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It’s not Objective to Me!

Mark quotes me and says,

“Churchill promised two million Soviets who fought against Stalin that if they surrendered to the Allies,t ehy woud be protected. As soon as they did so, he turned them over to Stalin…”

Don’t forget Saint John Kennedy who did something similar in Cuba. And I would imagine his tosspot brother, Edward, uttered similar words of promise to his nubile ally Mary Jo Kopechne just before he swam to shore and left her to the mercy of the gods. Well maybe that last comparison was a stretch but you get the point…

Comment by Mark


I have unending psychological scars from what Saint John the Kennedy did in Cuba. I KNEW the people he betrayed, I KNEW the man who signalled back, when air cover was withdrawn, “You have betrayed us.”

I can FEEL Mary Jo Kopechne being left to die in that suffocation.

But I also know that she worked with Kennedy to destroy us. I do not pity her becauswe she did not pity us.

Ruthless, right?

How can I explain that none of this is theoretical to Ole Bob?

When a Kennedy staffer, the day after Chappaquiddick, was flown over the site, before the press knew about it, he said, “This is the end of the Kennedy presidency.”

That was reported by the press later.

Not, “I can feel how horrible it was to be suffocating in a car under the water, moving to where the air was, and knowing you were going to die.”

The end of the Kennedy presidency was the only point mentioned.

I am a ruthless old bastard.

But how can I tell anybody that that is coldness beyond even my ken?



Simmons Hits the Target Again!

I put this in Stormfront with the comment,

“Despite my natural modesty I am willing to admit that Bob is a genius.”

“But in Bob’s Blog, there is nothing that demonatrates genius more than my interaction with commenters.”

“I talk a lot here. Simmons says very little.”

“You may forget that Ole Bob is the Genius here:”

In reply to my criticism of The Omega Man, Simmons says,

“Give Heston a break, he appeared in the first two “Planet of the Apes”
movies, and they were replete with “Whitakerisms.” The ending of the
second movie could have been scripted here on Whitaker Online.
It is where the apes get past the defenses of the weakling white
“Wordists” of their era, kill the beautiful white woman that was with
the two leading white men (one which is Heston who showed up at the end)
and in the end the two white men knowing that all was lost ended it all. ”


So much truth in so few lines!

Their world was lost when the only REAL woman was dead! I had forgotten that!

And the apes were the perfect picture of the anti-racists’ idea of the world. Like Chinese, the apes were able to reach more or less the level that humans had reached and taught them.

But in a million years, the apes would never advance beyond what the humans left them.

It reminds me of the original “Star Wars.” There was not a single non-white in it.

What was interesting was that the criticism most cited about the all-white nature of the first “Star Wars” was the words of a black actor who had last appeared in the black film, “Cotton Comes to Harlem.”

One of his lines in that movie was, “If you do someting to white people, that’s THEIR business. If you do something to black people, that’s MY business.”

Check it out. I don’t remember his name, but both movies are fun.

Naturally Steven Spielberg had a black hero in the next Star Wars film. And Steven Spielberg is a left-wing Jew.

Charleton Heston is not only a gentile, he is a BLOND gentile. So when he made The Omega Man, he apologized big time by having a black girlfriend.

And now Harry Potter’s witch school has a racially balanced student body. Originally they had a token black or two. In other words, the original successes were white.

Heston let it all hang out in the Omega Man.

And it got cut off.


Or reality.

Take your choice.



Derek, Cut the Crap!

In repsonse to “My Name is Bob Whitaker,” Derek says,

“Yes indeed…I don’t know Bob. I just know his ideas and thoughts. I guess that is enough really. ”

“I have been writing in short, declaritive sentences since I first read Hemingway. It is easier to communicate with others when you are direct.”

“Maybe that is why I feel like I fit in even though I don’t know squat in comparison with some of the elder, more learned commenters. ”

Comment by Derek


The last sentence pissed me off royally.

Everybody here, even including Joe, whose respect is not easy to come by and who is an old bastard like me, has made it clear that they respect you.

Dammit, and I think I speak for the rest of us older folks, you should APPRECIATE that!

All that apology doesn’t do a damned thing for me. What would compliment me would be if you were cocky about it, if you said, “Here I am in Bob’s Blog, where nobody gets a break. Bob and Joe and Peter and Mark and Shari and Anonymous and all the rest have no mercy. If they think I’m being dumb, they will say so.”

“I am running with the fastest crowd there is, and I am holding my own.”

Now THAT, for you and Shari and anybody else who uses apologies, would be a COMPLIMENT.

Because it is TRUE, which is the one thing we stick to here.

You can apologize yourself to death, but nobody here is going to give you a break.

So what’s the point of all the apology crap?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that a young man has not been around as long as Joe and I have.

We also know you are not purple.

Now that I’ve gotten to what is NOT rocket science, let me make a further observation.

Human beings regularly choke to death. That’s why we have the Heimlich Maneuver. Other animals don’t need it because they are not handicapped by the low-lying vocal chords we have. We DIE so we can TALK.

Evolution or Creation, there is a REASON we die so we can TALK.

Talk is critical to us.

You know me because you know what I SAY, not because I smell like a member of the pack. Dogs hardly notice TV because they can’t SMELL it.

We are an eye-oriented animal. We are an IDEA oriented animal. There is a REASON for this.

I am a white man. I LOOK like you. You know my ideas from what I SAY.

The OBJECT: to save people who LOOK like us. The MEANS: Ideas.

You KNOW me.




Peter asks:

Do you have some pointers to spot a sociopath? Are there any?

So far, all I can tell when talking to people who act a good part, is that some seem to have empty vibes like comatose patients. I think of them to myself as “flat-liners; it’s almost like there is no one there. I can miss this if the person’s act is really good or if there is a lot of emotion in the room. I met Clinton once and shook his hand a couple of times just to see what I felt. Although it was neat to speak with an ex-president, and there was a lot of enthusiasm abounding, I can’t say that I felt anything around and from him. If this was not because he was tired, maybe I found what a high-performing psychopath feels like.

I used to think that a bureaucrat who is utterly cold and lifeless was that way because he was socially stunted and a nerd stuck in an office (so many administrators are short, fat, bald and ugly). I have since learned that there ought to be some sort of emotional vibe emanating from someone or I should get the heck away from him. This kind of person has no restraint on their behavior and they will cause as much harm as they can — at random. Although the emotion is totally flat, there is still a strand of undirected malice leaking from them (and they often don’t give very good eye-contact either). Clinton, however, was just blank and acted the way one would expect him to in public, smiles and all. (However, I did think his handshake was fishlike and that he couldn’t look me directly in the eye for more than millisecond.)

Sorry Bob, this was an intuitive response. I am looking to you for any consistent patterns to remember for spotting a psychopath. I think this would help all of us, if you can enunciate them.

Comment by Peter


The point of comments for me is that they make ME think. So my answer is useless to you but your comment is valuable to me.

Straight question from Peter:

“Do you have some pointers to spot a sociopath? Are there any?”

Straight answer from Bob, after some thought:

I don’t know.

I can TELL someone is a psychopath, but it is practical experience because I HAD to learn to tell.

Your description of a definite psychopath, Bill Clinton is instructive. A true psychopath can look you in the eye.

But Clinton was tired and you weren’t worth the trouble to him.

All the commentators, including the conservative, talk about how CHARMING Clinton is. They can’t HELP liking him. He makes them think they are the only person in the world to them.

And he looks them straight in the eye. That is supposed to tell a Practical Man that someone is trustworthy.

Which is yet another reason why the person who thinks he is a Practical Man is the world’s stooge.

A person who cannot look you in the eye becasue he doesn’t believe what is saying is not a psychopath. He cannot look you inthe eye because he is not confident of what he is saying. But a true psychopath couldn’t care less.

George Bush, Senior told the Shiites to rise against Saddam. He said he would back them if htey did. Then they rose and he did nothing.

Stalin did exactly the same thing to the Jews who rose against the Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto. Russian tanks sat there and watched while the Jews killed Germans and waited for the Communists, their allies against the hated Nordic gentiles, to come to their support.

Stalin was a definite psychopath. Bush may or not have been an actual psychopath.

From the point of view of the Warsaw Ghetto or the Shiites, it made no difference. To me, George Bush, Senior is hte prime example ofhte group that calls itself The Greatest Generation. Psychopaths have no conscience, the Greatest Generation was so morally weak that they NEVER showed the slightest sign of moral courage. They didn’t sell anybody out, they GAVE everything away.

In the first volume of Gulag Archipelago, Solzhenitsyn talks about Winston Churchill, the hero of The Greatest Generation. He HATES the man.

Churchill promised two million Soviets who fought against Stalin that if they surrendered to the Allies,t ehy woud be protected. As soon as they did so, he turned them over to Stalin, which was considerably worse than killing them on the spot. In fact, when they finally realize what was happening, most of them TRIED to commit suicide, but Stalin wanted them alive, so Churchill made sure they had no means to do it.

I have SEEN what Communists do to people they hate and who fall into their hands. If you fight them you carry a grenade, and it is not to be thrown at them.

I can’t make you understand what a horrible man Churchill was.

But was he a psychopath? Are those who worship him psychopaths? Is George Bush, Senior a psychopath or just a member of the The Greatest Generation?

My doctor brother can give you an informed opinion. Mine is entirely practical.

I can tell the difference between extreme moral weakness and INBORN psychopathy. That’s just experience.

In some way, it is easier to deal with a psychopath than with a person who has not the slightest hint of moral courage. Neither reacts to shame, but they both react to fear.

Let me think about this a bit and see if I can explain it further.



New Radio Programs

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