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Depressive Charlie

We asked for comments on the weekly insider message, and here is one of them:

“I only read (the blog) when I get your weekly Article. I have posted a few times. Don’t know if it is worth the time though, preaching to the choir and all that.”

I don’t know the name of the person who wrote that, but I know who he is.

He’s Depressive Charlie, the enemy’s best friend. The greatest asset the enemy has is not the soldier in his own lines, but the defeatist in yours.

Poor old Depressive Charlie! He sits there alone and bitches but the world just won’t listen to him. So he whines we should all give up.

By the way, the oldest and most successful organization on earth is the Christian Church. It has been preaching to the choir every Sunday for two thousand years. If Depressive Charlie had his way, the choir would go home.

Learn how to push my genocide argument. Buy my book.

Hey, Charlie, when was the last time you did some missionary work?


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