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7/16/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Posted by Sys Op on July 16th, 2005 under WOL Weekly Articles

Weekly Articles

July 16, 2005
Sobsister History
Emma Lazarus, Sobsister, Idealist, and Founding Mother
Whomever America Belongs To, It’s NOT to White Gentiles, Nothing Does

Fun Quote:

“I don’t feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.”

— John Wayne


Sobsister History

This week’s internet radio show on Saturday at 2pm at THE UNTRAINED EYE will be called “Sobsister History.”

Young people may not remember the term “sobsister.”

A sobsister is some woman who sits around moaning and groaning about how bad things are for her. Older people may smile when they hear the term sobsister because all they remember is how silly sobsisters were.

What they DON’T remember is how VICIOUS sobsisters were.

Here is a woman whose family has probably been supporting and putting up with her for decades. All they get in return from her is being told how horrible they are. There was no rumor or smear too vicious for a sobsister to spread about her own long-suffering family to show how evil they were. Such smears helped her to prove they were the horrible people she said they were.

Our history today is entirely “Sobsister History.” It is based on showing how white gentile Americans, who created America, are really just nasty, vicious, mean, and have no redeeming qualities.

Every respectable conservative and every liberal, those who represent what is “both sides” in our political debate, agree that to solve the “race” problem,” the white race must go.

That would be ideal.

That is what passes for Idealism today. A white gentile who attacks his own race is considered an Idealist. For some reason he is not considered a traitor. He is considered an Idealist who is making some sort of great sacrifice by demanding the end of himself, and his own kind.

If that is regarded as IDEALISM in a society, you can imagine the depths to which such a society can plummet when it is not being “idealistic!”
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Emma Lazarus, Sobsister, Idealist, and Founding Mother

When most people today talk about “what America is all about,” they NEVER quote the Founding Fathers.

The Founding Fathers, in the Constitution we actually adopted, dedicated America to “ourselves and OUR posterity.”

But when most people talk about the Purpose of America today they never quote Washington or Hamilton. They simply quote an inscription on a piece of artwork sent to America by Frenchmen, the Statue of Liberty.

The inscription on that piece of French artwork, the Statue of Liberty, was written by what is now considered America’s Founding Mother, Emma Lazarus, and every word of it is totally opposed to the Constitution we adopted a century before Emma Lazarus got here. Emma Lazarus said that America was brought into existence for foreigners. Any foreigner, of course, had just as much right to it as its founders or their posterity did, as we and our posterity do.

It is fact that America’s Founding Mother, Emma Lazarus, was a Zionist who had two very interesting ideas about America:

1) America belonged to every non-Jew on earth, and to every Jew on earth until Jews could get their own country from which they could exclude all gentiles;

2) White gentiles who founded America were evil, vicious people who took the homeland away from the innocent, idealistic Indians.

Now how can it make any sense that a land taken from its rightful owners has now become the property of every other person on earth (the new rightful owners)?

No one EVER asks how Founding Mother Lazarus came to that conclusion.

It all comes together in Sobsister history. The basis for Sobsister History is that gentiles are not human.

They are pure evil who do only evil things. They have no right to ANY land. They have no right to exist.

That is the foundational outlook you must have firmly in mind if you are a respectable conservative.
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Whomever America Belongs To, It’s NOT to White Gentiles, Nothing Does

The one consistent underlying theme of our modern Sobsister dogma is White Gentile Evil. If the white gentiles took America from the Indians, then it is the duty of the rest of mankind to take it from them.

If you read the statement on immigration which has been adopted by conventions of the Orthodox Jews, Conservative Jews and Reformed Jews, and you read what they actually say in plain English, you will see they are talking about white gentiles in the same terms as Hitler talked about Jews.

Here is what they say:

1) There are too many white gentiles in America, and they are a danger to Jews;

2) The third world must be imported and a mixed-race society imposed to get rid of those white gentiles who are a danger to the Jews,

3) In other words, a Final Solution to the White Gentile Problem must be found and implemented.

I am not writing those statements with all the code words they mix into them to disguise what they are plainly saying. I am reducing them to the cold, hard meaning in them. They say what our Modern Thought, based on Sobsister History, says in plain English:

White gentiles treat everybody like dirt.

White Gentiles are Evil.

White Gentiles must go.

  1. #1 by Mark on 07/17/2005 - 12:02 am

    “A sobsister is some woman who sits around moaning and groaning about how bad things are for her… Here is a woman whose family has probably been supporting and putting up with her for decades. All they get in return from her is being told how horrible they are.”

    I know this is a tad off the subject, but in my line of work I run across a lot of sobsisters — in in this case I’m refering to people who have given up (or who are just too damned lazy to go to work) and live by choice on welfare or social security disbality (for reasons that would make your head spin) — bilking their existance off of the working class’ back and complaining about how all of us working folks have too much while they have too little. “It just aint fair, ” they usually whine.” In Missouri the governor has been slashing the welfare programs to keep from raising taxes, which is just fine by me, but I dont’ know how many times I’ve heard these sobsisters complain about the evil white man inthe governor’s mansion or about us evil working folks who have too much while they have too little.

    Okay, sorry…like I said, off the subject but it’s something that struck a chord with me.

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