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Use Condoms

Posted by Bob on March 11th, 2005 under General

From: A Father’s Diary

Today a co-worker sent me a file entitled ‘Best Commercial Ever.’ It was apparently a German commercial with subtitles. It portrayed a long-haired disheveled father shopping in a grocery store with his 4 or 5 year old child. The child grabbed a bag of candy and threw it in the buggy, all the while giving the father a nasty ‘what are you going to do about it’ look. The father put the bag back on the shelf. When the child tried to grab the bag again only to get foiled again, the child proceeded to throw a huge tantrum. He screamed, he cried, he dumped groceries in the aisle. Everyone threw disapproving looks at the father, who looked powerless and benign. He slumped after the child, tried to pick up an item or two, then finally stood up and sighed in resignation, making way for the punch-line of the commercial which was then flashed in bold letters on the screen:

Use Condoms.

At this point everyone is supposed to laugh at the hilarity, at the cleverness of it all. But the intended humor eluded me, because the underlying message of this commercial is much more sinister than just a clever attempt to get people to act ‘responsibly’ by making fun of fathers and screaming kids. This commercial represents the presumed victory of the social engineers in Europe, and I wouldn’t be surprised if something like it comes to America soon.

There is a dual message here.

First, the obvious: Use Condoms. This commercial was filmed in Europe, with White European actors, on a continent where White birthrates are declining rapidly, not the Third World where they really NEED to use condoms because they don’t have the resources to feed the children they have.

In the past the ‘Right’ criticized condoms because they promoted immorality by allowing a way ‘out’ of some of the consequences of promiscuous sexual activity. Now apparently they are being used to help bring about the genocide of our people. Amazing.

Second, the pathetic excuse for a ‘father’ portrayed in that commercial is just a slightly more extreme version of the typical ‘father’ portrayed by Hollywood and the media for years, a weak-kneed, easily manipulated, almost feminine, cowardly ‘man’ who couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper bag if it weren’t for the intelligent woman and witty kids in his life.

We live in an age where spanking, a form of punishment tried and true for centuries, is considered by many to be abuse. No wonder children behave the way they do. Proverbs 22:15 says, “Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.”

Please do not mistake this for arrogance or over-confidence, because I know I will go through many trials and fail many times as a parent, but my child *might* throw a tantrum like that once, but he will only do it once. It won’t be worth it to him to do it again.

That’s called love, not abuse.

Proverbs 13:24: “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes (diligently).”

Peter Anthony

  1. #1 by Grace on 03/11/2005 - 8:44 pm

    Congratulations, Peter, and to your wife also. A fine addition to WOL I hope you’ll be able to continue.

    But the intended humor eluded me, because the underlying message of this commercial is much more sinister than just a clever attempt to get people to act ‘responsibly’ by making fun of fathers and screaming kids. –PA

    How wonderfully refreshing that “the intended humor eluded” you. We need to laugh at foolishness and be silent to mockers. Welcome to the mentality of the Planned Barrenhood age and public feducation-indoctrination propaganda. Even my own father who died several years ago at 70 used to call those insipid hollypuke sitcoms “Life With Stupid” and no one was allowed to watch; the channel got changed. What a concept. Today the filth pours into every room in the house and you’re a child abuser if the little brats report you for anything to the professor-priesthood nannies. But there’s a reason they’re brats.

    When I first read your post I naturally thought back to our two daughters (who really were the easiest children on earth as reported by many family, friends, and strangers). I remembered later that my older daughter’s one and only tantrum resulted in her holding her breath and passing out at about 8 months +/-. Her father’s wonderful response ended all that. My younger, yes, only threw one once. Her total shock and dismay at how both parents responded ended her trying it again. At 21 she still looks at me and cringes when she sees it in a store. We used corporal punishment very seldom in comparison to most – time out is pure foolishness. Guess what? Human babies are conceived with an active conscience and with pre-birth trained children, midwives have witnessed fathers correcting them while in the womb during difficult deliveries where the baby is the problem.

    Lots of mistakes… yes, sir. But I made it an absolute, the instant it was discovered, to go back and sincerely ask forgiveness and made public restitution where able at every age. It was great to have suffered it early and be familiar with the sting to be ready by the time they’re older and are most keenly damaged by parental hypocrisy and their wounded spirits. “A brother offended is harder to win than a walled city, and contentions are like the bars of a castle.”

  2. #2 by Mark on 03/17/2005 - 12:38 pm

    This commercial is the ugly, undisguised face of human extinctionism, otherwise known as leftism.

    Leftists are not really humanists. This is a common error. It takes a love of humanity to be a humanist. A love of humanity and its achievements actually stems from a Theistic epistemology that simply displaces God. It is a theism of man. Leftism is anti-theistic.

    Actually, there are only two kinds of leftists: Jews, whose leftism is the philosophy of extinction for everyone who is not a Jew or who is not useful to the cause of Jewish supremacy. The second kind of leftist is the white extinctionist (who was carefully taught by a Jew or the client of a Jew), who desires the extinction of everyone but himself. Neither of these merit the term humanist. Humanism can be corrected in some men through generous applications of the truth (small “t”).

    Extinctionism has to be pulled out root and branch. Not surprisingly, the client races of the Jews aren’t particularly interested in self-extinction. No, you must have a “white intellectual” (read white leftist) for that. Racial consciousness is permitted to Jewish clients. It is only to the white (synonymous with Christian in the Jewish mind) that self-extinctionism is taught. The client races are not taught self-extinctionism because they are useful in providing the teeming sea of voices calling for white extinction. The old argumentum ad populum.

    If the clammour for white extinction came from the Jews only, it would eventually result in bad things for them. The client races are the mask through which the Jew and the philosemite speak. That is your “leftism” in a thumbnail sketch. Those who use the vanity and jealousy of other races to advance their own, those who stand to benefit from the plunder of white civilization, and those intellectual misanthropists under the thrall of one of the two types.

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