whites 'Genocidists'? #14067

    @Lord Nelson

    It’s a good label to throw around, but you need to remember that in communication message maters, context matters, and grammar matters.

    Replacing Anti-White with ‘Genocidist’ will leave the impression that this person is PRO ANY PEOPLE’S GENOCIDE, not just WHITE PEOPLE, MY PEOPLE OUR PEOPLE.

    It is a great idea, that we can use genocidist alongside Anti-white. “You ANTI-WHITEs are just Genocidist, you always want the genocide of my race, the white race.” Is a good example of how the message comunicates that they are beyond foamy mouthed orthodox cultural marxists and want the death of the white race, it tells the reader that they also are for a CAUSE.

    The Anti-White, White genocide cause.

    Good tactic use LN (Using their slander against them:D), but we need to remember the READER, if It sounds good to them, not us or the Anti-whites.

    in reply to: New Anti-White Tactic on Youtube? #13701

    @Harumphty Dumpty

    Yes if you remember all the hoop-la that is about the Italian Murder Case in Italy, of the American citizen girl and the Somali drug dealer with the college student, remember OJ and his murder trial, and look at how the trail of the Virgina Tech murderer was attempted to be tried in a Korean court.

    People are very very very tribal, we need to remember to remember that. Now, we can also exploit it as well to raise white geNOcide awareness.

    Like making people realize that when you harm a white family, it is considered that the Muslim black riots in London this summer and then all the fuss over the tram video. It’s a form of ethnic and tribal warfare whites have been put under.

    in reply to: Debate advice and style first 909 posts #13374

    @bob &Gar5

    I think I’m a mutant among my generation for liking the long explanation and long cooking times 🙂

    But there is something to be said for meme’s in our very internet dominated age.

    Right now, the mantra is a little bit too long, and too watered down to hit most people hard. As you saw with the london tram lady sticking up for her country (loudly, and proudly) , was a short, and very blunt video.

    Now Horus LOVES to talk about sound, but I’m going to tell you all one thing. That if we water down the mantra to be blunt, we must do it in a way that STRIKES PEOPLE LIKE A MATCH. The tram video was super-popular because it MADE PEOPLE ANGRY, both white and non-white (Anytime a white person sticks up for their people it gets non-whites angry, we can use that to our advantage).

    But we can micro-tize the mantra to match that aproach, by using people’s emotions in a very quick and hard punch we are able to get people moving faster, now if we use this method we will have to maintain greater control over the message, I think it will work but we need to have alot of pro=whites standing up for their people.

    As well as I can see the Anti-white label, at least catching on LIKE WILDFIRE after that tram video, we can also see the success of getting on ‘hot’ videos like that very quickly and DEFENDING YOUR RACE FROM GENOCIDE.

    Another we can learn from, is that it’s not about getting on your computer, you are getting on a communication medium and sticking up for your race, a monumental message and a pillar to show all that A) Battered white syndrome exists only in the minds of those affected , NOT IN OURS YOU BTTER STICK UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE. B) The entire time you point out in your ‘guerrillawar’ porchtalk, you talk about how what we are saying is literal HERESY, and that it took Thomas Pane to ‘wake’ everyone up to that Independence movement.

    Well, we are ALL little Thomas Pane’s and we are fighting that great cause.

    How can we replicate Thomas’s success for the mantra? Memes are one way, books and websites are another, but we need to remember that the internet is a MASS COMMUNICATION TOOL, and we can use it for that purpose of spreading our message. A message that is short, and hard but triggers the REACTION AND ACTION to FIGHT and DEFEND your RACE from GeNOcide!

    But don’t take my post for a good example, its far too long! I just love talking about these sorts of things.

    in reply to: The B.U.G.S. HIVE #12902

    Consider it done,

    Also I really liked that Idea of taking bugs little office sites and setting up shop around. Using viral messaging and chain letters may be a good idea as well to spread the manta later.

    Also, It is good to note that we can use SF’s picture sharing function to spread examples of White GeNOcide to various groups. The idea that we can use the Frankfurt School’s social engineering and tactics of splintering into other groups giving them the same message we are on is a great tactic we can really use.

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