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Embarrassing a Conspiracy

Posted by Bob on May 7th, 2006 under History, How Things Work

What if you threw a Giant Conspiracy and nobody came?

What we have is not a Giant Conpiracy but it acts like one because everybody in it thinks just alike. They all repeat what Mommy Professor told them.

Peas in a pod do not need to conspire.

Now I watch “National Journalists” sit on television and bitch to each other about how “Professional Journalists” no longer control things the way they did in the Good Old Days.

Their conpiracy is a great success. They have iron control of all the Modern Means of Communication of the 1960s. But less and less people are coming to their party.

And the people that matter, the giant middle class with money, the group that votes, were the first ones to bail out and go cable and internet.

“Instead of one national voice, people are becoming split into littler and littler groups that just reenforce each others’ opinions” say “professional journalists” bemoaning the days when their little group reenforced each others’ opinions.

This is the Voice of Official Diversity, of the single world-wide Multiculture planned by Mommy Professor. There is no room in Diversity for any diversity.

  1. #1 by Tim on 05/07/2006 - 4:35 pm

    Lets see the great conspiracy in action.

    We have peas in a pod or should we say NeoCons on the Con. Peas in the pod have can be damaged in bad weather. The Weather of late is looking like a Hurricane.

    In the last 60 days we have seen Harvard University publish a landmark piece. Harvard has just published a piece on Jewish Control of the US. Harvard is Jew U. This piece of work could easily pass for Dr David Dukes work over the years. (the whole country (and planet) blames the NeoCons for the Iraq war disaster—-)

    Now lets go on to the BIG BNP win. This is sure to have been the Atlanticists issue du jour this weekend. Can you just imagine the NeoCon phone calls on this one? I am guessing the next Amren Conference will have David Horowitz in attendance.

    And last, but not least is the piece of work I saw this week in the NeoCon Journal. I call the WallStreetJournal the NeoCon Journal. I like to read it to see what my enemy is doing. Anyhow, I read this piece by Shelby Steele a few days back on his new book. The book is about WHITE GUILT. I do not know if Mr Steele is a NeoCon for sure. But he is a black man writing for the NeoCon Journal. So I am willing to bet money he is a NeoCon. In fact, I will bet money he is married to a white women (probably a blond).

    Well Mr Steele wrote an article about this new Book this week. I read the article and then saw him a day or two later on Fox News talking to Sean Hannity. He is saying we are having problems in Iraq because of White Guilt. The fact that a Black Neocon is writing such a book is interesting. LOL. He says White People SHOULD FEEL BAD about the past BUT it is over with now. And we have come a long way in repenting for being EVIL WHITE PEOPLE. So as long as we play nice—we don’t have to feel guilty no more!! LOL. I swear to GAWD that is what this fool said on Fox News. Blacks I know would call Mr Steele a House Ni99er. I can’t speak for that. I do not know him –maybe BW can chime in. BW, I have a feeling you have heard the name once or twice. Sean Hannity was lapping it up. I was sick to my stomach.

    Someone feels something coming and it won’t be “good for the Jews”. I do not believe in accidents. In the last 60 days we have had a lot of stuff happen ‘all of a sudden’. NeoCons are in TROUBLE. The Republican Party is the White party —let’s play ball. Let’s PUTIN the NeoCon Oligarchs! Talking about a top heavy party. LOL.

  2. #2 by joe rorke on 05/07/2006 - 5:07 pm

    “There is no room for Diversity in Diversity.” There is no room for Truth in Falsehood. Same thing.

  3. #3 by Dave on 05/08/2006 - 12:15 am

    The Blairites are carrying on about how they “must improve their website” This is splendid senility.

    I’m going the suggest they try implants. What they need to do is in each of the jurisdictions where the BNP got some wins, the Labour government needs to mandate that the voters be implanted with a device designed to detect the BNP url to deliver the voter a terrific shock should he try to access the BNP site. This will be in keeping with Labour’s fine tradition of supporting freedom and liberty in Britain.

  4. #4 by Dave on 05/09/2006 - 1:52 am

    The incredible stupidity of the government in federalizing the public schools after WWII is now in its 60th year of stupidity. The Civil War blew in after 80 years of stupidity. The Feds are now in a posture of absolute extremism and the worst kind of blabbering incoherency. America is in an environment it has seen before and multiculturalism is flat out on the slab right now, stone cold dead; just as any hope of peace was in 1855.

    Nobody in the mainstream has a clue on how to get grip, proof they’re toast now and forever.

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