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Comment on Antonio Fini’s Comment

First, I like that pseudonym. It reminds me of one of Bob Twain’s quips on David Duke’s program. He referred to illegal aliens as “Jose and Jos-B.”

Second, Antonio’s comment reminds me of a source I have of how people really think: a comment on a sitcom.

It was on the show “Good Times” about a black family in the ghetto. Their son was living with a white girl, and her Yuppie parents came over to see them. The parents of the white girl were all for it.

The show’s star, the mother of the black boy, said her son and their daughter weren’t married and were living together and she didn’t like that.

They said that was OK by them.

She said her son couldn’t support their daughter.

They said that was OK.

The black mother finally burst out and said, “You don’t care if he’s black. You don’t care if they’re married. You don’t care if he can’t support her. What DO you care about?”

The answer was, of course, that the girl’s parents didn’t care about anything but their Fashionable Opinion that interracial relations were good, that poor people were virtuous, and that they had broken free of all conventional, normal feelings.

Florida didn’t want her boy around people like that and she didn’t want to be patronized.

Nobody respects a white girl who is out with a black guy.

And everybody knows what kind of moral vacuum she came from.



Welcome to the Real World

The Enemies of Good Things ALWAYS Claim to Be the Friends of Good Things

Again and again I hear people say, “People who say they are for freedom of speech…” or “People who talk about love and brotherhood are the ones who are the cruelest.”

My reply is, “Welcome to the real world.”

Lenin took power with slogan, “Peace, land, and bread.”

Under Lenin, the Ukraine, which had been Europe’s bread basket, starved. The Soviet Union was a hungry country from the day the Communists took power and for the seventy years of Communist rule.

Lenin’s rise to power began a civil war that was even worse than the disasters of World War I. After that the Soviet government conducted one long war against its own citizens, killing tens of millions of them.

So much for Peace and Bread. What about land?

The Soviet Government collectivized all land. In plain English, it took all the land for itself.

But there is nothing special about Communism. The Inquisition was conducted in the name of a loving Christ.

The courts tell us that the people do not matter. People born in America have no more rights than illegal immigrants. When Californians voted overwhelmingly to deny welfare to illegal immigrants the courts said they couldn’t do that.

The Supreme Court, you see, is the Constitution. The Constitution says that its only reason for existence is to secure the blessings of liberty for the people of the United States and OUR posterity.”

The Supreme Court declared that it makes no difference whether you are one of “the people of the United States” or not.

And the person who screams most about Freedom of Speech will censor every word you say in the name of Political Correctness.

In His last agonies on the Cross, Jesus said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”

Saint Paul said we should be “all things to all men.” He said specifically that we should bend on matters of doctrine or ritual so that our brothers’ faith will not be weakened.

There is no one more unforgiving of doctrinal difference or of a different ritual who says he follows Christ and St. Paul.

And no one is as unforgiving as a Christian who thinks he has The Only True Faith.

Hypocrisy is not something unusual. It is routine.

Welcome to the real world.