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Age, Sex, Kings, and Bob Trying to be Wise

Theya re still discussing age and sex over in the Pic Thread, so I thrrew in the following comment:

By the way, in the olden days, a child who inherited the throne had a regent until he was fourteen years of age. At fourteen he was considered adult enough to rule.

Pitt the Younger became Prime Minister of Great Britain and Her Empire when he was 24. In the American Constitution you have to be 25 to be a congressman, 30 for the Senate and 35, an age most people did not live to at the time, to be president.

In early America, where land was plentiful and children were an economic asset, marriage at 14 was fairly common. At the same time, in Scandinavia, many men simply did not marry.

I know I’m boring you, but I could give lots of other factual information that would send you to sleep, the way my lectures as a professor of economics did.

Oh. I got my driver’s license at age 14, like almost every other South Carolinian did in the 1950s.

Going to pieces over youth is a waste of time.

For those who believe I am a moral paragon, let me disabuse you.

I don’t go after young women because for me to chase them is exactly like a dog chasing a truck.

A dog loves to show off chasing cars and trucks, but what in the HELL would he do if he CAUGHT one?

By the way, before I was a professor I worked in a prison and noted how many men were inmates because of statutory rape.

I got into college when I was sixteen, so the students I was teaching were my age or older. So I decided to show my Wisdom by telling them to be careful about the age of the girl they were with.

Their reaction was, “What in the hell are we supposed to do, ask for a picture ID in the heat of passion?”

After that I kept my Brilliant Advice to myself.



A Book of Numbers

The shortest Book in the Bible is the Book of Titus. It is just a little bit longer than you would tolerate for an entry in Bob’s Blog.

It contains the phrase, “If you are a master, be a good master. If you are a slave, be a good slave.”

So this little Book of Numbers will be shorter than Titus.

Numbers are very important to the place of women in our society. As I have said before, poor Good Queen Anne of England had twenty-one children, and not one of them survived. Clearly, this was not because she lacked the resources to feed them or to get good care.

Throughout almost all of history women spent their lives bearing children just to keep the population stable. It was a terrific burden.

Nobody who talks about the place of women today seems to take this into account.

Elizabeth and I had a dialogue about the fact that a woman who carried a noble name was NEVER alone during the years when she could conceive. When a queen bore a child, the room was FULL of witnesses.

It is a bit hard to discuss real history with someone who does empathize with past realities.

Back when Roots first came out as a TV docudrama, Pat Buchanan wrote a piece about it in TV Guide. He said that HIS Irish ancestors would LOVE to have had the little cabins the slaves lived in. They lived in tenements with a single toilet for dozens of families.

John Brown was financed by the Secret Six, “New England industrialists.” So where did John Brown’s money come from?

Those New England industrialists preferred to hire children. Their hands were smaller and they worked for half the price. They worked fourteen hour days.

Every one of the Secret Six regularly had exhausted children fall into the machines and become crippled.

Since the children were free, their disability was THEIR problem.

So the kids begged or starved.

Slaves always were their masters’ problem in the South. So when railroads were built in the malarial marshes, the slaveholders NEVER had their slaves do it.

They hired Pat Buchanan’s ancestors, Irishmen from the North. They were was to hire because even the fourteen hour a day factories in Abolitionist Boston had “Irish Need Not Apply” signs.

This is a matter of simple economics. Why risk a thousand-dollar fieldhand’s life when an Irishman who died didn’t cost you a dime?

Likewise, one of many routine lies the British tell about the South was on the series, “Connections.” The narrator said we “kidnapped Africans as slaves.”

Like using Irishmen for the life-threatening jobs, that just didn’t make simple sense. No white man EVER “kidnapped a black” in Africa. We ALWAYS bought them from other blacks.

But a British lie against Southerners is considered to be pure morality in the British Establishment.

More numbers:

Ninty five percent ofthe slaves imported into America were imported into Latin America or the Carribbean. Kael Marx talks about the incredible death rate of slaves brought into Britain’s Jamaica.

There was only one place where the black slave population showed a natural increase. That was the five percent who were lucky enough to be sold in the American South.

Blacks multiplied in the South. The day they were freed, their death rate doubled for decades afterward.

Numbers tell a story.

Paid historians tell an entirely different one.

And if you think Yankees lie, you really should listen to Canadians and Europeans.


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Sex and Guilt

On the Pic Thread on Stormfront one guy was very upset about how he had thought a fifteen year old girl was older. She was dressed as an adult and looked twenty, but he decided to feel guilty about his reaction.

This is what I replied to him:

“nor wolf, take it from an old man: Life will kick you plenty without your kicking yourself.”

“We men have developed our taste for nubile young women over a period of a million years or so. Most of those societies did not have photo IDs.”

“I don’t feel guilty if a young girl looks years older than I think she is. Every bartender runs into serious trouble with that mistake. He is not a pedophile, he simply misjudged her age.”

“Besides, legally a pedophile preys on children. This young lady is definitely not a child.”

“Your obligation is the same as the bartender’s: if she is below a certain age you don’t serve her alcohol and you don’t make sexual advances. The fact that you have a normal male reaction to a girl who looks older than she is is not only not a crime, it should bother you if you DIDN’T make such mistakes IN YOUR MIND.”

“Don’t start believing in Thought Crime. In the fifties one line of a hit song was, “You can’t arrest a guy for what he’s thinking.”

“You didn’t choose your instincts. You are responsible for what you do about them.”

“I repeat, get off the guilt trip. Life will kick you plenty without you doing it to yourself.”

“Let’s keep that old-fashioned attitude, you can’t arrest, or even blame, a guy for what he’s thinking.”

To get into our blog language, an Aryan who is nto a psychopath leads a rough life. We are SO hard on ourselves!

One German put it beautifully:

“If you were as unforgiving to others people as you are of yourself, you would be a sadist.”

Nobody ever mistook me for Jesus, but even HE only said a man shouldn’t commit ADULTERY in his heart. A married man should think of his wife. Jesus never said a man should have no sexual thoughts whatever, though the unooficial doctrine of every faith is that Jesus never thought about any woman as a woman except his mother.

I think this is VERY bad, because it makes Christianity look like a return to the womb.

Jesus sat and ate and gossiped with the tax gatherers and the other just plain sinners. And I have seen nothing in Gospel like,

“And he wath always a wet blanketeth in those discourses.”

The self righteous Holy Priest went to Hell, the tax gatherer in the dark behind him was saved. Jesus does NOT say he stopped being a tax gatherer. The priest continued to obey the Commandments and was in fact a VERY righteous man.

But the tax gatherer asked God for forgiveness. The High Priest told God what a Righteous Man he was.

Jesus did not have a high opinion of human beings who judged others.

“Let those who are without sin cast the first stone.”

And in every church, the air is full of stones.

I am told I am not righteous enough or SOUR enough to be a Good Christian.

As John Wesley said, “A sour face is the Devil’s religion.”

If Jesus is the sour-faced Puritan every church says he is, I don’t stand a chance anyway.


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