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SATURDAY’S Town Hall Web Radio

Posted by Bob on August 27th, 2005 under SF Townhall


SF SATURDAY Town Hall Web Radio

Listen from 3 to 4 PM Eastern Time:


[You may need to copy/paste that URL into your media player’s “File” “Play URL” box to go directly to the server. If it stops for some reason, re-click the .pls link above to be sure you are connected to the broadcast server.]

Bob will be on Stormfront answering questions from there or the blog comments.

SF Townhall Forum (August 27th) with Bob Whitaker and then at the upper right of the posting area near the top, hit “Last” to get the to the last page where he’ll be posting.
August 27 – Criticism Is Not Hate

(If your computer doesn’t automatically begin streaming the program when it is ON THE AIR, or won’t play our recorded programs, you might want to download the latest Winamp 5 free player. Re-click the .pls link to be sure you are connected to the streaming server.)

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