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I Need Some Advice

Posted by Bob on March 27th, 2006 under Bob

Stormfront has asked me to be moderator for the Traditional Christianity (TC) section.

This may seem odd, since I am not a Traditional Christian, but no moderator of the TC, as I understand it, ever has been. If you are a TC, that means you belong to a traditional faith. So either you do not take your Calvinism or Catholicism or Orthodoxy all that seriously, or you will be biased toward one or another.

This is not true if you are sure that you are perfectly objective, but every TC creed agrees that the only perfectly objective man died 2,000 years ago.

My first job as moderator would be to delete all Identity Christians (IC) from the TC group.

This is fair, since IC have their own group on Stormfront.

The one person who has insulted me personally more than anybody else in TC, and there have been a lot of them, has been Ibere. He is IC.

But I LIKE Ibere. He is fully dedicated, reliugiously as well as politically, to the white race.

I can take plenty of personal insults. I can’t take racial traitors.

Ibere has said I am not a Christian, that I am a blasphemer, and some really unkind things besides.

But none of this personal abuse has any real effect on me. What makes me truly ill is a Hannity or a Bob Jones the Umpteeth who uses the Name of Christ to push race-mixing or pull down the Confederate flag.

Ibere and I had a civil discussion recently, and I hate to ruin it by taking on the job of driving CI back where they belong in Stormfront.

Despite all his insults, Ibere is important to me in a different way. What matters to me is what he thinks of my RACE, not what he thinks of ME.

But if I help drive the ICs out of TC, am I a racial traitor?

But the TCs are good pro-whites, too. I was raised with TCs who took on the whole world outside the Bible Belt for their race. The Bob Joneses have sold them out.

The few who have resisted are on Stormfront.

Does the precious remnant of racially loyal TCs not deserve a champion?

My own pro-white views are a simple matter of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No human being should be born into a world without whites.

But Identity Christians seem to want to read the white race into the history of Ancient Israel. I have no use for the Old Testament version of Christianity.

I do not need the Old Testament to justify my devotion to my race.

I don’t care whether Abraham was an Aryan or not. The survival of my race is not something that I need to justify.

No one can count on my smarts, but the one thing ***I*** can count on is my honesty.

Being the TC moderator would involve some WORK, and I am about worked out. It would make me unpopular, but I have never been that popular nor have I cared to be.

Duty comes first.

So am I the best to do the job?

It has happened many times in my life that, God help me, I was the best available.

What would be the reward?

Do you know what I get out of being TC moderstor?


But squat is what I have gotten out of about everything else I did in the name of Duty.

Robert E. Lee said that “Duty” was the most beautiful word in our language.

With all due respect, Marse Robert, I have always found duty to be pain in the neck or lower.

What I should do is refuse.

Everybody but me, TC or IC, can fall back on Theology.

Theology is wonderful. Every time you want to do something you can find a piece of Scripture to justify you.

But I have never been able to substitute Scripture for my conscience. That’s called blasphemy in the culture I was raised in, though no one uses that word any more.

The Bible is a guide, but it is NEVER an excuse.

At least, that’s what religious dinosaurs like me were raised to believe.

Maybe what we need is one last dinosaur.

All my life what a shrewd person would have done was refuse.

Most of the times I did refuse I felt guilty about it later.

I am old and tired and I need some input.

  1. #1 by Tim on 03/27/2006 - 8:48 pm

    Mr Bob,

    You have done your time. You need your rest. Let someone else moderate. Your race does not need someone like you moderating Stormfront right at this moment. You have asked for input –which means you are tired and NOT ecstatic about being a moderator. Your race needs you elsewhere—resting so you can offer young ones like me advice down the home stretch. Your health and energy levels are too important. You can moderate christians when our race is safe. We are too close to take our eyes off the prize and you are too damn important. We need you taking it easy and THINKING—not moderating Christians.

  2. #2 by kanefromsf on 03/27/2006 - 9:20 pm

    I think you should take it, you are level-headed. I actually think they need a separate thing for single-seed (thomas robb, I’m okay with that) and dual seed (“aryan” nations, I’m not okay with that). I’m also okay with traditional christianity. I don’t really care who israel was or is. You don’t seem to be into nordicism either. Which is why I post on your blog. I’m frankly sick of it dominating every pro-white forum, getting in, and then accusing traditional racialists (myself) of being “antis.” Personally, I would want you as a moderater because you don’t post about 2% of the population 90% of the time.

  3. #3 by Mark on 03/27/2006 - 10:51 pm

    Bob, I’d ask myself one question: Will taking the role of moderator actually HELP SAVE the white race or will it merely be a distraction?

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