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Stop X

My last post on Hillary reminded me of another rule I have observed in presidential elections.

During every presidential election campaign all the paid commentators forget what really happened in the ones before it. The nomination of a liberal Democrat from Massachusetts by the Democrats last time is just one more in this weary line of repeat mistakes.

Despite all the scandals and “Clinton weariness” the Democrats almost won in 2000 because they nominated a Southerner. The last Northerner the Democrats elected tothe presidency was Teddy Kennedy, and they had to steal that one and have Lyndon Johnson on the ticket specifically to the South.

Clinton is a political genius. He defied ALL the rules by picking Al Gore as his running mate in 1992. Rule 1 is that you need goegraphical balance. A Southerner was especially supposed to need somebody VERY un-Southern to balane him off.

Clinton made it very, very clear that his was a SOUTHERN ticket, because, unlike everybody else, he was aware of the presidential history of his entire lifetime. Even Harry Truman had Confederate ancestors.

Antoehr rule that will save you listening to lot of Learned Commentaries is the discussionof a Stop Nixon or a Stop Goldwater or a Stop Bush or a Stop Clinton movement that comes up a couple of months before the convention.

When a Stop X Movement gets under way, it means X has the nomination sewed up.




My political opinion is that Mrs. Clinton is like Teddy Kennedy and Nelson Rockefeller.

Over and over, in the three years between presidential elections I would watch the press say that Rockefeller had the Republican nomination sewed up. He never came close.

I kept pointing that out and everybody kept telling me I just didn’t understand.

The media and about everybody else worried about a Ted Kennedy presidency. They said that a KENNEDY would take the nation by storm. Now we can all see that if he had run, he would been beaten worse than McGovern was.

Now everybody is waiting for Hillary to step up and hit the ball out of the park.

Since I got paid for it, I had to be mostly right, so I would think in ways people are not allowed to think. For example, when Steve Forbes was running for nomination, I dismissed him by sayig that he was just too UGLY to be elected.

It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right to reject a man just because of his looks. But I got paid for political reality.

Hillary has all the personal charm of a snake in a bad mood. That is what people will feel about her.

The time is about here for another Ross Perot, a sane one. If the Republicans nominate anyone who, when push comes to shove, Hillary can actually beat, I think the president will be a protest candidate.