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Netiquette on Quoting E-Mails

Posted by Bob on July 29th, 2005 under How Things Work

I NEVER quote an e-mail without asking the writer if I may do so. Even then I also ask them whether or not I can use their name.

Even then, I do not use their name unless it is appropriate.

As to anonymous e-mails, it is my responsibility to protect the writer. An e-mail is a private message even if it is sent anonymously.

I cannot ask an anonymous writer whether I can use his or her message. But with my background in intelligence and as an interrogator I can judge whether, if I had the resources and the motivation, I could find out who wrote it.

If so, I don’t quote it.

Even then, I would not make anything public that would really hurt the writer.

And even then, there has to be a very good reason to quote it.

Very few e-mails could make it through all these hurdles.

I say all this because I am studying an e-mail that I need to quote that probably does make it through all these hurdles. But first I want to make it clear that any e-mail to me is handled as confidential information by a professional in the area of confidential information.

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