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What Might Have Made Mark Sit Up in Church

Mark said talking religion made him sleep in church when he was a boy.

I slept too, when the hundred degree temperature and the agony of having to wear wool pants allowed me to.

But my family was in church work for at least four hundred years. I learned from the first that church work involves some of the smartest and most cold-blooded politics on earth. If the preacher had talked about THAT, you and I would have enjoyed it.

The Rabbi Joshua ben-Joseph was right when he said, “A prophet is not without honor save in his own country.”

So Paul went after the Hellenic Jews, some five or six million of them, instead of their maybe a million country cousins down in Palestine. Most Preachers are not aware that Hellenic Jews existed, much less that they BECAME the church. I mentioned one preacher said they were all Gnostics, a great general-purpose term.

So Wordism has made the Jews who accepted the Rabbi Joshua ben-Joseph into the heathens, and the Hebraic Jews into little gods.

This is typical of Wordism. Institutions routinely make the heroes the villains.

Now THAT sort of Revelation would have mde me sit up in church.


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Reply to Mark

Mark, yes my ego is very fragile and your personal remark naturally reduces me to tears.

A blog is whatever the writer wants it to be, and most of them ARE largely diaries. A blog is ALWAYS open to the public.

That is the DEFINITION of a blog, Mark.

If comments come in and the blogger wishes to encourage them, the blog has that, too. This is standard procedure.

In fact, my blog has been compromised from its original purpose by reader’s concern with my speaking too freely here. It is supposed to be a wide-open give-and-take, but some readers, not me, can’t take that.

Isn’t it odd how someone with a weak ego would publish ALL your comments?

In fact, the arguments here have gone a long way toward convincing me that my belief that the Rabbi Joshua ben-Joseph was actually the world savior I had seen him as. Commenters have convinced me that he was an extension of the strictly Jewish version of Savior so many faiths looked for.

The New Testament was written in what Old Testament worshippers consider the pagan Greek tongue, not Holy Hebrew. Jesus was “Joshua” in Greek, so Old Testament worshippers call this particular Joshua Jesus to separate his words from the other, though equally infallible, words by all the other Joshuas.

Christ is the Greek word for Messiah. There were many of them in the Hellenic world, including Hercules and Mithras.

But Joshua ben Joseph never heard himself called Jesus or Christ in his life. So, though he is the strictly Jewish version of the common savior myths in the East, it was good politics to use the Greek words just this once.

To my mind this was good politics but bad religion.

So my fragile grip on Christianity has slipped. This was something I could not have discussed in any other forum. The “Christians” will not tolerate disagreement and a less forgiving group of people I never met.

In fact the greatest weapons Christianity had was its Jewish total intolerance of disagreement. No matter how many times other faiths won, a single Christian victory was forever, backed by the stake and the torture chamber.

No faith from outside the Middle East had that vicious weapon at its disposal.

It is good to keep this in mind when one is celebrating the rejection of the European Union by France and Holland. No matter how many times it is defeated, once a country votes once, by any means, to get in, it can never get out.

I put up my religious views so others could help me come to a conclusion about the remaining bit of my professed Christianity. They have done just that.

So the blog is doing what I wanted it to do, which, as repeated by the BoardOp, is its purpose.