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Communism Was Insane

I am sitting in an internet cafe directly in front of the Kremlin.

I am sitting across from a beautiful young girl. Everybody here is white, everybody here looks GOOD. I am the old man here. They are all young, and they know I must be foreign because I am here and on a computer and don’t have that constipated look on my face the Old Soviets have.

They have a motto here, “Don’t trust anybody over 40,” but not like the hippies of the American sixties. People over 40 here are simply worthless. They do no work. Their promises are useless.

The old folks here, including those decades younger than I am, understand nothing about how to DO things. They were raised in petty bribery, handling bureaucrats, in an insane system the average person cannot even grasp.

I am the only person here who is over 35, and I am surrounded by at least a hundred people.

Read again what I just wrote carefully because it tells you more about how silly Communism was than all the textbooks or theories you will see.

In Russia, it is not just a Generation Gap. There is a Dead Generation and a live one.

Communism was insane.



2/5/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 2/5/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

My writing has been a bit curtailed here in Russia due to my schedule and internet difficulties. But I haven’t been quiet, as David Duke has had me as a guest on his new internet radio hour several times.

Mr. Duke made an excellent point in response to a question about why the Jews were working so hard to destroy the West, when the result would only be to make conditions for themselves unliveable. He responded that they were “suicide bombers,” just working on a longer time scale. How true that is.

Jews are creating a Europe that will hate them worse than Hitler. But they are driven by their hatred of whites beyond the point of reason. They are not all that smart. Until we get over the idea that they are somehow superhuman and realize that they are effective because they work for their goals instinctively and tirelessly, we are not going to get anywhere. Until we can show that dedication to our people and civilization, we are not going anywhere.

As I pointed out on the program, my interest in Jews begins and ends with their attitudes towards us. Everyone of them I meet seems to begin with, “I’m a Jew, and …..” followed by a slam on the South or the white race. This is no different than the garbage spouted by leftists and professors. Of course there is a lot of overlap there, but the point is that we get it because we put up with it.

Let me know if you are reading this insider’s letter. We need to focus our efforts where they are most effective. If there isn’t much interest in it, we will spend our efforts elsewhere.

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Kehowski Vindicated

The Arizona community college math professor who refused to back down over his website with links to anti-immigration groups has been spared any discipline from the chancellor of the system.

A brief mention is made in this article.

Instead of groveling before the thought police, Dr. Kehowski stood his ground. We need more like him.


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Another Cowering “Rebel”

As I mentioned on the first page of Why Johnny Can’t Think, I want less Marxists and more revolutionaries.

I said in my last Duke radio show that we have to make it clear to young people that WE are the rebels.

So here is Billy Idol, the Great Rebel, groveling before Political Correctness.

He admitted that he had worn a swastika, like Prince Harry, just to get in the face of the “Greatest Generation.” The host of the program was so upset, that he kept demanding that Billy Idol apologize.


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