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Is it the People or It the System?

Eric Hoffer lived through the Depression, and he was deeply impressed by the fact that you could give a bunch of Americans a task to perform all by themselves, like building a road in the mountains and they could do the whole job themselves, including setting up rules to get along with each other.

But this was the generation of Americans the ones who call themselves The Greatest Generation.

The group that calls itself The Greatest Generation was Obedience Trained. They learned to obey, to believe the Authorities. They learned that The System is everything.

Since the group that calls itself The Greatest generation took over, we all believe that it is Rules, the System, that makes everything possible. White countries are rich because they happen to have had a Culture, a System, that everybody else can learn.

Respectable conservatives say that if we take all the whites out of America, dump in three hundred million Africans, keep Christianity and the Constitution and Free Enterprise and the English Language, and nothing would change.

In other words, lawyers, preachers and professors say that the white race doesn’t matter. All that matters, they tell us, is lawyers, preachers and professors.

Respectable cosnervatives agree. They say that any change in their doctrines, which they call the System or the Culture or the Traditions, will destroy “what America is all about.”

As Jefferson said, white people need regular total revolutions. The best thing that ever happened to the German economy was its total destruction in World War II. Germany came roaring back to levels earlier Germans would not have dreamed of.

Hitler’s Blood and Soil slogan is exactly wrong. Whites are a moving people. We take new soil and build anew. We came from the Indo-European homeland, wherever it was, into Europe and over to America. And at each stage we used what we wanted and dumped the rest.

Today a conservative is a moron because we have nothing to conserve.