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Do it or forget it

There were some excellent points made in forum discussions (e.g. medieval knights) about what is, and how we look at, the forcefully aggressive claiming, protecting, defending and standing firm for what they claimed was theirs, and they mostly get everything except what is important TO OUR MOVEMENT.

What we keep hearing is, “Why do they do this awful thing?”

They do those things to you because you LET them do that to you.

Here is an example:

There are places out on the net where we could go on the offensive. They are places set up for airing opposing opinions.

There we hear our opposition repeating the line that, if you are associated with Stormfront or another white nationalist group, you are “anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”

Instead of nailing them, our people do exactly the wrong thing! They go into enormous explanations of the difference between Nazis and pro-whites.

Try making an argument against liberals that is a page long and just dropping a line in there somewhere that they are actually friends of Stalin.

They won’t LET you get away with it.

One person I know really took me up on this suggestion. Whenever the term Nazi comes up in the argument, he jumps on it and will not, repeat, will not let it go: “You say I want to kill millions of people? How DARE you say that I want to commit mass murder?”

It works for him. It doesn’t work for others who say, “Well, I mentioned that.”

But you can’t say, “Well, I mentioned that.”

Do it or forget it.

Nobody calls a liberal a Communist and just goes on. He will not LET you.

How about “racist?” It doesn’t matter whether you are a racist or not, nobody gets to call you that unless he DEFINES the charge he just made.

It is a GREAT opportunity.

But what does a white person do with it? He ignores it. You let them get away with it.

Someone who puts a label on you has just given you a license to make your entire argument. As soon as someone says “racist” or “Nazi” he has given you the opportunity to say:

There is a professor at Harvard named Noel Ignatiev who says:

The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.

You then go on to say that everybody who says he is an anti-racist agrees with that. They say they want to “solve the race problem” by pushing immigration and integration onto EVERY white country on earth, and ONLY onto white countries.

They say intermarriage is the solution to the RACE problem. But this so-called RACE problem doesn’t exist in Asia or Africa. As Ignatiev said, they demand a final solution to the WHITE problem in exactly the same way that Hitler demanded a final solution to the Jewish problem.

You say, “You are calling that anti-racism. I call that genocide. Does that make me a racist?”

And, for God’s sake, DON’T LET GO!

Because today, that is exactly what the word racist means. But you NEVER make them admit that.

No liberal will ever let it go if you call him a Communist. But even if they do make this argument, most people can’t use this point because, as they say, they “mentioned it.”

I go ballistic, like any good coach would over a player who makes the same mistake the fiftieth time.

When someone accuses us of ANYTHING, that accusation is all there is.

Or you LOSE.

I have tried over and over and over with our opposition to demand they define their term. The other people let them off the hook and talk about the usual stuff.

We could drive ALL these bastards back into their slimepits if we forced them to hear our basic points BEFORE we listen to any of their standard arguments.

We don’t USE those places out there to do that. We LET them come in and do that to us.

If you keep acting like someone who has called you a name deserves an answer before he stops calling you names, you are the “serf” and he is the “knight.”

If you keep acting like someone who has accused you of being a potential criminal deserves an answer before he stops calling you names, you are the “serf” and he is the “knight.”

Do you want to be a serf? Do you understand yet why I keep repeating this?