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Nick Griffin’s Bodyguards

Nick Griffin is the head of the British National Party.

At the National Renaissance Party Conference, I got to know his bodyguards.

I have been a merc. I have spent my life in redneck bars and rougher places.

These guys struck me as home folks.

So sue me.

Anyway, on to the text:

— Nick Griffin’s Body Guards

One of them is built like a Sherman Tank’s big brother. He is a solid square of muscle, like the Emperor Vespasian.

I know the type. His arms and torso are so huge that you wait for a punch at you and suddenly realize that he just did a kick and your head is gone. He doesn’t look made for movement.


Then there is the other guard.

Chasing Griffin around all day would make anybody tired, yours truly included, but this guy almost always has a genuine smile and good humor written all over him. I asked him why he was always in a good mood.

He said, “I don’t know, I just am.”

As usual I can’t explain just why, but I know this jocular gentleman can knock someone into next Wednesday just like his partner, in whom the ability is more obvious.

But neither of these guys has a damned thing to prove, which is probably why I like them so much.

They don’t do the talking. They do the defending.

Which is a shame, because what they have to say is worth listening to.


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The Unkindest Cut

I think that The Powers That Be recently sent me a message through random spam.

I had finished a piece declaring that I was an old warrior, that I could take it as well as dish it out.

In other words I was beating my chest in a manner so shameless it would embarrass a silver-backed gorilla.

I was still breathing hard when I switched over to clearing comments.

The first thing I saw was four consecutive advertisements for Viagra.

OK, OK, Lord, I get the POINT.


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On the “Name the Jew Contest” bit, kanefromsf says,

“That eldest moderater claims to be good friends with you Bob, but I personally think SF is

better without him.”


Kanefromsf, when I am asked, “Is he a friend of yours?” I always say, “I don’t know. I am a
friend of his.”

The reason we are tough is because we are sensitive. A coarse person never becomes truly
brave morally because he, like a psychopath, never has to deal with hurts or conscience.

You have all had the pain of finding out that someone you thought liked and admired you
really despises you.

So when I say, “I don’t know if he is a friend of mine. I am a friend of HIS.” it is a
reply born of hard-won, costly experience.

Anyone on Stormfront who does NOT consider himself a friend of mine has not been through
enough battles.

I have said repeatedly that even the people who gave me the unique unforgivingness of the
Traditional Christianity thread are people of whom I would say, “I am a friend of HIS.”

I do not offhand know who this oldest moderator IS, but I am a friend of HIS.

Under any circumstances we could be friends. We could drive each other out of Stormfront and still feel that the other guy is going down fighting for what he thinks is best for OUR cause.

I cannot see any reason why anyone on SF would NOT be a friend of mine, but that is up to

That has nothing to do with whether we agree or not. In fact, friendship and respect is often proven when you totally DISAGREE with someone and you are fighting each other for ALL the marbles.


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Mark says,

“Bob, you remind me of my recently late father. He had a level head, a good argument in most cases, a rare insight into things, and when he was wrong he was humble enough to admit it (unless he was talking religion but that’s another story). ”

It is hard to imagine a higher compliment than being compared to one’s beloved father who recently died.

THAT makes me humble.


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