Campus Flyers

We have created some campus flyers for you. Please print off or make copies and post them around a local college campus. These flyers require the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is a free download from Adobe. Click Here to get the latest version.

Flyers should only be posted on bulletin boards or other areas where permitted by local ordinances, and with respect for private property. They are provided as a public service and any use of them in violation of this becomes the responsibility of the user.

Click on the link below the flyer to download the full size version. We will add more in the future.

PC Religion

Political Correctness is not like a religion, it IS a religion.


Definition of Liberalism: Professors should rule the world.

Other Religion

What would we do if any OTHER religion took over our schools?

Grow Up

A liberal is a person who never outgrew his college education.


What if the football team never had to play defense?

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