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PeterGene’s Website Will be

It is there right now but it is “under construction.”

If you set up a website I will discuss it here. PROVIDED you are dealing with things I care about.

Joe has indicated that he feels a bit handicapped filtering everything through my blog.

And the time MUST come when Ole Bob is not the only one carrying the messsage.

Setting up a blog is not expensive. You don’t have to fill it all the time.

The big problem is getting somebody to read it. You have a start right here that most bloggers lack.

But most important, I would like to see blogs that don’t consist of endless quotes from dead people. But here again the nice thin about blogs is that there is room for some that consist of quotes and others that consist of live writers at work.

You can quote me all you like. But I would like to see YOUR comments in YOUR blog, even a sentence or two, on why it is relevant or what you want to say about it.

To get back to Derek, you can write drunk one day and angry the next and on top of the world the next.

Believe me, when you are really ticked off telling a bunch of people about it is a wonderful outlet.




Comment by Derek

You know it took me a while to get this (a little hungover and studying econ right now).

I think that is what makes American politics, and the subsequent arguments from us little proletariat trolls, so interesting.

Everyone wants to blame the puppets, not the puppeteer. You are right…the concept of abortion didn’t begin in ‘73 and wasn’t invented by Roe.

I am the father of an aborted child. I didn’t want the child to be aborted but his mother did. What could I do? But if you ask me about abortion I don’t have a solid answer. I can’t make up everyone else’s mind.

If it comes down to aborting unwanted children or being forced to watch my race be bred out of extinction…I think I will chose the former.


Hungover and studying econ! That brings back memories!

Derek, to quote the Jews and the “Greatest Generation,” you don’t know what SUFFERING is!

Basic economics is not a thrill to those who HAVE to take it. TEACHING it to thirty students is even less fun at the best of times.

But I had to teach basic economics once at a private college to a roomful of students at eight o’clock on Monday morning when everybody, including Herr professor, had a hangover.


Jews talk about five thousand years of suffering, but that class lasted more than five thousand years every time.


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Tim is Really Banging That Gong!

Tim is USING my stuff.

I repeat, this is not Whitakerist Wordism or a cookbook.

Tim is using it his own way.


I am very happy about that.

But it makes you understand once again how frustrated I am with people who don’t use what WORKS.

Here’s Tim:

An acquaintence of mine who is an idiot anti-racist liberal. Just came in and stated that now his changing his ways. Apparently, I have hit him in the ribs one time to many with “BW’s”. He said:”I got under his skin one time to many”. He started doing research online and started reading Vdare etc.(thank GAWD the internet) He never told until now. I immediately had to one-up him. I told him that White Nationalism was out dated —-I am a white RACIST now! I’ll be damn if some ex-liberal is going to go to the right of me! He just smiled and said:”Tim you are just saying that–the only thing to the right of that is a NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS”. He has a point.

I have conditioned people with that —I love that —and was flattered that he said NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS! I never just say Nazi —I always say NAZIWHOWANTSTOKILLSIXMILLIONJEWS and I enjoy it! That may be the best BW invention yet. Blacks love it! It completely takes the terror out of the word Nazi.

But my friend did make a good point. What would happen if millions of white men pulled a Prince Harry and put on “the uniform”? Would they put millions in jail? In Europe they would try —but gawd that would be funny. Satan cannot handle humour. And Prince Harry had better stay clear of Austria.

Comment by Tim


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When Bob Gets Self-Righeous

I said, “PeterGene, where the hell are you?”

He hadn’t replied to my at my yahoo address.

So naturally when he DID reply to me, I neglected to answer HIM. He sent me three notes on yahoo and one here.

Being both obsessive and havig attention deficit puts me inthis position all the time.

As an obsessive, I want my responses NOW. But when I get self-righteous about it, I end up being the one who has either already gotten it and missed it or neglecting to do something myself.

And I do it in public.

In a way, I have turned htis into an advanatge. I am so used to being embarrassed that I am not afraid to do so again and again and again.

Most people are terribly afraid of embarrassment. But most of the special learning I have done has been by plowing right in and making a fool of myself.

As I have said before, if you are respectful with an expert on a subject, all you will get out of him is what is already in his writings. But if you say exactly what you think, heresy and all, he will crush you with a mass of information he would never give a normal person.

And he starts with the basics.

So while somebody else woud sit there crushed, I am listening carefully to a flow of information he wants to make damned sure I understand.

Everything I pass on to you falls into the same category. I tried all the different approaches, right out there in public, and I know very, very well which ones they cannot deal with.

I got a lesson from all those athletes in the 50s and 60s who had fought their way back from polio. By the time they had been totally crippled and then slowly gotten back on their feet, going on to championship athletics was a lot easier for them than for others.

Many of the things I have to offer come directly from the crippling problems I have neurologically.

And once you go through all that, and realize what you have done, you really resent having to listen to “The Greatest Generation” having spoiled your young days by telling you how wonderful and brave THEY were while yielding on every important point to the powers that be.

I quote PeterGene’s comment here:

I have tried to contact you Bob.

Sorry for this one being off topic [but on topic i am against abortion of MY Godlet or Godling [i don’t think more needs be said! ]]

This is a repeat of my email sent to the address you gave on this forum.

>>I have changed to plain text.

I will add this to your latest BLOG as well because i can’t be sure i can even communicate with you Bob!

Perhaps that was the problem because you Murlutok are not image orientated but rather word orientated.

I am image orientated and i use words with a strong mind, like you have suffer respectable conservatives.

My Nick at SF used to be “Sibelius”.

I deliberately deleted all my personal details and my avatar at SF before i fell on my sword.

The monitors obviously saw that.

Why i hate white racists is something you need to understand because it is part of the battle for MY people! After you defeat the Jews you will have to pass by me! And Don Black with all his experience would have to be brain dead not to know what i am on about.

But i understand the problems with the forum.

It has to do with scale and politics and how to handle loose cannons like me.

They don’t know me, nor trust me.

Well the action they took was good!

That is how i may defend my Keep and MY PEOPLE!

After all, it is THEIR [SF] forum and a piece of shit like me should be put down when he appears as a naughty lil boy.

It ain’t fair! LOL.

But i understand it perfectly.

But they don’t understand!

I am prolly the most transparent member they EVER got. I got absolutely no secet you or them can’t research with GOOGLE about me on all forums i have been to. And i have have been to some pretty sordid forums and got banned there just as i have been on SF.

They are ALL sooooo serious about their fantasies!


Because i would do the same?

My only sadness is, i can’t communicate with anyone.

It is the price we pay for integrity in the environment we must now negotiate.

Yes bigger [in regard to SF numbers] is better for the Jews but as you and i know it is also LESS for us Aryans who need intimate communities were we can relate to each other!

Don’t worry Bob about me, i am nobody and i do not wish to be anything other than i am worthy, I KNOW YOU WILL understand the problems with SF perfectly…

You will be great helping this forum! And please keep me banned until my time is up.

I trust you, based ENTIRELY, on all you have said, on the last 30 or so of your talks.

I have actually listened to them!!!!!

That is ALL i got to go by!

Respectfuully yours


PS. I am sad you have not been able to read any of my emails and not see any of the images.
I don’t know why this is so, but perhaps this one will get through.

Comment by Peter Gene


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