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Guns Have Their Uses

I talked below about my sister who moved into a rich community and began to denounce guns. I warned her that criminals LOVE an area that has plenty to steal and has no guns. As I explained, two black thugs went right into my sister’s house and beat up both her and her husband.

They got beat up because they fought back.

But after that incident my sister, having a healthy mind, immediately changed her whole attitude about guns.

She said so. She didn’t act like she was right all along. She just said she was wrong.

So what? We’re all wrong a lot.

The reason I bring this up is because I just called her and she reminded me of an incident I had forgotten. She’s my sister, and she is every bit as bashful as I am about admitting it when she makes a mistake.

The incident was this: before she moved into the wealthy community, her husband was abroad and she was worried about some men who were coming around to her house too often.

So she called me and said, “Bob, sleep here a couple of nights and bring your gun with you.”

I slept there a couple of nights and I brought my gun with me. I seem to remember her dealing with those guys downstairs while me and my gun were upstairs.

A protected woman is different from an unprotected woman. My sister is dangerous enough unprotected. With an armed brother upstairs she is enormously convincing.

My sister sent me on home. I had served my purpose.

And if I can serve that purpose again, I will be there in a flash.

I love it. I love facing bullies down.

I have bragged before that I once knocked a cop out cold who was beating women in an anti-busing march and they didn’t dare arrest me. I sort of wanted them to arrest me.

Every male reader will understand this:

I wanted it on record that I had coldcocked that SOB, truncheon and all.

But I was the publicity man for the march. Nobody in Louisville wanted to announce that I had knocked a cop out cold who was beating on women.

I was relieved that they didn’t arrest me. You carry any arrest throughout your life. But I also wanted it on the record that I coldcocked that SOB.

I HATE bullies.

And I want the world to know it.



Reply to Elizabeth

My replies are marked “BOB” below:

Elizabeth wrote:

I haven’t read any of the twin studies, but I religiously read every reunited-twins article I could get my hands on back in the ’80s. In some of these, it turned out that the boys’ girlfriends had the same first names! And that was just one item in a _long_ list of identical facts in their lives.

BOB: I pointed out that I saw those studies come to an abrupt end. Phil Donahue was interviewing a man who had reunited identical TRIPLETS separated at birth. They had been adopted into Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish families respectively and their environment was different in every way.

BOB: So the man who brought them together was reciting how exactly alike they were in every way despite their upbringing, and Donahue said, “So that proves heredity is more important than environment?”

BOB: The man reacted as if he had been slapped in the face. He knew that the next thing Donahue would do was to compare him to anaziwhowantedtokillsixmillionjews. HITLER was for heredity!

BOB: Those studies ended that day.

Action is being taken to correct the homosexuality problem.

BOB: They SAY it is being straightened out. Given the Church’s inaction on molestation before, I wouldn’t believe it.

BOB: There is an old saying: “By their works ye shall know them.”

Some Catholic dioceses are better than others about that: dioceses where the selection criteria are rigorous in order to screen out the homosexuals are the dioceses with _no_ recruitment problems. And bishops are being informed by both Rome and their laity and clergy that they’d better pay more attention to their priestly role than to their administrative functions.

There are some catches in the Protestant denominations, from Baptists to Episcopalians. Funny thing – there’s a flurry when they catch the malefactor, then the story, if it surfaces afterwards, almost always turns up as an itty-bitty item on page 27A (or the TV and radio equivalent).

People don’t understand that _anyone_ who works with children can be an abuser. There are some potentially _huge_ scandals in the public schools here in the U.S. And a lot of superintendents are used to playing musical teaching positions with their rotten apples.

BOB: You know my stand on professors. I would jail any of those superintendents without parole for life, too.

BOB: But two wrongs don’t make a right. The Pope has set the precedent whereby those who cause boy-molesting are totally unpunished if they are of high rank.

BOB: I cannot imagine anything more blatantly immoral than that. This senile Pope makes the Borgias look good.


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