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David Duke and Bob Whitaker LIVE

I will be the guest on David Duke’s live WebRadio via Stormfront’s Sunday Townhall Sunday, Feb. 13th.

David Duke has chosen me to be his special guest tonight on the biggy, his Sunday night show.

I said yesterday that his last guest, Bob Twain who appeared on Friday, was his best special guest ever. That is one hell of an act to follow.

So who could Dave pick to follow an act like that?

Well, at the New Orleans Conference, former British National Party leader John Tyndal made a speech. Now there are a lot of BNP members who have very serious differences with Mr. Tyndal.

But no matter how hot the disagreement gets, there is one thing nobody will deny to John Tyndal: He is one hell of a speaker.

Tyndal had the crowd on its feet again and again.

Then somebody had to follow that up. After Tyndal, there had to be a “next speaker.”

So who did Dave pick to be that “next speaker?”

You guessed it.

So Dave needs someone to be the next Internet Radio special guest to follow up on Bob Twain.

So who did Dave pick to be the “next guest” after Bob Twain?

You guessed it.

Dave knows that I have been in this fight so long that none of this bothers me. I throughly enjoyed hearing John Tyndall get the cheers he so richly deserves for his courage and his years of fighting this lonely fight without flinching.

I am so delighted that we have discovered a talent like Bob Twain that whether I look good in comparison is nothing by comparison.

David knows that is the way I feel. I like to believe that is why he chooses me to follow up where “that is a hell of an act to follow.”

And, David, if I’m wrong about that, don’t disillusion me.
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