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Short but Costly

I went through a whole process, running through Zoroastrianism, to come to an entirely different conclusion from the one I started with.

The reason that I am sure of my beliefs is because when I give something a lot of thought I keep coming back to a new example of what I insist upon.

So I started off saying that Christianity’s illnesses today come from its basis in the Semitic Old Testament.

But during my boring trip through Zoroastrianism I came to the conclusion that, in fact, the basic illness of Christian doctrine also explains what people keep asking me about:

Does the Aryan race have a deep, suicidal thread in it?

If we know what that thread is, we can do something about it.

And here is the answer:

Animals and other races do not question whether life is worth living.

Aryans do.

The result is that we keep producing religions that degenerate into genetic suicide.

Please notice that my endlessly long pieces on Zoroastrianism finally up being the three sentences above.

That is why I take my own short statements so seriously. It is hard you to appreciate now many hours of hard thought it took me to get to them.

Many of you objected when you were brought through my long digressions into Zoroastrianism with me. I’ve been doing that sort of thing all my life. It involves hard work and bredom for me, too.

So if I keep hammering in my short conclusions, please try to remember what that nail cost me.



More PD From Joe Odin

Actually, this is mine now.

“Property is theft” you know.

I stole it, so it’s MINE:

White Guilt – Legal attempt at suicide.
Revolutionary – Someone who wants to maintain the status quo.
Rebellious – Choosing NOT to be a progressive.
Open Minded – Having blindly adopted liberalism
Tolerant – Being tolerant of your own racial demise.
Diversity – The belief that a broad range of opinions can only come about when you have people with a broad range of ’skin colours’
Racist – Someone who acutally points out that if you bring together people with a broad range ’skin colour’ you will have a differences of opinions.
Race – See ’skin colour’



Native Americans Should be Deported!

America is a nation of immigrants.

So the reason I have a right to be here is not because ten generations of my family have been here, but because I can claim that I am an American because my ancestors were immigrants.

It follows that a first-generation immigrant has more right to be here than I do.

But the term “Native American” is based onthe official doctrine that that groups’ ancestors were NOT immigrants.

What in the HELL are they doing in a Nation of Immigrants?

Send them back to Siberia where they came from!


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Immigration Law IS Discrimination

Jared Taylor said at the AR Conference that he was a liberal until he realized a simple fact:

The answer to “Can’t we all along together?” is


I LOVE short, straight statements like that.

I would like some American Renaissance member to judge whether this Bob’s Blog entry is a pretty good summary of AR’s view:

— Immigration Law IS Discrimination

President Carter’s head of the INS stated flatly that, is it were up to her, she would let everybody intot he United States without restrictions.

Nobody objected.

NOBODY objected.

Remember that this was in the late 1970s, when Pat Buchanan was saying that Americans died in World War II specifically to open Europe up to third world immigration, Joe Sobran was pro-immigration, and the official conservative doctrine was “free movement of good, services, and LABOR.”

What if somebody were being appointed to the Civil Rights Commmission and said that, as far as they were concerned, slavery was OK.

Do you think anybody would mention it?

They would say, as they have said in hearing after hearing, “You can’t enforce civil rights law if you don’t really BELIEVE in it.”

Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that, to be a true American, you must believe that we are a nation of immigrants.

Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that a true American agrees that all mankind is ONE.

In fact, the official doctrine is that we are ” a nation founded on the principle that all men are created equal.” That’s the PURPOSE of America.

Immigration law is founded onthe idea that WE have a right a right to be here and THEY don’t.

Immigration law is founded on the principle that there IS a “we” and a “they.”

So how can Real Americans and all the Little Americans in Europe who insist on the same ideas of “democracy” America does turn around and keep “them” out?

From the Wordist point of view, the “undocumented workers” marching to demand that all of Mexicobe allowed into the United States are true Americans.

All who oppose them are NOT true Americans.

We don’t BELONG here.

They do.

Remember, from the liberal and respectable conservatives’ REQUIRED view of what constitutes an American, there IS no “us” and “them.”

You cannot argue for immigration restrictions and at the same time be a “real American” from the Wordist point of view. According to liberals and respectable conservatives you are unAmerican if you do not believe that an American is somebody who sincerely believes that this nation is dedicated to the proposition that all men are created, that all men are ONE.

Immigration law is based on the Preamble to the United States Constitution: “We the people of the United States and OUR posterity.”

In July of 1863 Abraham Lincoln changed that preamble and substitute the preamble to the Declaration for it: “All men are created equal.”

For Lincoln, tha is what the Civil War was about: “We are now engaged in a great civil war to test whether a nation so dedicated can long endure.”

National Review practically has a hernia insisting that it is Lincoln Magazine. Liberals swear by Lincoln’s words.

Then NR expressses outrage and puzzlement that US immigration law is not enforced.

In Lincoln’s day, there were no immigration laws. In the Gettysburg Address, he tacitly promised there never WOULD be.

How in the HELL can Big America and all the Little America’s who insist they are just as multiracial enforce immigration laws?

Immigration law requires an “us” and a “them.”

There will be no “us” and “them” until we learn to DISCRIMINATE again.




I’m just going to steal what Tim said and ask for comments on it.

I will have a couple on it myself.

“UNA. “Born again?”

MONOS. Yes, fairest and best beloved Una, “born again.” These were the words upon whose mystical meaning I had so long pondered, rejecting the explanations of the priesthood, until Death itself resolved for me the secret.”

I rarely venture into religion on this blog. Once I realized our race is our religion it became pointless for me to post on what I viewed as redundant topics. I realize that these religious topics are nevertheless important to hammer through BW points to newcomers here. As well as to pound Christians who cannot get it through their thick heads that they do not have to love brown people to achieve salvation. But today I am going to take a stab at this and post about Christianity.

The quote above is something most readers will have read in their childhood. It is from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Colloquy of Monos and Una. I read it the other day by accident. I got to thinking about the concept ‘Born Again’. This concept has perplexed many people and has been argued time and time again. Baptist have one view. Catholics and Lutherans have other views on this–and so on, so forth etc. But what if “born again” is not a religious concept at all?

We know that the New Testament is a radical departure from the Old Testament. We know the New Testament is NOT Jewish. BW has enlightened us time and time again with the obvious Zoroastrian themes presented in the New Testament. We know that Zoroastrianism was an Aryan racial religion. We know the Aryan religion was the dominate religion of Persia. We also know that “Semites don’t invent”. So where did Christ grab the concept of ‘born again’. Simply put —to be ‘born again’ is not a religious concept but a racial concept rapped in a religious package.

The concept of ‘born again’ is another Aryan concept. We all know you can be be an Asian with just an Asian momma or even just an Asian father. The whole planet knows if one of your parents is African —–you are BLACK. However, whites are the exception to this rule. You cannot be white with just a white mother. You cannot be white with just a white father. To be Aryan, your mother and father must both be White. Of course, you are saying that is silly Tim—everyone on earth KNOWS THAT. Yes and so did Christ. The Hindus referred to this as born twice. Your first birth was to the mother. The second birth was to the father.

One birth to an Aryan mother did not make you an Aryan. You had to be born the second time unto the father. You had to be born twice. Or as Christ said:”Ye must be born again”. Every other sentence out of Christs mouth was “I think thee father” “I think thee father”. This of course is Christ showing a constant state of gratitude to his father. But gratitude for what?? This is also a constant Aryan theme. Only through the father can you be born again or born the second time to make you an Aryan. Whether in Persia or India. They had two different takes on the same theme –”keep us white”! Just like our theme right this minute in America! “keep us white”.

Christ went on and on with these themes of ‘born again’. He said it was only through the father. “Not by works or deeds lest any man should boast”. Go back in time and ask Buddha if you could be a Brahmin by works or deeds! The Hindus may make light of it now. The Zoroastrians may say they are just a ‘tribal’ religion now. But any white man that reads there actual texts knows better. Jews did not come from JU-piter. They have been on earth for quite a while. There education establishments in Rome were teaching a lot more than just Judaism. This is well known. They were learning everything about everybody. Christ did not grab these concepts from thin air. He grabbed them from Aryan religions and his non Jewish Zoroastrianism buddies. There is nothing new in the New Testament.

I have heard many smart racialist say that we need a Racial religion. We already have a Racial Religion. In fact, we have so many of them that we do NOT need another one. What we need to do is recognize it. Am I saying we should all make the New Testament into a Racial Religion. No. I am saying it is already a racial religion and like all Aryan Religions it has gone astray. Like I posted before –now that Jesus does not have blond hair and blue eyes White folks have no interest in him. Christianity is resigned to the third world like all other Aryan religions before it. The key idea is that Aryans are already born again. You can Universalize Christianity. But you cannot Universalize being White. The Davinci Code is doing a good job of getting people to questioning Christianity. I used to say we should leave Christianity alone. I know have changed my mind. We should keep taking it apart so Aryans can understand it before it completely kills us.

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