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My Name is Bob Whitaker

This is an obvious statement, but I want you to look at it as a Whitakerism.

My IDEAS are invaluable, but too often people look at my concepts, which it took me a lifetime of hard experience and honest mental WORK to come up with, and then they start to expect great things out of a person named Bob Whitaker.

One of the reasons I lost my wonderful team was because they discovered I am not the paragon of virtue they had conjured up in their minds. The biggest reason was exhaustion. I have dealt with this sort of thing before, but I just wasn’t up to dealing with it again.

It was just as well. I desperately needed the rest, and my team could never really realize how exhausted I was.

A Whitakerism: Bob’s IDEAS are invaluable. Bob is just Bob.

Joe gives me some good personal criticism from time to time. After all, Bob’s ideas are going nowhere if Bob himself just lets himself go.

But Joe also gets the spirit of the thing. He found a Whitakerism he really likes, and singled THAT out:

“Our women are our destiny.” Now that’s a powerful statement. I hope everyone is paying very close attention to that statement. Does it sound like a truthful statement to you? It does to me. “Our women are our destiny.” It should be a motto. It should be carved in granite. What could possibly be more true than that statement?

Comment by joe rorke

Bob hands you weapons. You need to grab theones you can use and batter the enemy over the head with them.

Look at the weapons and don’t get too obsessed with Bob.



The Opinion Industry

I told Joe I would do a program on his comment.

I did it. It is called “The Opinion Industry.”

I did it for Stormfront and had a hell of a time reaching Kelso so he would put it on.

I finally reached him, after two days and four tries.

Did you see what I wrote about our age of innocence? The time is rapidly passing when anything I put up gets instant attention.

Suits me.

So this is what I wrote in Stormfront:

I finally reached Kelso.

He told me he was very happy about my program which he will listen to immediately.

Fat chance!

And does that bring back memories!

CAL is dealing with so many people he would love to give awards to!

Not that he considers HIMSELF worthy of any awards.

CAL is just so PROUD of people who put themselves out for what he knows is right.

He doesn’t worry about the fact that HE deserves praise. He doesn’t give a damn about it.

Screw praise, our fight is EVERYTHING.

So Kelso was trying to do justice to me and at the same time he was dealing with another situation.

He dealt with the folks who needed dealing with. I was a bit flattered that he understood I didn’t NEED flattering.

Most people will never understand how dedicated people like Kelso are to that we are doing.

I do. And I am very, very proud to say that I am.

Because I did it, too.

And CAL KNOWS that.




Damn! I’m so glad Mark is back!

Yes, Joe, I’m dependent as hell.

Mark says:

“I saw Omega Man a long time ago and was appalled at it as well. ”

“I’ve noticed it’s easier for hollywood to sell a movie with a white male/black female love interest rather than a white female/black male angle. While I’m personally against any black and white mixing, I sometimes think the white male/black female pitch is easier to sell because of the fact that more white males are against mixing white females with negroes than white females are of mixing with negroes. Also, it may have something to do with how back in the days of United States slavery, an occasional slave master would take a black female slave for amorous pleasure. Didn’t Jefferson Davis have a black female love interest at one time?”

Comment by Mark


Another Whitakerism, which means noticing what is so obvious we don’t look at it:

We are all aware that the same father who will get violent if his daughter is seduced by some young guy will be perfectly relaxed when his son “sows some wild oats.”

If this leaves you in a state of incomprehension you need read no further.

Our women are our destiny.

When a white man puts some genes into the black gene pool, it is regrettable. But it is NOT the moral equivalent of white woman bearing a mulatto child.

Everybody knows that. Everybody claims they do NOT know that.



Some PITY-fuls

In a piece below, I mentioned an early movie made by the Sci-Fi Channel that has not seenthe light of day since. It had a blond hero madly in love with a black woman.

When I wrote how silly that was, back in those days when the computer world was tiny enough so I got answers, the spokesman for the scifi channel gave me two answers:

1) The black woman was the biggest star they could get and 2) I was the only person who said anything about race.

The bottom line is that 1) they lost a lot of money on that movie and 2) if you are going to launch a new network your first original movie makes a LOT of difference, and this was a BAD mistake.

Black and blond is UGLY. No one is going to tell you so.

Vincent Price made a chiling film in the 1950s called “The Last Man on Earth.” As with so many black-and-white cheap movies in the 1950s, they decided in the 1980s to remake it with a Big Star and in color.

So Charleton Heston starred in “The Omega Man.”

But Charleston Heston, like any other respectable conservative, wanted desperately to prove he was no racist. So the girl in the film was black. Even National Review, this was twenty years ago, referred to her as “his equal opportunity girlfriend.”

The movie disappeared without a trace. It could have been a hit.

But you see, as with the scifi channel, nobody would SAY that people really don’t want to watch a smooch session between a blond and a black.

Everybody says they would like nothing better.

The only problem is that they DON’T. The only problem is the truth.

If you keep threatening people with damnation if they tell you the truth, they won’t tell you the truth.

That’s a Whitakerism.

Allie McBealle was a runaway hit with the yuppies. Then Allie, the blond female lawyer, kept showing she would slurp up black males.

Well, she had to do that. So far, so good. Good, solid patronizing.

But THEN she got INVOLVED with a black lawyer. Her audience raised hell.

Everybody said, like John McCain, “I thought we were BEYOND that.”

Even with yuppies, ugly is still ugly.

So the gentleman black decided he couldn’t have sex with Allie.

I remember the comments on newsgroups: “Allie wouldn’t have a relationship with a black because of class…” and so forth.

Black and blond is UGLY. No one will say that.

Not saying what you see is a costly business.

Which is probably one reason I got paid for saying what no one else would.




As Jeb Clampett, Buddy Ebsen would often say, “PITY.. ful,” Just PITY…ful!”

When I would say that, people owuld think I was repeating the line from “The Beverley Hillbillies.”

Actually, this was an old Southern expression. Buddy Ebsen knew it and used it.

That amazed me. What people seldom know about Buddy Ebsen is that long before he was a star practically his whole life. He was part of a famous dancing duo when Fred Astaire made his first appearance. I believe most people think they know Buddy Ebsen from his appearance in a movie with Shirley Temple.

But he was star long before THAT.

So how in the HELL did he know how Southerners talk?

I think he was Old California and he knew the Okies.

Notice how Lon Chaney, Junior talks in his Wolfman movies. He was the son of silent movie great Lon Chaney. His name was NOT Lon Chaney, Junior, but when the Depression hit, he was a plumber and his business collapsed, so he went into the movies and Lon Chaney, Junior was a draw.

Listen to him talk. He sounds Southern.

By the way, when an actress on The Beverley Hillbillies ran for office, Ebsen used his Jed Clampett voice to denounce her as a runaway liberal.

Harrison Ford is a journeyman carpenter. He was doing carpentry work when he started as an actor.

At the beginning of the Gulag Archipelago, Aleksander Solzhenitsyn desribes how he was arrested when he was an officer onthe Eastern Front:

“Either we had the Germans surrounded or they had us surrounded, depending on how you look at it.”

I remember reading about a New York Jew who went to Alabama with a major star on a Yuppie TV program who played an Ivy League New Yorker.

Suddenly the man transformed right before his eyes. He met his family and started saying, “How y’all doing. How is cousin Fred?” and so forth.

The New York Jew had honestly believed that Deep Southers, aliens, existed only in Hollywood scripts and nightmares. He wrote, “This man is REALLY one of THEM!”

My JOB, meaning what I got PAID for, was to put myself in the place of the other side.

You won’t believe it, but THEY feel surrounded, too.

By the way, Ebsen also once appeared on the cover of the Communist Daily Worker, when he was picketing.