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Men and Women

In a world gone mad, I have to keep stating what should be obvious.

This makes me feel a little crazy myself.

Anyway, here’s another point that should be obvious to a sane person:

The whole point of men and women is the children.

John Galbraith, a leading liberal, talked about “The Higher Economic Role of Women.”

In my review of his book in National Review, I suggested that he write a book entitled, A Higher Role Than Economics.

Oddly enough, Galbraith never replied to this suggestion.

Like all liberals and respectable conservatives Galbraith insisted that intelligent white women should dedicate their lives to being economic units.

Like all liberals and respectable conservatives, Galbraith felt that economically productive women should not be wasted producing children. We could IMPORT children from the third world.

Why not? According to liberal and respectable conservative theology, all children are equal. It’s all a matter of Conditioning. So why not let smart white women be Economic Producers while we bring in adopted third world children to be Conditioned Americans?

If they learn the Bible, who cares what color they are?

Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson agree that nothing can be inherited. They say God says so. They have both said over and over that if a tendency to homosexuality were inherited, homosexuality would not be a sin.

So God says there can be no inherited tendency toward homosexuality.

All the “Christians” tell us that there is nothing more Holy than adopting third world children. I insist that they have no right to do this, because they have no right to give away the country that belongs to white children.

Nobody will allow that point of view to be aired publicly, least of all the “conservative Christians.” So intelligent white women are either Economic Units or conduits for teaching the Bible.

What they are not is the mothers of a new generation of white children.

And, say liberals and respectable conservatives, the job of every man is to insist on this.

But the purpose of men and women is children, children who look like them.

There is nothing theoretical about heredity and environment. There is nothing theoretical about Wordism.

Wordism is genocide, and it makes no difference at all what the Word is.