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Sam and MARs: He DID IT

This is a bit of institutional memory. I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m bragging, but I did spend fifty years in this fight, and I did do a lot of things.

I introduced Sam to Donald I. Warren’s book, Middle American Radicals (MARs).

In fact, Warren wrote the book because of me! Warren was a committed liberal, but he wrote Middle American Radicals because of a joint march in Washington, DC of anti-busing protestors and West Virginia textbook protestors. It was a grassroots solidarity march against the education establishment.

Warren’s book, Middle American Radicals, began with a description of that joint march.

Guess who thought of that joint march? Guess who spent months putting it together ?

Ole Bob. I had lunch with Warren when he came to DC.

Then, in 1982, I conceived and put together The New Right Papers for St. Martin’s Press, in my own name for once. Sam as always was ready to help, so I assigned him an article to be called, “Message from MARs” based on Warren’s idea of a populist revolt.

Sam did an excellent piece for the book on MARs. But he did a LOT more. As I keep telling my book team, nothing makes me happier than someone who takes an idea I give them and runs with it.

My motto for those who work with me has always been:

“I have three rules:

1) Do it

2) Do it -and

3) Do it.”

If you are working under me and screw up, I can take the heat.

Sam wasn’t working under me. Sam only worked under Sam. But he took the MARs concept and made it his own. He gave it a meaning I could not have conceived of.

You can get hold of The New Right Papers through inter-library loan or at any college library. It’s under my name. You can get a used copy cheap at Amazon or any other Internet bookseller. Sam’s article, “A Message From MARs,” is worth the price or trouble.

The New Right Papers

The New Right Papers


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Reply to HS about Sam Francis

HS asks:

Bob, do YOU believe what Sam Francis supposedly may have said as quoted by a WN leader?

“Sam fearlessly grasped the racial issue from which so many, who knew better, shied away. He knew that we have less than 50 years to save North America from a successful Third World invasion which will engineer our minority status and our eventual replacement.”

Prophecy is a dangerous game to be sure for any of us. When you’re human, there are countless factors and intervening acts that affect any predictions, things no man has any control over at all.

I do not believe this. We may be deep into a bloody war within 50 years, but I don’t know of very many bi-racial couples, and ones I do know, or know of, have few, if any, children. Some have zero because they don’t want them to have to “exist in this hostile, racist world.” Which still equals not that many mixed-race people out of 6 or 7 billion people worldwide.

Musings to be sure.

My Reply:

Sam may have said that in a column. Those of us who write a lot have said almost everything. But Sam and I thought alike in almost everything, and we both despised the Panic Deadline.

I remember a lady who said in 1960 that no political planning mattered beyond the 1960 election. She said that if John Kennedy, a Catholic, won that election there would never be another election in America.

Every four years we heard, “This is the critical election in history. Nothing else matters.”

A lot of people make their living screaming about some Panic Deadline. It is a great fund-raising tool.

It is also immoral and just plain evil.

Sam and I were political STRATEGISTS. That meant that people who set Panic Deadlines rejected every bit of real, long-term planning we tried to do.

Fifty years from today, no matter what happens,the world will still be here. Fifty years from today, no matter what happens, our children will have to live in that world. Anybody who gives up on the world fifty years from now abandons them.

I am not about to do that. Sam was not about to do that.

Sam did not believe in a Panic Deadline four years from now or fifty years from now.

In fact, Sam would tell you that only an weakling and an idiot believes in ANY Panic Deadline.



Another Tribute to Sam Francis

From Middle American News


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Hey, Stupid, the Cold War is OVER!

“Our allies in Europe.”

Our allies against WHAT?

Back when the Europeans were gracious enough to let us protect them from the Soviet Union at our own expense, the term “allies” was pretty silly. But what is this “allies” bit today?


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