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Our Whole Point Here Is THOUGHT, Not Agreement

The old German gathering was called the Moot.

Nowadays lawyers and theologians declare that a point is “moot,” which means that they will allow us to discuss it.

To the old Germans and to a free-born American, EVERYTHING is “moot.”

That is the way this blog should be.

When I criticized pro-lifers, HS gave us the point of view of one who has been deep within the pro-life movement for years, but did not get furious at me or at the other critics.

I get slightly insulted when someone says, “Well, I don’t agree with everything you say…”

Who the hell do they think they’re talking to? That is like saying, “Please, don’t have a childish tantrum.” It is an insult to my entire tradition, from old Germany to being a free-born American.

And let’s get another thing straight. The chairman of a Baptist Convention some time ago said that God does not hear the prayers of Jews. The Convention apologized.

To a modern American, you have the right to discuss religion so long as you don’t take your doctrines too seriously.

When the Founding Fathers set up freedom of speech, they meant that people had the right to disagree SERIOUSLY.

According to modern Free Speech doctrine, you are allowed to say anything you want to, but you can’t say something that might offend somebody.

A SLAVE has the right to say anything he wants to as long as it doesn’t offend anybody. There is a word for the person who can tell you you are not allowed to have an opinion that offends him. He is called your master.

I want to compliment those who comment on this blog for keeping this firmly in mind.



Blog Software Upgrade – BoardOp note

The WordPress Blog software we use was upgraded to the latest version. The base template changed and when we have more time, we’ll be tweaking how it looks. We noted that the comment box overlays to the right too far (as seen on other blogs also).

It all appears to function correctly. The moderator is ESPECIALLY GRATEFUL to our upgrade tech as it will now be possible to eliminate any returns from spam robots that have been leaving (today is a record) 400 (and rising) comments (for each post we have) in a 24 hour period into our email boxes and onto the blog which had to be moderated one at a time manually.

Let us know ASAP if you’re having problems.


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