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Humongous Ants

In the last generation, conservatives worshipped Japan.

The Japanese were verything that conservativve Wordism said would make a people great.

Best of all, the Japanese weren’t WHITE, so the conservatives could worship them and do what makes conservatifes deleriously happy:

They could outliberal the liberals.

Conservatives even began to admit that blacks had a lower average IQ than whites, something they had denied wildly in trying to prove they were more anti-racist than liberals were. Now they could point out that Jaspanese average IQ was higher than white, and they could insist that Orientals were The Master Race.

How anti-racist can you GET?

Japanese technology surged ahead, its per capita income approached the ultimate, the US per capita income.

Then Japan did what all Oriental countries do. It used up all the advances whites had introduced, used them better than whites did, and then stopped.

So you may ask why, since I have described China as following hte path I want whites to follow, I would not settle for a world where all the white countries were brown, but China, with its higher average IQ, was left alone.

First, of course, is loyalty. To be a respectable conservative you must deny any feeling whatsoever for your own race.

But there is another reason.

Let us be clear, first, that loyalty is enough.

But I do not regard a world of coloreds and Orientals as a world of human beings. To a historian, the Pharoahs and Mesopotamia and the Aztecs were Great Civilizations.

To me, all the Great Civilizations were giant insect colonies.

Ants have very sophisticated societies. They have very full lives. They are born, they live furiously, and they die.

A human society which lives furiously and then simply dies, unchangingly, is a giant set of ants.

If Spengler was right, then men are very large ants. They are born, they grow up, and they die.

So what?

Only whites have the capacity to go to the stars. Only white society will constantly change and reach new heights and newer heights from there.

To me, that is what HUMAN life is all about.

Ants, no matter how much they suffer, no matter how tall the pyramids they build, are not HUMAN.

In a world with whites, Orientals can be HUMAN.

In a world without whites, no one is human.



Jews, Chinese, and the A-C Rule

If you have read the articles below on the A-C Rule, you are finally ready for my answer to Tim’s second question,the relationship between the Chinese and Israel.

China and the Jews are absolute opposites. Jewish Supremacism sees Jews as God’s (or in the case of Jewish leftists, History’s) Chosen People. In the Jewish view, all Jews are chiefs, the rest of the world is made up of Indians.

The Chinese see no need of foreign Indians. China is complete in itself, it contains both chiefs and all the Indians they need. That is why it was possible to unite a billion Chinese under a single despotism.

Whites fought each other over a world in which SOME whites would be the masters. But they could not accept a single set of chiefs.

This seems puzzling. Why would the Jews and the Chinese, who are absolute opposites, be natural allies?

Unless you understand the A-C Rule.

And unless you understand what international relations does not see, that the A-C Rule is not just geographical.

I the case of the A-C Rule, it is opposites who attract.

Jews wants to turn white gentilesinto a colored world in which they dominate. China wants to turn the West into a colored world which they can ignore.

But China would be more threatened by a West which was still largely white and dominated by Jewish Supremacism.

So China deals with the Jews and the anti-Jews, both as allies.

The point is that China has no dog in the fight. What they want is a West which is not united against them, either under a Hitler or under Jewish Supremacism.

China sees Jewish Supremacism as useful and dangerous.

White spokesmen must make very sure that China never again sees us as dangerous.



The A-C Rule and World War II

The A-C Rule was most obvious in World War II.

France was allied with its Country C, Poland.

When Germany allied with ITS Country C, Russia, against Poland as Country B, Hitler could not understand why France and Britain declared war on GERMANY for invading Poland, but did not declare war on RUSSIA, which invaded from the other side.

To Hitler, Poland and the other countries created by the Treaty of Versailles, were jokes. To Hitler, RUSSIA was Country B.

When Hitler invaded Russia, he could not understand why Britain could not understand that he had been sincere all along when he said he was after Russia. Rudolf Hess, Hitler’s Number Three man, thought that is HE personally flew to Britain, he could make them understand.

Hess thought Churchill was sane, and paid for it the rest of his life.

So the A-C Rule is very, very, VERY practical. More often than not, it is a matter of life and death.

Churchill has been declared a Great Prophet by historians, so naturally he was out of date. He condidered that only Germany was the threat to European stability, not the lone Soviet Union away out there in the East as the only Communist country on earth.

By 1948, Cburchill had handed a third of the world’s population and half of Europe to Stalin by uniting to dstroy Germany. So when Churchill looked at the result of his work and announced that half of Europe had gone behind Stalin’s “Iron Curtain” he was again proclaimed a Genius and a Prophet.

World War II lost Britain its Empire and created the Soviet Empire.

And the Great Prophet never understood ahy his Great Work had gone so wrong.

In the end, Churchill concluded of Hitler and Stalin that “I slaughtered the wrong pig.”

That statement didn’t help much by the time The Great Prophet made it, and historians have scarcely noticed it.



The A-C Rule Today

Read “The A-C Rule” below.

“Fortune” Magazine had an article recently about why millionaires tend to be right wing and billionaires tend to be left wing.

They called it “The f*** you money” rule.

Millionaires suffer when the government gets too strong or raises taxes. Death taxes matter to person with millions. They don’t make the slightest difference to Bill Gates, Senior.

Fortune’s explanation was that the very, very rich do not care how much regulation there is or how high taxes go. They and theirs will have more money than they can notice either way.

On the other side of the people with “f*** you money” – that is Fortune’s term, not mine, are the very poor.

The Fortune article caught up with something I said thirty years ago in my first book in my own name: there is a natural alliance between A, the VERY rich, and C, the VERY poor. They tend to unite against B, which is the entire class of people from millionaires to plumbers to whom taxes and reegualtions are a real burden.

This is so obvious it only took a major publication thirty years to notice it.

The rest of the media still see the right as “the rich” and the left as “the poor.”

If you understand the A-C Rule, leftist billionaires are easy to explain.


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The A-C Rule

One of the basic premises of international relations is what I refer to as “The A-C Rule.”

Country A, let’s say France, has a country that borders on it, say Germany. France is A, Germany is B.

So since they share a border, it is for sure that A and B, Germany and France, will be most likely to go to war with each other and to be in competition with each other.

Then there is a Country C. Country C is on the OTHER side of Country B. In 1939, it was Poland that bordered on Germany on the opposite side from France. France is A, Germany on its border is B and the country on Germany’s OTHER border is C.

The enemy of my enemy is my natural ally. So France and Poland were likely to beunited bymutual hostility to Germany, Country B.

Graduate professors in International Relations love to point out that the oldest treaty of alliance in existence was ona clay tablet in cunieform script.

That clay tablet recorded an alliance of Countries A and C against the country which bordered on them both, Country C.

Which explains why his British cousins left Czar Nicholas to die at the hands of the Bolshevike. They were LITERALLY his cousins.

But by the time the Czar fell in 1917 Britain and France had made the war into a crusade “to make the world safe for democracy.”

The reason France and Britain made common cause with Russia was because, in 1914 when the war began, France was on one side of Germany and Russia, which held the half of Poland Germany did not hold, was GEOGRAPHICALLY in position C, bordering Germany on the other side from France.

Britain, due to power of the British Fleet and English Channel in 1914, did not feel that it bordered on anybody.

But Russia was also on the other side from Britain and France POLITICALLY. It was an unapologetic Czarist despotism.

POLITICALLY as well as geographically, Germany was between the Western Allies and Russia. It had a despotism, but nowhere near the despotism Russia had.

This often happens. Country C is often further away from Country A politically than each is from Country B.

The Allies, in their “War to save democracy” with their new American ally, could not afford to accept the Czar as a refugee from the Bolshevik Revolution which threatened his life in Novermber of 1917.

So the A-C Rule is very, very, VERY practical. More often than not, it is a matter of life and death.


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