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The Right to Miscegenate Means the Right to Abort

Shari says:

Two things about abortion: 1. Roe was an egregious lawless thing. 2. Millions of live and kicking, way past the fertilized egg, have been slaughtered for the most insane of reasons, not rape or crisis. I’m sorry that our so called “lawmakers” are not interested.


Shari, PLEASE don’t take this personally, buit I am SO tired of repeating this:

It refers to your point 1:
” Roe was an egregious lawless thing.”

Shari, the world did not begin in 1973.

In 1967 the Supreme Court invented the right to miscegenate out of whole cloth. The Catholic Church heirarchy almost had a simultaneous hernia celebrating this decision.

Every state that ratified the Constitution had an anti-miscegenation law. Almost every state that ratified the fourteenth amendment had an anti-miscegenation. Massachusetts only repealed its law against blacks and whites marrying in 1863, at the height of the Civil War, when it wiped all racial laws off its books.

I am talking about states that had and enforced laws against miscegeneation.

In alll my readings, I have never come across a single authority in ANY state before 1940 who said that a state did not have the RIGHT to pass antimiscegenation laws.

God, I’m tired of repeating this!

By the time of Roe versus Wade, no one was allowed to criticize the Supreme Court’s invention ofhte right to miscegenate.

But for most people, the world suddenly began in January, 1973, when the Supreme Court invented the right to abortion.

For those who were silent about the 1967 right to miscegenation, their case is a LOT weaker. No states had abortion laws when the Constitution was ratified.

Everybody who marched for life had already agreed that the Supreme Court had a perfect right to invent a right to miscegenation.

When the same institution invented the right to abortion they went ape.

“Where did the Supreme get this power?

They got it from the Catholic Church and others who wanted the right to miscegenate to be enforced all over America, and who didn’t give a damn about constitutionality.

There was absolutely nothing “lawless” about Roe vs. Wade if you accept the 1967 antimiscegenation decision.

And I have yet to meet one single pro-lifer who EVER criticized it.

Their world BEGAN in 1973.

If you give the Court the power to do it to us evil Southern bigots, you give them the right to do it to YOU.

God, I’m tired of repeating this!




I have attention deficit, big-time, so it ishard for me to keep names straight.

I know PeterGene got cut off of Stormfront. I think somebody ELSE said they got cut off of Stormfront for criticizing the use of swastikes.

PeterGene, where the HELL are you? You were supposed to send me your SF screen name at

I NEED this, because I can ask questions i n defense of my Bloggers and they cease to be just theoretical.

So should the other person who got kicked off.

I need these names, as I said, so I can find out exactly what the policy is from Kelso and

Black when I meet with them, and I will be meeting with them a lot, this weekend.

Just last week, Nick Griffin, the head of the British National Party, quoted my post which was quoted by National Vanguard on the swastika (my stuff DOES get around!):

“The same point is made very effectively by Prof Robert Whitaker, writing in the latest issue of National Vanguard. This is the theoretical magazine of the National Alliance, perhaps one of the most hard line pro-white organisations in America, and one with which we also have very significant ideological and tactical differences, but the extremism of the Alliance only underscores the value of Professor Whitaker’s message. He explains how he regards it as self-evident that race mixing is wrong, then goes on to say that:”

“Liberals and ‘respectable’ conservatives agree that this makes me a ‘Nazi’! It also made
Harry Truman and Douglas MacArthur ‘nazis’ according to today’s respectable conservatives.

“It is time to take on this ‘nazi’ tactic without compromise.

“For many decades I have been yelled at by respectable conservatives and liberals screaming:

‘If you are a heretic on race, you are a NAZI!’ For anyone with any male hormones there is a hurting wish to scream: ‘OK, damn you, I’m a nazi.’ Many of us have yielded to that natural tendency. But the simple fact remains that I am not a ‘nazi’. Truman was not a ‘nazi’.

‘MacArthur was not a ‘nazi’.

“When you let them make you react that way, you are yielding to their Orwellian tactic.

— BNP – A Natural Home for Youngsters

“Professor Whitaker urges genuine nationalists and patriots to work to win those confused youngsters back from “the swastika and the klan.” He concludes: “As long as ‘respectable’ means ‘coward’, a lot of good people will fall for the lefts’ Orwellian ‘nazi’ tactic. Iwant the good people who have fallen for this enemy tactic to come back. I want them to join those of us who fight for freedom and who care about our race.”




In his on target comment, Tim includes the following:

“Interesting to note, folks that grew up around areas like I did (heavily minority areas) are converted already. ”

Tim, this is the story on race. When I was young, Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota was the leader on “civil rights.” At that time Minnesota had next to no blacks. Swedes and other Europeans were frothing at the mouth about civil rights. They were all-white.

It was, in fact, a well-known rule of thumb that the less blacks an area had, the more integrationist it was.

My first multicultural experience was when I was sent to an all-white segregated school. I was raised almost entirely among blacks.

You may notice my enthusiasm for integration was never very great. I’ve hinted that here several times.

When my fiancee came back from South Africa to take her degree at the University of Vienna, no one would listen to her onthe subject of race. They said that, having lived and worked in Sout Africa for several years, she was prejudiced.

This puzzled her a little, but I assured her that I was used to it. Prejudice means to PRE-judge. So if you have actual experience with non-whies, you are PREjudging them. If you never met one until you were in your teens, you are not prejudiced.

Of course, those who have been there are POST-judging, and those who spin theories around the absense of minorities are PRE-judging.

As whites are being chased down in every corner of the world, us POSTjudgers are becoming ever more numerous.


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Tim Hits the Bullseye!

The title is my reply to Tim’s comment on abortion:

I always get asked about abortion. I always say: “It depends on who is getting aborted”. This draws anger and awe. The usual reaction is shock. The oddest thing is that EVERYONE knows what I mean! This has come as a surprise to me. You would think someone would ask for a further explanation. It has almost never been the case. I think Katrina has solidified a few things for us Mr Whitaker. I have seen more folks interested in my remarks. I have also seen and heard WAY more folks who are much more receptive to the title RACIST. I see folks more and more that do not bat an eyelash at this stuff. Now we just have to get more parots like me. Interesting to note, folks that grew up around areas like I did (heavily minority areas) are converted already. The Suburban folks are in general stupid and naive. I see why the politicos have no respect for the masses (I hate to put it like that because it may make me seem unconcerned toward the common man–which is obviously not true –or I would not be here on this blog). The suburban soccer moms are feeling the fire and getting more protective—mother ducks are becoming LESS STUPID and Naive. Thank Gawd. I was wondering how many Haitians living next door to a person in the burbs it would take to get through to them. Lenin had White people pegged when he stated:”Worse is Better”. These stupid immigration policies may be seen as the saving grace for our race.


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