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Doctors in the Plague Time

Posted by Bob on July 23rd, 2005 under Coaching Session

We all have strong opinions, or we wouldn’t be here.

From time to time I indulge myself in arguing about religious opinions or history. I have a certain nostalgia for the time when we could have afforded to fight out our particular views out with each other.

Doctors can fight each other over their particular theories of treatment, but when the plague comes, they are all there working day and night, side by side. Every doctor is welcome and it is a huge relief to see another doctor, no matter how you disagree with him on important medical issues, there beside you.

Some of us are hard-core Catholics, some Calvinists, some evangelicals, some athiests, and some whateverthehell I am. Some of us are pro-capitalist, some of us are socialists of the nationalist kind. When I looked years ago the largest political party in Jordan was called the National Socialists, but they are hardly Nazis, they were socialists of a nationalist kind.

So I am glad to have you here, your stance on evolution or anything else be damned.

To us today World War I is bewildering. All those countries in 1914 had monarchies, they were white, the were all empires, and yet they were destroying everything over issues that were trivial in the world picture.

If we save our people the time may come when we can take our differences seriously again. My hope is that by then we will be able to enjoy that luxury while at the same time keeping our eyes firmly on the importance of what we are all here to protect.

  1. #1 by Derek on 07/23/2005 - 7:53 pm

    It is like you said before “It is more important to end the PC religion than to worry about what is going to replace it”. I think that applies to religious standings and opinions. But you also noted how white gentiles are the only ones that can destroy white gentiles. Perhaps the empires are still at work against one another.

  2. #2 by H.S. on 07/24/2005 - 2:27 am

    I have read the Screwtape Letters many, many times. This is a short book. Not only that, but it is divided into short letters from the senior demon Screwtape down in Hell to his nephew Wormwood who was on earth tempting a human being.

    I enjoy a writer who makes his points bluntly and quickly.

    CS Lewis wrote the Screwtape Letters to demonstrate what Jesus was talking about by showing what someone on the opposite side would say.

    Like Jesus, Screwtape had only one focus. His only concern was the salvation or damnation of the soul of a single human being. One fascinating thing about the book is that it was written at the beginning of World War II, but Screwtape couldn’t care less which side won.

    CS Lewis was writing in World War II England, but he kept saying that that war was not all that important.

    In fact Screwtape referred to World War II as “what humans call The War.”

    To Screwtape there was only one real War, the one between Hell and Jesus. Again and again he warned Wormwood against worrying about which side should win. Wormwood’s job was to damn a soul. –Bob

    Like an old phrase from a pastor (not exact): We’re all sitting here on the “salvation train” last stop heaven, arguing furiously about precisely and exactly how the thing operates and how it’s getting us there; then, who’s in the cars ahead and behind us and why.

    It’s ALL about Jesus (God). There is only one war. Him or not Him. Everything not Him will eventually be utterly destroyed. He said so.

    Ya can’t fight something with nothing.

    That’s why it’s written down.

  3. #3 by Peter on 07/24/2005 - 1:00 pm


    You said, “yet they were destroying everything over issues that were trivial in the world picture.”

    It’s never about the issues. The War against Southern Independence was about neither slavery not Fort Sumter, it was about power. Lincoln mortgaged 3/4 of the assessed value of all property in the United States to New York and international banks (such as the Rothschilds). Who benefited?

    World War I was about neither Bosnia nor the Lusitania.

    World War II was about neither Danzig nor Pearl Harbor.

    The Iraqi War is about neither WMDs nor the WTC.

    It’s never about the “trivial issues.” And there would have been war no matter what the victims did. Think about it. If South Carolina had just given up and never taken back Fort Sumter, Sherman would have just burned sooner.

    It’s the same story with websites like SF or your blog. An egoist or an angry white male is going to make a little trouble, because that’s what they do. The issues are just pretext. Fortunately on a website, we all can just laugh at the funny things people do.

    To HS: It was good to read that.

  4. #4 by Trager Smith on 07/30/2005 - 11:01 am

    Don’t you think we’d better establish the existence of Hell before we talk about what it takes to get out of it?

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