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The BNP Has Great Taste in Quotations!

Often I figure out what I am talking about halfway through the piece.

The real point of this one is how little information I actually have on how my words are getting out.

It reminds me of how the star of the longest running sitcom on television, Married With Children, found about the show’s cancellation. He played Al Bundy, and was staying at motel one evening when someone told him how sorry they were that the show had been cancelled.

When I did my first interview for Fox, a reader sent me a copy of the interview at my request. It was a later version, and only used one quick quote from me. After I went to Charlotte and did this interview, Kelso informed me that in the full one, they had had me talking for five or six minutes, a LONG time in a news item.

But I went all the way to Charlotte on the assumption that the editor would cut out everything I had to say, and did my interview accordingly to get bits in.

When the reporter who interviewed me didn’t call back when I called her afterwards, I assumed the thing had been suppressed. But she had been off a couple of days and did call me back.

It will not run until May, so if they are scheduling it that far ahead I feel that, unless it is cut out, they will have a lot of what I said there.

You can see that writing the way I do is like pushing a string.

Recently a Britisher on Stormfront complimented one of my entries and said, “No wonder you are the most quoted person in the BNP.”

Wow! Nobody in Britain has been that proud of a Whitaker since they booted us out of there in 1609.

Some of the routes by which my stuff ends up in places is actually tracable, and it gets weird. I do not want to imagine how the untracable stuff gets there.

I was informed some time ago that I had been quoted so often on the floor of the Australian Parliament that the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition knew who I was. There is no way I could know that without that letter.

One of Nick Griffin lead columns lead columns discussed what I said, but he got it from National Vanguard which, as he said, he has major policy disagreements with.

Actually if he APPROVED of NV over there he would spend the night in jail waiting for a prison term.

By now it is pretty well known that I do not write for anybody except Blog readers. But anyone may use what I say freely, if it is NOT edited. That includes the Communist Party and the SPLC. Repeating what I say accurately would be like holding a gun to their heads, which is exactly what I would like them to do.

So National Vanguard runs my stuff and a picture of me, which I appreciate very much. Sam Francis used to run regular Whitaker columns in the Citizen’s Informer.

I am regularly informed that I am regular writer for some small publication I haven’t heard of. That is exactly what I WANT. That is exactly what I BEG for.

I have been in this game from an awfully long time, and I can guesstimate a lot of our effects in the world with practically no information.

But I get complaints from people about my writing for some publication they don’t approve of, and in our movement, a lot of people don’t approve of a lot of things, especially each other.

So if you see something familar, let me know.

Most of what I do requires pure, undiluted faith and sometimes my mustard seed gets a bit depleted.