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I Need Your Help, My New Show Begins Tomorrow at 6 PM EDT

Posted by Bob on May 7th, 2005 under Bob, Race Matters, SF Townhall

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MAY 7, 2005
JOIN US, and be a CHARTER Saturday Listener
6:00 P.M. EDT

Duke WebCast Streaming Radio URL may be pasted into the Play box or clicked here:
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Tomorrow, Saturday, May 7, 2005 at 6:00 PM, EASTERN Daylight Time, I begin my first Saturday program on the Internet.

David Duke has a show everyday except Saturday, and after he found that I make a good guest, he started asking me to take over a Saturday show.

You can listen to it by going to I forgot to check, but I think you can get it via, too. It will be posted here on the blog. [See links below.]

This should be a hoot. I just learned how to use my headphones and I would say this was off the cuff if I wasn’t wearing a tee shirt.

David is real go-getter and a pro. He had his radio own show in Louisiana for two years, and it outdrew Rush Limbaugh.

They dropped him finally because he couldn’t get any advertisers.

Dave has a very formal intro to his weekly show.

I did a tiny stint a couple of times as a radio announcer back when we used tom-toms, but I am actually a ham radio type. I have had ham license for fifty years. Any hams out there will get the idea when I say my original call sign was K4ACV.

That spells OLD.

For me being on the air is just talking.

There will be no intro, at least for now. I will be talking. If you want to ask me anything, you will have to register on Stormfront or comment here on my blog. I will keep up with both. On the blog just put NFP (Not For Publication) if that is what you want.

Unless you specify otherwise, I will refer to you as “someone who reads my blog asks….”

It would help the blog if you did write me there so I could mention it on the show.

The object of the first show is to get through it. If there are problems, tell me.

You don’t have to be listening to the show to write me questions on the blog.

You may start now if you wish.
.- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .- .-

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  1. #1 by James Edwards on 05/07/2005 - 6:21 pm


    It is 5:20 Central Time now and I can finally hear you on the air. Just wanted to let you know I am listening and rooting for ya! Go Bob Go! We all have technical difficulties our first night 😉

    Always Friends,


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