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If You’re So Smart, Why Ain’t You RICH?”

I keep saying that as a teenager I was prophetic about what would happen.

I was able to be prophetic because nobody else CARED what would happen.

Which explains why my oh-so-prophetic ability never made me RICH.

If you predict the stock market, you are competing with people who CARE how the stock market will come out.

Think about it:

Do you actually think that any anti could care less about the actual fate of mixed-race future generations?

One anti actually told me I was silly to worry about it because it would be a long time.

To me, future generations are as human as we are. Granted that the Pope’s morality begins at conception, but I belive that Jesus was talking to those of us, like the Pope, who were conceived many centuries after he was crucified.

So my prescience was not superhuman. It was simply seeing a reality no one else CARED about.

There’s no money in predictions that do not affect the stock market.

No Pope and no professor is going to praise you for being concerned about human beings who arenot born yet, who are of no benefit to them.

Which is why Popes and Professors have the power.

Their only weak point is that they are wrong.

They advocate evil.

Everybody comes down on a person who says that.

But with the Internet, maybe those who are not psychopaths will take my side.


I have no choice.

I am for truth and against evil.

It’s in my genes.




Calvinists tell me that it doesn’t matter if I am good or bad. All that matters is that I have read the right things and subscribe to the right things.

Catholics tell me the same, but their “things” are different.

Why am I so obsessed with what is simply true?

I am not a Heroic Tough Guy. I freely admit that the ideas of Heaven and Hell I was raised with bother me. A Heroic Tough Guy would have no such problems.

Face it. I’m a wimp.

But I’m a wimp who simply cannot get over something in my blood that says, ‘Screw the Truth, it is not true!”

It never occurs to me that this is an economically rational idea. There is no reward in any religion for sticking to the truth.

It is irrational and pointless, but I will never do anything else.

Oh, hell, let’s get back to talking about Iraq.


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The Total Contradiction

Odin hung on the World Tree, Yggsradil, and lost an eye for KNOWLEDGE, not Wisdom.

Yes, Virginia, there have always been different word in Norse tongues for knowledge and for wisdom.

In the Orient, no one in any Holy Book ever cared about just knowing a few more FACTS, which is what knowledge is.

Odin is hte only god I have ever heard of who took knowledge seriously.

Except for Jehovah, JHVH, G*d.

The whole point of Genesis is that the pursuit of knowledge is the one Evil that damns humanity.

It is facinating that Lucifer means “Light Giver.” Satan is also “The Morning Star.”

In Greek mythology Prometheus is the light giver. He gave man the secret of fire and will spend eternity having his guts torn at by birds of prey for that sin.

Original Sin is eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge by Adam and Eve.

These differences in the fundamental thinking of Greeks, Jew-Christians, and Nordics are not exactly trivial.

Any comments?




This is a FAMILY fight, so I have to defend myself.

Mark, a fellow Southerner, says:

“…there were exactly eleven states in the Union, the same number as the Old Confederacy.”

Minor point here, but dammit man — you’ve done it to Missouri again! There were 13 states in the confederacy, which is why both the Stars and Bars and Southern Cross flags hold 13 stars — one for each admitted state into the Confederacy. In revisionist history, the liberals who control our public schools and universities have tried to re-write Confederate history — and you, Bob, are parroting one of their most amusing tales.

Need I remind you that when Missouri refused to send troops to aid Lincoln in his “unconstitutional, and revolutionary in its object, inhuman, and diabolical” quest to INVADE the southern states (as Missouri Govroner Clayburn Jackson wrote to Lincoln when said former tyrant requested Missouri join the murderous forces of the Union). In fact, on October 30, 1861 the Missouri legislature voted to seccede, and Missouri, my beloved home state, was then accepted into the Confederacy OFFICIALLY on November 28, 1861.

And, to counter any argument claiming illegitamacy, need I remind you, Bob, that Governor Clayborn Jackson was the “duly elected” governor of Missouri — and upon entering the Confederacy the entire “duly elected” legislature was run out of Missouri at gunpoint by Union soldiers and a puppet regime was put in place by one of Lincoln’s henchmen, General Lyon. And of course, for the next four years Missouri Confederate soldiers, upon capture, were hanged or shot as traitors and not given P.O.W. status — which made us fight all the harder.

So there — pffff!!!

Comment by Mark


Mark, I used a literary device, poetic license.

“Poetic license” means a USEFUL bald-faced lie.

Look at what I wrote. If I had said “thirteen states” the entire argument would have fallen on its face.

I am NOT being disloyal to our Confederates in Missouri. Our flag claims Missouri.

But today any state outside of the what is called The Old Confederacy is not a Southern state, it is a “border” state.”

In fact, the most vehemnetly anti-Southern publication in America, National Review, labelled TENNESSE “a border state” twice before I stopped that. William Buckly’s sister actually corrected them in answering me.

In fact, Buckley himself recently quoted me as saying that the present National review term, “the south,” is just plain bad English. I pointed out that Hawaii and Puerto Rico are more southern in a geographical sense than the South is.

In fact, if you include Southern California, the uncapitalized “south” consists at least one-third of people the writer does not mean when he talks about the segregated “south.”

Here’s the kicker: In “Notes and Asides” Buckley AGREED with me. The uncapitalized version of “the south” is just plain wrong.

But the Buckleys don’t control the magazine any more.

Mowery does.

And Mowery HATES the South.

As a memeber of the family, I applaud your giving me hell for your Missouri Confederates.

You are not the only ones with reason to complain. After Fort Sumter the Maryland legislature met to decide which side to take. Lincold had them arrested.

He also had the NEW JERSEY legislature arrested!

A LOT of people realized that Lincoln was fighting against America, not just the South.

During the Battle of Gettysburg, one Confederate soldier was killed right on the farm where he had been born and raised.

In Pennsylvania.

Copperhead, Border Stater, Southerner, I will never fold our flag or spit on the grave of one of those who fought for America against Lincoln.

And there will always be someone who won’t fold the flag on spit on MY grave.

Many families die out.

Ours never will.


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