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More Netiquette

Posted by Bob on July 29th, 2005 under Bob, Comment Responses

My BoardOp was not clear about my last post – I’ll explain my purpose further.

The reason I wrote this particular entry is because I am going to quote someone for the first time who wrote me anonymously and is in no position to give me permission to do so. This is a touchy business, so I wanted to explain in detail how it fits into netiquette.

I was concentrating so hard on that point that I did not realize I may be raising other questions in readers’ minds.

For example, should you say in your e-mail that I may quote you?

It would be helpful to me if you did say in your e-mail to me if you can be quoted, but it would be wearisome for you to say that all the time. I will NEVER quote you unless I get your permission.

Some of my regular correspondents give me blanket permission in one e-mail to quote except when they specifically say not to.

I deal with very little confidential stuff, not least because after my career, I’m sick of it. I do not put anything in e-mails I cannot afford to have quoted. Many others who have led public lives do the same.

If you WANT to be given credit for what you say, you should tell me so. No one knows better than I do that a writer deserves credit for work and insights he is proud of. You can give me blanket permission once and say if something is an exception as others do.

Though it upset me at first, I thank our BoardOp for pointing this out to me. I try hard, but I can’t think of everything, and your help is appreciated.

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