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Crucify the Little Guy

Posted by Bob on March 11th, 2005 under General

The Army just reported on the torture scandal. They said no one in the high command did anything wrong, but they are investigating “a failure of leadership at the lower levels of command.”

They’ve already tried and jailed some grunts.

What a surprise!

Priests who raped hundreds of boys have gone to prison, but the gang bosses, the bishops who made thousands of rapes of boys happen by shifting molesting priests around have not even been reprimanded.

Every Catholic bishop was an accessory before the fact. They all knew it was going on. An accessory before the fact is as guilty as anybody who actually acted as a rape gang boss.

None of those bishops have even been reprimanded.

They never will.

Have you ever heard of the sign on President Truman’s desk, “The buck stops here.”

The motto today is, “Crucify the little guy.”

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