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Peter takes on On the Commenters’ OTHER Job

I have discussed at length the fact that you cannot read the Blog is you do not read the comments, because the commenters make points about things I DON’T know.

As in Peter’s contribution below, commenters must also make points I DO know:

“Einsteinian Universe of hugeness”

You should Google up articles debunking Einstein. Many are quite technical and some are quite scathing. Some respected mainstream physicists such as one at Princeton (I think) debunks his formulation of relativity. Others say outright that he was a self-promoting con artist and flim-flam man who produced nothing legitimate until he had millions to hire a crew of real researchers.

Comment by Peter

I am VERY familiar with those arguments, and I’ve done a bit of Einstein-debunking myself here.

But I face the writer’s dilemma: How much can I say without boring the reader cross-eyed?

As Noah Webster said, “Usage is everything.” In normal discourse, the term for the hugeness concept is Einsteinian space. But I can’t go into a detailed regression every time I have to use a term I don’t approve of. I have to use libeal and conservative all the time knowing full well that liberals are not liberal and conservatives are not conserving anything that is historically accurate.

But if I regresserd into those points every time I wrote, each entry would be at lwast pamphlet size.

Which is where the commenters come in. If you READ the comments, you will get information like that Peter is giving you, and I can go ahead and write.



Joe Got the Lesson Wrong

Joe summed up my words wrongly. This is not surprising, since my way of thinking is simple, but not easy:

“There is no room for Diversity in Diversity.” There is no room for Truth in Falsehood. Same thing.

Comment by joe rorke

No, Joe, what I am saying, once again, is that just as there is no room for truth in Wordist Truth, just as there is no room for mercy in Worist Mercy, and there is no room for love in Wordist Love, there is no room for real diversity in Wordist Diversity.

I realize now that Joe probably got it wrong because I forgot to make the second d lower case.

My fault, as is so often the case.


No Comments

Critical Numbers

Since our worship of Comrade Stalin began in World War II, one of the things forgotten about the National Socialist Revolution in Germany was the role of the Communists in CAUSING it.

Today the whiners point to the fact that we have huge minorities in this counry, so we are doomed. The German right had exactly the same problem. The entire ORGANIZED working class, a bigger proportion of the population than we have as minorities, was solidly Communist. Arithmetic would have told you that the extreme National Socialist Party had no chance at all.

The only chance of power, a commentator would have said, was in the center.

But what this left out of account was the growing inability to compromise of the union workers, the Stalinism of the unions and the leftist thugs on the street.

Change that from “unions” to “minorities” and you are in Ameica today.

If the Communist Party had been willing to support any other government, they could have stopped Hitler.

It was Communist intransigence that gave Hindenburg absolutely no choice but Hitler.



In 1932 the NSDAP and the Communists held a MAJORITY of the Reichstag between them. You simply could not forma government without one of them.

Minorities today will follow Teddy Kennedy to the grave. And Teddy Kennedy thinks he is a majority.

In the longer term, if no one takes the stand I recommend, the West will become a government of minority spokesmen. We will cease to have any chance of taking the West back, but we can put ourselves in the position white spokesmen, the spokesmen of the most powerful minority.

Either way, whites will cease to be HELPLESS.

I don’t see the 1850s scenario happening because the only dissidents, the Stormfront’s theoretical types, have absolutely no conception of power politics. They are wallowing in Iraq and cannot undersnad why Bob’s Mantra is a fundamental political weapon.

But the other side is dumb, too. And, worse, they don’t KNOW they’re amateurs.

Our side has potential but doesn’t know it.

Their side is doomed but doesn’t know it.



The Left-Right Code


Left-right is the establishment’s code for the race war that is growing.

Todays’ Republicans are the EXACT equivalent of the Whig Party that died in the 1850s.

It would not face the issue of the EXPANSION — NOT the existence — of slavery. The Republican Party completely replaced it almost overnight.

If you read the Republican platform, they bent over backwards insisting that the salve states had a right to their slaves. But, unlike the Whigs, they stood absoltely against the admission of any more slave states.

The Republican Party was formed in 1854 and it controlled the House of Representatives in 1855.

Let’s bring this up to date.

Democrats are dead right. At this moment the Republicans have a solidly white consituency and it gets whiter are every election.

Even as the white proportion of the electorate has shrunk, Republcians have gonef rom a minority to a majority.

Anyone who reads he history of hte 1850s will wonder what the Whigs were DOING.

Anyone reading the history of our time will wonder waht the Republicans were DOING.

The only group that took up the real issue before 1854 was the tiny Free Soil Party. It split from the tiny Liberty Party dedicated to abolition. The biggest weapon against the Free Soil Party was the word “Abolitionist!” just as the same effect is obtained today by calling us “Racist!”

We help out by ACTING like a tiny minority, aiming at a tiny split-off from the melting pot. We call that white nationalism.

But this does nothing about the threat more and more people every day see against our entire race.

We must insist on the right of our whole race to EXIST.

We must take the leadership in something that is in everyone’s minds, just as stopping the EXTENSION of slavery was in everybody’s mind in the 1850s. We must get off the defensive.

Every day the feeling that every white country is being overrun is growing.

Bakc in the 1850s this obvious winning position as stopped by screams of Abolitionism. Today the obvious winning position is stopped by cries of “Racism.”

The group that takes a solid and defiant position onthe REAL issue, and on nothing else, is poised to win.

In 1852 there was no free soil major party. By 1855 it organized the House.

The difference was that someone finally took the stand, AND TOOK IT CLEARLY.

The next civil war will began just as the last one did. A party will make a reasonable stand and those who cannot bear it will secede. THEY will turn it from a reasonable political straategy intoa revolution.

The rioting minorities will turn OUR reasonable stance into a revolution.

But first we have to make a stand.