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Why the Clergy is Full of Psychopaths

A psychopath, a.k.a., sociopath, is a person who is totally incapable of empathy or guilt.

Which means that the average intelligent psychopath can look like he feels a lot more guilt than you can.

A normal person has odd reactions. Sometimes a person will hear of the death of a loved one and hardly react. A psychopath will always show just the right reaction at the right time.

The psychopath has spent his entire life LEARNING to react exactly right at exactly the right time. You depend entirely on your real emotions, which is a poor substitute for a lifetime of study.

And study begins early. A psychopath knows there is a feeling called “guilt” from an early age. He knows people around him expect a certain reaction to this alien concept. So, by trial and error, he learns what is the RIGHT reaction.

The average person seldom reacts just the way he should. He reacts in ways that may strike others as insincere or wrong. After all, his reactions are real, they are concentrated on what has happened or what he really feels. None of that interferes with the life of a psychopath. He hones his reactions to perfection.

No normal person can ever attain the perfection a psychopath learns as a matter of course.

Successful preachers have exactly the right emotion at exactly the right time.

My family has been in church work for an awfully long time, and this will be news to nobody who has that sort of familiarity with the workings of mainline churches.

Pat Robertson strikes me as such an obvious psychopath that I simply cannot believe others don’t see it. But I have a lot of background in interrogation and other fields, so maybe they don’t.

Every Catholic bishop knew about the boy-rapes. Many if not most of them caused thousands of those rapes by moving around molesting priests. All the protestants try to blame this on Catholic celibacy.

I blame it on the fact that to get ahead in the clergy you have to have the special expertise of a psychopath. All mainline churches go along with anything they need to go along with. If they need to be fanatical about it, they are fanatical about it.

That’s what psychopaths do.



Professorial Tenure

Now that a professor is calling the critics of those who attacked the Twin Towers as Nazis, some of them are upset that that professor can’t be fired.

It’s called tenure, stupid.

One professor pointed out that tenure exists to keep politics out of the universities. Actually tenure is there to keep politics IN the universities. Tenure is given to leftist professors by a vote of other leftist professors.

Tenure requires that colleges all be liberal seminaries. Professors decide who gets published. Professors decide who gets tenure. Professors decide who gets promoted. All at public expense.

Professors make sure that no breath of fresh air reaches the campus. Any leftist cause, no matter how extreme, is protected on campus by tenure. All political diversity is kept off of campus by tenure.

They use your money. They have your children.

Tenure protects that.

No conservative ever noticed that before. As soon as this news event fades out of the short public memory, no respectable conservative will ever mention it again.

Leftism would not exist if the universities did not train generation after generation to be faithful to the established religion of Political Correctness. If you ask, “How could anyone believe THAT?” you are being a damned fool.

They believe that because they were trained for four years in the pure insanity professors drill into them. Before that, they were taught by teachers who were trained in this same insanity by those same professors.

What the hell would you EXPECT to happen?

But no conservative will attack the source of the disease.

Maybe you could take five minutes off of talking about Iraq and at least MENTION the source of our problems.



What to Say When ANY Mass Shooting Takes Place

A man went through a church meeting shooting people.

Why does NO ONE say, “If one person there had had a gun he would have been shot. Several people would not have died.

EVERY TIME there is another mass shooting, people should say, “If ONE PERSON there had had a gun, he would have been stopped.

PLEASE say that EVERY TIME you hear about a mass shooting. No respectable conservative spokesman is bright enough to say that. That is why they are respectable enough to get on the national media.

March 12, 2005
Gunmen kills 7, then himself in Wisconsin hotel
Victims attending church service; several remain in ‘serious’ condition


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3/12/05 Bob’s WOL Weekly Articles Weekly Articles

March 12, 2005
PC Jihad
Sissies On The Warpath
Desperate Respectables
The Friend of My Enemy Is My Enemy

PC Jihad

Most of my readers know that I constantly repeat the point that Political Correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion.

Well, what sort of religion is it? It seems to me that it is a lot like Islam with its jihad. Why do I say that?

Islam teaches that everyone is either a Muslim or an infidel. Islam requires complete devotion. The term “secular Islam” makes about as much sense as “Judeo-Christian.”

Political Correctness DEMANDS total obedience from everyone. There is no middle ground. Everyone is either Politically Correct or a “hater.”

Islam recognizes no distinction among adherents, racial, ethnic, cultural, or otherwise. You either are a Muslim or you are an infidel. If you recognize any other distinction, you are not true to Islam.

Political Correctness recognizes no distinction among adherents, racial, ethnic, cultural, or otherwise. You either are Politically Correct or you are a hater. If you recognize any other distinction, you are a hater. Unless, of course, you are a non-white.

In spite of its bloody beginnings and history, we are told by the White House and the media that Islam is a religion of “peace.”

In like manner, everyone who opposes the ABSOLUTE demands of Political Correctness is INTOLERANT. So Political Correctness is a religion of “tolerance” in the same way that Islam is a religion of “peace.”

“Spiritual” jihad in Islam is the inner battle to rid oneself of anything that hinders one from perfect obedience to Islam. Physical jihad is the war to subdue and convert or destroy infidels.

“Spiritual” Political Correctness is the inner battle against recognizing any differences among people, against “institutional racism,” “patriarchal vestiges,” etc. Physical Political Correctness is the war to subdue and eliminate the white race.

Faithful Islamic young people must memorize and recite large passages of the Koran by rote. They do this to be deemed worthy adherents and gain the approval of the Imam.

Young people living under Political Correctness are expected to memorize and recite large amounts of leftist nonsense to be blessed by its priesthood with a diploma.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Sissies On The Warpath

The comparison between Political Correctness and Islam is not perfect. There are some differences. Obviously, the substance of both teachings is different. But the major difference is in their method of “jihad.”

Mohammed began Islam by good, old-fashioned murder and pillage. You either joined him or went on to the next life. It was a gruesome, but successful formula.

Political Correctness does not take a direct, masculine approach. It is feminine in its approach. All sweetness and light on the surface, but ruthless in its behind the scenes manipulations.

A Mohammedan would meet you head-on with a sword. That was his argument.

A Politically Correct “warrior” is an oxymoron. One can’t imagine such a being.

Anyone who has seen the machinations of a group of women who are at odds with one another has a glimpse of how the Politically Correct “fight.”

It takes men to meet men in battle. It takes men to keep women from each other’s throats.

It takes men to stop Political Correctness.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Desperate Respectables

Respectable Conservatives are like feminine, secular Muslims. They are an oxymoron. They like to talk big and look tough, but are whimpering cowards.

Respectables are like the Tom turkey I saw recently. He is a well-fed, domesticated pet. When spring approaches, he begins to puff up to show off his plumage to the non-existent female turkeys. He can’t help himself.

He usually gets a special treat at feeding time, a few nuggets of dog food. But this time of year, when the tasty bits are thrown down, he starts to puff out his feathers before he can bend down to get the food. The chickens then swoop in to grab them.

When the time comes for someone to make a tough political stand, respectables puff up like Tom turkey to show off their “colors.” They do this to show off for some imaginary audience. They can’t help themselves.

Of course, they never achieve anything, and allow the neocon chicken hawks to swoop in and grab the initiative away from them.

That is why the neocons are running the country and the respectables are, as usual, acting like a bunch of turkeys.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The Friend of My Enemy Is My Enemy

One of the tactics of war is concealment. Everyone is familiar with the camouflage worn by soldiers and painted on military vehicles. The enemy can’t strike what he can’t see.

Modern warfare has evolved more advanced forms of concealment. Instead of trying to hide troops and vehicles and weapons from the enemy with camouflage, armies create fake targets, making it much harder for the enemy to find the real ones. The plan is to get them to use up ammunition on non-existent targets, while keeping the real targets hidden.

Respectables play this role for the left and the neocons. They create all sorts of false issues to take up the time and resources of the little guy who actually wants to do something. Before these people can find the real targets, respectables have worn them out and exhausted them with incidental issues.

As long as a respectable can perform this function, he is important to the left. Of course, they have no use for him once he is no longer able to perform this function effectively. That is why the respectable must work so hard to keep up appearances.

In real war, such behavior is called “aiding and abetting the enemy.” Such people are called traitors.

One can bet that the Mohammedans knew what to do with traitors.

Maybe we can learn a bit from diversity after all.


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3/12/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 3/12/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

Sam Francis and Death

I want to keep reminding people of Sam Francis. He had wisdom we all need to keep in mind.

When I wrote Sam’s obituary in my blog, I started out by saying, “I’m not sorry for Sam. I’m sorry for me.”

If I had started by announcing that “Sam Francis has died,” Sam would have said something like, “Well, Bob, what did you think was going to happen?”

Sam and I were both going to check out eventually, and we both knew it. I wish he had waited until after me, but if there is one thing he and I learned in our long struggles, it was that we do not get what we wish.

But Sam and I had an armor against human mortality. Neither of us was our own universe. For many if not most people their own death is the end of the world. Sam and I spent our lives fighting for the future of our own people. We were both perfectly aware that what mattered to us would be decided in a time after we had both died.

Sam was obsessed with what is true. He would fight for facts the way someone else would fight to extend their lives a year or two.

If you are your own universe death is unthinkable. Everything that matters ends with you.

On the other hand, if your life is devoted to truth, truth with a small “t” and to a greater cause, you take death as one of the facts of life.

Sam had so much more to give us, and I needed his mordant wit, but we just don’t get what we want.

And that’s not Sam’s problem. That’s mine.



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