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Name Magic

When third world immigrants move into Western countries, we are astonished that those countries begin to become third world countries.

The ruling theory is that there is magic in a name. So if the third world moves in, they are part of the United States of America. So if you are loyal to the United States, you must be just as loyal to them.

Everybody who comes across the border is part of the precious United States of America. So we are not speaking of the same problems the third world has. A third world United States is different from a third world population anywhere else, just as a third world organization called the United Nations is not the same thing as the third world.

I just pointed out that the United Nations is a third world outfit, and the name doesn’t mean a thing, but nobody but Ole Bob has noticed this.

According to all libertarians and all “Christian” spokesmen, when a brown child is adopted in America or a Mexican comes across the border and increases his income ten times, it’s all pure gain. It does make America just a little more like the third world.

If you don’t believe that, Pat Robertson will declare you sinful.

It so happens that all brown countries are third world countries. But if America turns brown, Pat Robertson, respectable conservatives and liberals say our children will live just as well as they ever did.


Because of magic. Name Magic. When third worlders take over the UN, the name of the United Nations Organization is supposed to make things run just as well as they ever did.

If a country has the Name Magic to be called Denmark or the United States or Australia, the fact that it has a third world population makes no difference.

Pat Robertson is willing to bet our children’s future on Name Magic. I can’t find Name Magic in the Bible, but I’ll bet Robertson can find some way to interpret an Old Testament passage that way.

Liberals are Wordists, just as Robertson is a Wordist. A Name is a word, so Name Magic makes sense to them. And they are happy to bet the future on Name Magic.

They are Magicians. Magicians are nutcases, whether they call themselves “Christians” or socialists or “progressives.” They believe this Wordist insanity or they are psychopaths like Robertson.



Why Should A Third World Organization Be Run Better Than The Third World?

The United Nations is a third world organization. When it ran the Iraqi Oil for Food program, most of the money was stolen, just as foreign aid is stolen in the third world.

Well, DUHHH!

The reason the third world is so desperately poor, filthy, and has runaway AIDS is precisely because the third world is run horribly.

Not just badly. Horribly. Children are dying in the streets while those in charge steal.

That’s the way the UN operates.

Ah, Bob, but we are speaking of the third world. We are speaking in awe of the United Nations Organization.

So what?

You give money to the third world and it will be handled horribly.

That’s why it’s the third world.



It’s Not Nice, But Is It True?

Today when affirmative action is discussed most people conclude, “Discrimination against whites will only get worse. Minorities were not satisfied with equality. They went straight on into endless and increasing race preferences.”

The old segregationists would say, “Give a N an inch and he’ll take a mile.”

What the old segregationist said was not nice, it was not respectful, but was it true?

And if it WAS true, why SHOULD it be respectful?

On the show “Married With Children,” the star, Al Bundy, was the absolute ultimate loser. He worked for minimum wage at a women’s shoe store, he never bathed, his feet stank, and his only moment of glory was a high school football game.

Once Al decided to take on the phone company. His son Bud asked Al’s wife Peg if, since Al had obviously lost again, he would back down and get back the family phone.

She said, “Of course, he always loses.”

Bud said, “I don’t know, mom, he’s a proud man.”

And then Peg answered with a question I have wanted to ask a thousand times:

“Of what, dear?”

I am ALWAYS hearing about how some third worlders “are a proud people.” These proud people’s children are starving, their communities are garbage piles, they know nothing, but, “They are a proud people.”

Of WHAT, for God’s sake?

As for blacks who follow today’s “black liberal leaders,” why should one be respectful of people whose only asset is another people’s guilt? Why should one be respectful of a people that wants to be forced on another people?

Yes, one must be respectful. Yes, no one is going to remember all the old segregationist warnings because they were not put the right way.

But WOL is here to make you think. So I am just suggesting that we might look at those old words not for their diplomacy, their appropriateness, or even their decency, but for the truth in them.


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Is the Only Purpose of a Gun to Kill?

People who want to ban guns say that guns are different. Other things, they say, have many uses, but the only purpose of a gun is to kill.

In order to be respectable, respectable conservatives give a predictable answer to this question. That answer is:


Most guns are used NOT to kill. You show that you have a gun and the threat goes away. That is the way guns are used ninty-nine percent or more of the time by honest citizens.

A gun is used to make you feel safe.

So forget target practice. Forget trying to justify guns to people who wouldn’t know which end to hold it by and which end to point. Explain how guns are actually used.

Hell, maybe even some respectable conservatives will understand you after awhile.