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She’s Still IN There!

“Pro-lifers” are ecstatic. They say that the brain dead woman they are fighting for is able to make some signs to people.

Others disagree.

Meanwhile, they are hogging all the time and money and publicity the father of that little murdered girl in Florida needs.

Somebody told me, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

So if I were lying there, unable to breathe on my own but able to make some signs, what would I want?

Her husband says that she told him she’s rather be dead.

But all life is precious, you see. As a priest told me, the last agonies of a person dying from spinal cancer should be prolonged as long as possible because all life is infinitely precious.

Pain, he told me, means nothing.

Life, he said, is Infinitely Precious.

I saw a movie about a young Briton who visited his father in the hospital. His father had been wounded in World War I, which was still going on. The doctors told him that his father had had his face blown off. He had no eyes, he had no hearing.

His spinal cord was severed.

His father could not move or communicate, but he was alive. The young man’s father was still there, but he was unable to know anything that went on around him. He was alone in a way you and I can never understand.

He would be that way for as long as medicine could keep him that way.

The son should have shouted, “Hosannah in the Highest! My father has Infinitely Precious Life!”

His son’s reaction was utterly at odds with what is now called a “Truly Christian” reaction. His son was so horrified he chose to be arrested rather than join the military.

His son decided that nothing could be worse than being in the condition his father was in.

President Bush says, “One should always err on the side of life.”

According to Right-to-Life, that son was evil. Instead of taking the Pope’s position that life was infinitely precious, no matter how horrible, the son decided he would far, far rather die than be in his father’s position.

He wanted to treat his father as he would want to be treated.

Someday I will face God. When that Day comes, I pity the Pro-lifers.



“Right-to-Life” Inertia

A nine-year-old little girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a repeat sex offender.

Her father, a good working man, is trying to get the Florida legislature to change the laws on repeat offenders to get them off the streets and save other little girls.

Well, there is legislative action going on, and there are tens of thousands out marching. The right-to-life bureaucracy is bringing out its groups to demand action to keep the feeding tubes from being removed from a brain-dead woman. Congress is in session right now for emergency action to do this.

The kids can wait.

There is this giant network of right-to-lifers who do knee-jerk stuff, and they have themselves a good, solid, knee-jerk cause. They are not about to worry about some nameless children getting murdered.

The days when the pro-life movement was totally dedicated to the saving of unborn children are in the past.

This week, while the people who call themselves pro-life are marching in the streets and Congress and the President are receiving the usual avalanche of letters from those who call themselves pro-lifers, hundreds more children will be molested by repeat child attackers.

That can wait. The “right-to-lifers” have themselves some raw meat and they want the spotlight. They are so powerful that the Democrats in Congress didn’t even dare challenge them. President Bush, smelling the votes, is poised to sign the bill.

It’s a cheap show of power for the so-called pro-lifers. The Democrats will fight any attempt to strip away the “rights” of child-molesters. The Trial Lawyers would make them.

That father’s attempt to get some people to march on the Florida legislature will be a secondary event, lost in the pro-life publicity.

All that “pro-life” power could have America’s children protected before the end of this week, while the nation’s dander is up.

But they have other things to do.

For this “pro-life” power, what do a few hundred nameless kids whose lives will be ruined and many killed, matter? Look how righteous one can be, look at the money one can raise by their exercise in shooting fish in a barrel? This brain-dead woman is a chance for that huge organization to grind into action.

If “pro-life” melded into the fight to protect children, it would lose its special name. Its leaders would become just one more part of a mass of honest citizens trying to do the right thing.

They wouldn’t be special any more.

Right-to-Life has become like the NAACP. The NAACP pays “black leaders” fine salaries to live in nice suburbs and yell about Confederate flags. Meanwhile the working people in the Nation of Islam patrol the projects in the ghettoes and God help the drug dealers they find.

On the right and the left, the pro-lifers and the NAACP are in the way, hogging the limited, precious publicity and time and resources serious causes desperately need.

“Well,” says the NAACP, “It’s really the same cause, driving drug dealers out of the projects and banning the Confederate flag.”

“Well,” say the people who call themselves pro-life, it’s really the same cause, keeping a single brain-dead woman what they call”‘alive” and cracking down on repeat child molesters who never stop until they are put away permanently.

The kids can wait.

No sane person believes that diverting all attention to pet, easy causes is the same thing as putting what little time and resources decent people have into overcoming the lawyers and judges who make it open season on little children.

The NAACP and the pro-lifers make a lovely combination. I wrote a book in 1976 entitled “A Plague on Both Your Houses.”

To the NAACP and those who call themselves pro-lifers, I repeat, “A plague on both your houses.”