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Kanefrost — Listen Antonio!

In response to “Is This Denial?” kanefromsf said:

My position: I couldn’t give a darn, lol. Actually my position is that people shouldn’t talk about it. It’s just like negative plugging a site you don’t like. People will go to it.

When Dershowitz mentioned nukeisrael, people probably went to it. So why even mention it? I see more “pro-white” people mention it than Jews mention it.

Comment by kanefromsf


Don’t get too wrapped up in your OWN ego.

This whole Holocaust business is hideously embarrassing for Europeans.

I was watching a documentary about German authorites who were talking about “pornography and Nazi stuff.”

They were trying to minimize it.

Which means we should maximize it.

Requiring a form of historical correctness is hideously embarrassing.

But what we need to concentrate on is not the facts onthe other side, but what embarrasses out enemies:

REQUIRING agreement unbder penalty of imprisonment.

We should talk about “French intellectuals” crying on the stand because they said something in an academic paper that they could go to prison for.


So there are two sides:

1) One group wants to get out the FACTS about the Holocaust;

2) The other side wants to put anybody who discusses the Holocaust in prison.

Then there’s me.

I want to know why 2) is doing something so insane.

THAT is what makes 2) nervous.

It is not SANE to put people in prison for disagreeing with history, right or wrong.

1) argues they are right. That is the argument that does NOT embarrass the Modern Inquisitors.

Is there any way to get SANE? Is there any way to argue on precisely the point on which our enemies are weakest?

Antonio, my Great Secret is that I find out what they are embarrassed about and hit on THAT.

They can defend on facts. They cannot defend their Inquisition itself.

I have seriously thought about going out by going to Germany with a picket sign that says:

“Is this Denial?

“As a Freeborn American I say that anything the government requires you to believe is an out-and-out lie.”

It would put them in a bad position.

I hate bullies.



Good to See Antonio

Antonio Fini says,

“Ok Bob, what’s the secret? ”

“I know the secret to losing weight is to burn more calories than you eat. While I’ve never actually done this, at least I know The Secret in case I ever want to try.”

“So what’s the secret to defeating the enemy and making the audience say ‘Yes! That’s what I’ve always thought myself !'”

“Whatever it is I’ll bet it’s as plain as the nose on my face. So just point us in the right direction: ‘Whitaker’s maxims for winning in debate’ or the like. ”

Comment by Antonio Fini


This is personal.

This is MY country.

This is MY race.

You HAVE a country. What right have you to mine?

This is genocide. How DARE you be a part of genocide against MY race?

If you have a Hispanic name, you are defending Hispanics. I accept that.

Anyone like me who does not defend MY race is a traitor.

If you wanted to get rid of all Hispanics to please me, I would despise you.

I feel the same way about people who don’t defend MY race.

Nothing you say should EVER reflect any other attitude.


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Is This Denial?

My position on the Holocaust is that of a free-born American:

Anything that a government requires you to believe is an out-and-out lie.


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My Ego is not the Point

As usual when I want to reply to a comment I can’t find it.

Anyway, Peter included a statement about how I would probably claim that I saw the computer revolution coming in my teens, and added, correctly, that a dictionary definition of “humility” would not refer a person to Bob’s Blog.

I don’t see why not. I have plenty to be humiliated ABOUT.

But there is an important distinction to be made here.

Unfortunately what Peter says about hte computer revolution is not true. If I had anticipated the computer revolution in my teens, I would be writing from a giant mansion and you would all be paying ME instead of Bill Gates for your computers.

There is a reason I keep emphasizing what an intelligent guy I was when I was young .

And, no, Peter, you smartass, I DON’T know what happened to me since to make me the way I am now.

I am getting on towards the final act and I want you to learn my way of thinking.


Because it WORKS.

Nobody can face me in a debate on immigration or race. Normally, people would ask, “Bob, what’s your secret?”

Nobody does. For decades they have watched me routinely take the opposition to pieces in public, but they seem to think it’s some kind of special, interesting phenomenon. Then they go on to use their own Latest Revelation.

SO I keep telling you it WORKS. What I get from that is the observation that I don’t seem to mind tooting my own horn.

That is true, but if that is all you notice my message is lost.

In 1982, when John Ashbrook died, the amendment preventing the IRS from imposing racial quotas on every private school in America came up for renewal.

John and I had gotten that amendment on a vote of over four to one with 431 of the 435 voting congressmen sitting there.

When it came up for renewal, John’s wifge had been elected to fill out his term. She and Bob Dornan were left to defend it.

They barely made it. They were cut to pieces in the debate.

Did it occur to them to call me in?

No way. I had to sit there watching them babble and miss. I finally managed to get a couple of points to them, or it would have gone down. But I had to do it through other staff.

I could not believe they had not simply read up on what we said in the first place to pass the thing. Their staff work was typical Republicans conservative staff work, beneath contempt.

So what was I supposed to do? Call up Mrs Ashbrook and Bob Dornan and tell the truth, “You can’t do this without me.”

All they would have noticed was the ego.

And we damned near had racial quotas imposed by IRS mandate on every private school in America precisely because all they woud have noticed was the ego.

I’m getting old, gang. You can either notice the ego or save the race.




In my Charlotte interview, which is supposed to aired in May, the cameraman was a very dark Hispanic. After the female interviewer finished, he asked me some questions.

Q: “You don’t want Hispanics here, but you wouldn’t mind Russians anad Eastern Europeans coming over.”

REPLY: “Within limits, no. They are not part of the genocide.”

Q: “But hwat about Hispanicsw who want a better life for their families?”

REPLY: “You are justifying genocide. There is no justification for genocide.”

I think I pointed something else out in the interview:

“When you use the term ‘undocumented worker’ you are saying that the only difference between me and anybody in the world who wants to live in the United States is that some bureaucrat gives me documents.”

Nobody but me is CAPABLE of thinking that way. I am standing on my OWN American ground. Everybody else starts and stays onthe defensive.

Whent the Hispanic talked about Hispanics, I simply pointed out aht he was worried about his own people and I was worried about MY people. Why shyould it be more naturtal for him to worry about his people and me to worry about mine.

When the girl asked me about Hispanics and Anglos getting along in this country, I simply replied, “They HAVE a country.”

That ended that discussion.

In fact everything I said put an end to a line of inquiry that leaves every other American helpless.


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