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In his Foreword to my book, Joe Sobran said I could use a few more statistics and citations. Others have criticized me for a lack of citations.

You would be stunned if you knew how many citations I could quote. Someone just explained to me about the Cathari. I have read tracts about the Cathari, many of which claim that they did not believe what they were accused of believing.

When the debate over race comes up, I have read it ALL. So I could spout the whole wealth of evidence on my side and the others could do what they always do, shout “racist” and cite Recognized Authorities.

I am 64 years old and I don’t get paid for this, so I don’t play that game any more.

Everybody calls me “simplistic.” I would love to found a school of philosophy called “Simplism.”

So instead of repeating the mountains of information on race, I go back to what everybody is arguing about. They all agree that brown countries are poor and stagnant.

The “racists” then try to explain why black countries are stagnant and the anti-racists get paid to prove, brown country by brown country, that this is all a gigantic, consistent accident. The citations on both sides are endless.

I’ve read them, and I don’t want to be one more citer of citations.

So I return to the original point that both sides agree on, the one they are arguing about:

Brown-skinned countries are stagnant. Putting it that bluntly upsets the “scientific racists” every bit as much as it does the anti-racist. They want to prove it is true by EXPLAINING it.

I just go back to the fact that it is true. I go back to the fact that the anti-racists are betting the entire future of the human race on the idea that this is an accident.

I say that is bad. I say that is evil.

And I have not used a single citation to prove how smart I am or how learned I am.

Before Western Science, every society had a complete explanation for everything. So they asked no further questions and they went nowhere.

In Western Science, “one experiment is worth a hundred Expert Opinions.” In other words, no matter how many citations you have, you are just citing people. Every confident man, including every priest of all the Old Religions, had a motto: “Things are not as they appear.”

All of them made a great living by saying that and their societies stagnated.

It may be God or it may be evolution, but something gave us eyes and those eyes were given us for a very good reason. If you got into an airplane and the pilot said, “I am flying this plane entirely on the principle that things are not as they appear,” the passengers would panic.

But those same passengers always listen to people who want to lead them on the same basis. Those people give them endless citations and Words of Wisdom. Those people reject the simplistic notion that a fact is a fact and that the person who ignores it PAYS for it, big time.

After all these years of education and reading about everything you can cite, I have concluded that what is true is true.

I am a Simplist.



About Bob’s Blog


From the May 1st, 2004 WOL

A “blog” is a personal web page where you just write down whatever you damned well please and put in public for people to see.

If you have an idea, you can put it on the public record by putting it on your blog.

If you have an invention, you can put it on the public record by writing it on your blog.

If you are like me and your best ideas cannot be published, you put them on record in your blog.

A blog is usually a kind of public diary of your thoughts.

My blog is more like a diary than it is like a web page.

My blog is not written for the reader, but you are welcome to read it until you get so bored you can’t stand it.


Do not expect the blog to be nearly as professional as my writing. I am talking to me, not to you.

You are listening to the meanderings of a person with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. That makes real writing hard work. My blog is not going to be hard work, so it is going to be a bit scatterbrained.

You are welcome to tell me anything my blog makes you think of.

I have been confidential advisor to everything from mercenary soldiers to alcoholics and drug addicts to the President. This list could go on a long, long way. I have learned to think like a host of people.

So my blog will be an exercise in writing from inside the skin of a lot of other people besides me.

I can try to think like a Klansman one day and like a Communist the next. I’ve known plenty of both, and I have given advice to both, free of charge. I respect and will give PERSONAL help to any honest person, wherever that honesty leads them.

That attitude is part of my own personal Bible Belt heritage, “Judge not that ye be not judged.” But it has repaid my efforts many, many times over, not the least because I can walk in a lot of people’s shoes.

If this doesn’t give you the warning you need, you need to go back to Kindergarten.

If you are the kind of person who permanently rejects someone because of one wrong thing he said, I don’t want you near me anyway.

I warn you, that kind of person is not worth knowing. Get away from him!

I realize my blog is public. So I won’t identify people in it or give information that would allow anybody to identify them. Trust me, I’ve had to do that all my life.

After I have said all this, if my blog infuriates somebody, that person is a fool.

And I am retired, I have all the money I want, and I have done enough in my life so that I need to impress nobody, so I don’t give a damn.

If that sort of person reads my blog, he will reject me forever. That would be a favor to me. If the blog gets rid of people like that, that alone would make it worthwhile.

A blog never ends, so if you want to take a look now, do so. But it will be there a long time, and it will get longer and longer. But remember, WhitakerOnline is written for you, Bob’s Blog is written for me.



There Bob Goes Again!

There Bob Goes Again!

Mark thanked me for getting off religion. Just like the time I went off on Zoroastrianism I have been arguing religion and, as Mark put it, putting him to sleep the way sermons did when he was a child forced to go to church.

My apologies again. The problem is that I am a Bible Belter, and we used to talk about the Bible around the dinner table the way Yankees just naturally talk about …

Well, whatever Yankees talk about.

By the way, in Canada the courts have ruled that you are only allowed to quote Politically Incorrect passages from the Bible in the home or in a church. Quote them elsewhere and you are arrested.

In case you think they’re joking, a CATHOLIC BISHOP was arrested in Canada for the offense of quoting those non-PC parts of the Bible outside his church and outside a home. I reported on that earlier.

I have yet to hear any outrage expressed by church “leaders,” Catholic or Protestant, in the United States.

But none of this is an excuse for me to bore readers.

I got frozen out of the Traditional Christianity group on Stormfront for my views, but it served one excellent purpose.

People have STOPPED throwing THEIR VERSION of God at me.

Oddly enough, the result of my beating that issue has been that others have stopped beating it in my presence.

In that sense, I am a bit like Mark. When I do a lot of work, and it is work, to boil a political issue down to its essentials, I want people to read what I just said CAREFULY before they go off on some tangent.

And I want THEM to WRITE their thoughts on what I say. What I do NOT want is to read some quote from somebody generally relating to what I said. And the easiest way to quote something and seem profound is to copy something out of the Old Testament.

That is SO tiresome!

Everything goes into politics, your version of religion, including your atheism, your pet peeves from childhood, being raised around the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation as I was. I spend a lot of time picking real politics out of my pet peeves.

Believe me, it is always a temptation, when I have an audience, to drift off into my pet peeves and get off the subject we have in common, the subject I am there to discuss.

So it is not too surprising that I tend to drift off into religion.

Please understand that I am not Pope Robert I or Professor Whitaker or any other Voice of God. Almost every single fault I denounce is the direct result of the fact that I have committed those errors repeatedly and very seldom is my cure permanent.

If I denounce it, chances are you’ll catch me doing it myself.


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6/25/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

June 25, 2005
Castles in the Air
One Castle Just Fell
No Show
Why the Whole Thing Looks Different to Me

Fun Quote:

“The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a “C” the idea must be feasible.”

— A Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith’s paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service.

Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.


Using Time

My internet radio program this week is about the fact that the Soviet castle in the sky fell, and the American castle in the sky is ready to go, too.

It is called “Idiocracy.”

America’s established religion, Political Correctness, is sitting on nothing. It is made up of mindless, bureaucratic fools who have promoted each other to titles that sound great, but mean nothing.

They are living on inertia, just like the Soviet Union did for so long. Only a cold-blooded murderer like Lenin or Trotsky or Stalin and finally Brezhnev could keep the system going by terror.

Nobody believed in any of that Marxist nonsense anymore than anybody really believes in Political Correctness today. All they have left is a more subtle form of terror. They can get you fired. They can withhold a college degree.

Outside the United States, this terror is less subtle. You say the wrong thing and you go to prison, though a much nicer prison than the Gulag. Under capitalism you are ruined professionally instead of being sent to Siberia.

Each system that is run by mindless go-alongs and which does not work must base its power on its own form of terror.

No one predicted the fall of the Soviet Empire.

No one is predicting the fall of Political Correctness.

That is because the people who get paid to do all the public predicting assume the system they are studying rests on something.

But the Soviet system rested on nothing.

The same is true of our present system.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

One Castle Just Fell

The reason that the USSR fell is because it was sitting on nothing.

Not one single professional Sovietologist, not one, had any inkling that the USSR and its empire were about to collapse.

I have looked it up, and not one single “expert” had the slightest inkling that this was about to happen. Almost every time I mention this fact the person I am talking to says he heard about somebody who predicted it. I asked for a citation.

No citation.

I have searched.

Let me repeat this:

Not one single expert on the Soviet Union, who got paid the big bucks to know all about the Soviet Empire, had the slightest idea that the whole thing was about to go down.

What happens to a business consultant if he hasn’t the slightest inclination that his client’s competition is about to go under?

Every single one of those experts, inside and outside of government and the universities, cost thousands of dollars to “educate” and they all got paid good money.

They ALL failed.

Completely. Utterly. Inexcusably.

So what happened?

They all kept their jobs and most of them have been promoted since. All of them will get great pensions for the job they didn’t do.

We have plenty of experts on every aspect of our ruling religion, just as the Soviets did. But what was clear to Yeltsin, that the system was built on nothing, was something no expert INSIDE the USSR would be allowed to hint at.

And our experts OUTSIDE the system were just as oblivious to the fact that the Soviet Emperor had no clothes.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

No Show

In 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed out of the room.

But what happened when the pressure was on was a game of dominoes:

1) Gorbachev renounced the terror that had kept the USSR going since Lenin’s Red Terror in 1918.

2) Suddenly people started saying what everybody was thinking, “This system is silly, is childish, the dream of a bunch of professors who never did a day’s work in their lives.”

3) People began to QUESTION. And that was the end.

Suddenly the Republics like Estonia and Ukraine started saying, “Why SHOULDN’T we be independent?”

People started asking, “Why are all other WHITE countries rich and we live at a level a third-world country would consider embarrassing?” The Confederate flag started showing up.

We all remember the crisis when Gorbachev was arrested and Yeltsin took his stand on top of a tank.

We all remember waiting for the Soviet Army to show up.

It never showed up.

NOBODY believed in the System. The Emperor was as naked as plucked chicken and had been for years.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Why the Whole Thing Looks Different to Me

Everybody else sees Political Correctness as a giant, unbelievably powerful monolith. Which is exactly how the USSR looked in 1982.

I repeat, in 1982, anyone who said the USSR was about to fall would have been laughed out of the room.

You see a huge, totally dominant system built on unimaginable amounts of money and power.

Above all, you see Evil Geniuses at work backing that system with their lives and with genius and subtlety and endless ruthlessness.

Like Yeltsin, who was from the Russian version of Pontiac, South Carolina, I see a bunch of wimps and ignoramuses like the Soviet bureaucrats. Yeltsin saw a Potemkin Empire in Russia.

You are too much a product of our system to be able to see it as it is.

All those grim-faced Sovietologists were complete morons. They looked at the USSR as a power forever. Respectable conservatives perform the same service for our own Idiocracy.

Push it hard and it will fall to pieces. The universities are a wonderful place to start. Tens of millions of young people are paying off back-breaking student loans, and every one of them knows he was cheated.

Tens of millions of young people are trying to start families, and each child will require the payment of college costs that are skyrocketing and show no sign that there will be any limit to them when their children reach college age.

Everybody knows that. Only I SAY that.

Our Idiocracy is ready to fall.

Go to


and let’s push it over the edge.


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6/25/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 6/25/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

I have exercised a staggering amount of power in my life. None of it fit any of the macho clichés.

If you want to know exactly how to handle huge amounts of money, you can get endless amounts of advice in your local bar. Find a guy who can’t afford a drink and buy him one. He will give all the advice you ever wanted to hear about how to make and use money.

People who have never actually handled large amounts of money can tell you exactly how you can make money grow and where it should be put.

Ask a real self-made multimillionaire exactly what you should do with large amounts of money and he will probably give you no answer at all. If he does give you advice, it will very cautious and lengthy and, above all, it will not be anywhere near as interesting as what you will hear in the bar from the guy whose drink you had to pay for.

The person who has never been responsible for large sums of money can tell you all about it.

Exactly the same rule applies when it comes to power.

At a recent convention a nice old guy was marching around telling everybody, “Mao Tse Tung said that power comes from the barrel of a gun.” This gentleman, of course, had never had any power at all, so he knew all about it.

The fact is that no war hero ever made any difference in real history. People worship war heroes and despise the guys in the suits. But the fact is that the reason thousands or millions of guys are out there dying in their uniforms is because a few guys in the suits PUT them there.

Much more common is another piece of Wisdom people who have never had any power or money love to repeat:

“Power is all about money.”

The wonderful thing about this piece of Wisdom is that it sounds so good. It is just the sort of thing a person who has never had either power or money loves to say, because it shows he knows all about both power AND money.

Boy, that sounds not only Practical and Wise, it sounds MACHO:

“Power is all about money.”

It reminds me of a poor little very rich guy named George Soros. Soros has billions of dollars and hates George Bush with an obsessive passion. He spent $27 million in the 2004 election and had not the slightest impact on the results.

It would have been less embarrassing for Soros if he had accidentally HELPED Bush by his efforts. What was really embarrassing was that he had not the slightest impact at whatsoever.

Money is exactly like water. As Rudyard said in his poem “Gunga Din,”

You may talk o’ gin and beer
When you’re quartered safe out ‘ere,
An’ you’re sent to penny-fights an’ Aldershot it;
But when it comes to slaughter
You will do your work on water,
An’ you’ll lick the bloomin’ boots of ‘im that’s got it.

When you don’t have water, water is everything. When you don’t have air, air is all that matters. When you don’t have money, money is all that matters. But if you DO have water, you may talk of gin and beer and despise water. When you have no trouble breathing, you use the expression, “It’s as easy as breathing.” When you’re broke, like the guy in the bar, money is everything.

Let me explain a simple rule to you about power and, separately, about money. Many, many times the Wall Street Journal has reported the results of actual experiments comparing highly paid financial experts with monkeys.

In every case, the monkey spins a wheel or throws an object and the investment is made on the basis of what the monkey hit on. Those results are then compared to a wide range of — let me repeat this –- advice given by highly paid financial consultants.

In every case, the results are dead even. But real people with real money still hired those same financial consultants and paid them the big bucks. These tests were scientifically conducted, but no one pays them any attention.

It just FEELS better to lose your money on the advice of big-time consultant than on the basis of a dart-throwing monkey. Everybody would consider you a complete idiot to bank on the monkey, and everybody, including you, would not feel bad about banking on the same consultant all the other moneyed people bank on.

In the real world, the fact that it amounts to exactly the same thing means nothing to you or to others.

Exactly the same thing is true of highly-paid political consultants. Once you are a name in the business of political consulting, you will always be a big name in the field of political consulting.

This is because of Whitaker’s Rule of Political Consulting. Two kinds of people hire big-time political consultants. One is the guy who has a lot of money and suddenly decides he wants to be a senator or at least a congressman. He hires a big name.

When he fails, nobody blames the consultant. It was silly, everybody says, for the rich guy to have thought he could buy that office in the first place.

The few times such a rich guy wins, all the credit goes to the political genius, and he charges more next time.

Have you ever noticed that, after a presidential campaign, you hear all about the geniuses who guided the winning campaign and you never see a word about the big-time campaign managers who LOST?

Losers are not news. You only hear about them when they win.

Whitaker’s Law of Political Consulting says that once a man attains the status of political genius, you will only hear about him when he wins. For that reason, once you become a big-money political consultant, you will always be a big-time political consultant.

The same is true of financial consulting. Nobody wants to hear about the losers. So they only hear about a financial genius when he wins.

So the guy in the bar actually believes that all a man needs to make his money grow is one of the financial geniuses only rich people can afford. That, he tells you wisely, is the only reason rich people make money and he needs you to buy him a drink.

I never had the heart to ask such a person if he ever heard of rich people who LOST money.

I never had the heart to ask that same man if he ever heard about it when a big-time political consultant LOST an election.

The whole point of buying the guy a drink is to relax and listen to his nonsense. It’s all for fun.

But out in the real world where real power and real lives and real money are at stake, this macho crap is much, much less amusing.




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