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When I first wrote this for The Odinist, I got lots of responses from Old Norse speakers who thanked me for FINALLY understanding that knowledge is not wisdom.

I have a feeling that you got hold of there was a somewhat interpretative version.

Nobodyis ever comfortable with Odin seeking mere knowledge. Richard Wagner’s opera said at the outset that Odin gave an eye for love of Freya. It was the romatic age.

One becomes more and like one’s enemies in any long-term war. It would have been easy for the word visindum to be substituted for knowledge. Who would want Christ to represent Wisdom while Odin was just looking for lowly information, all oc which JHWH already possessed?

I am the opposite. Wjo cares about Odin if he is just one more Chinaman seeking Wisdom?

Else Chsitensen was Danish, and a large part of her Odinist Fellowwhip was in Scandinavia.

You are the first person who has ever said that Odin sought Wisdom rather than knowledge.

Chances are that what you are quoting was a later adaptation, not as bad as Wagner, but pretty bad.

“Odin hung on the World Tree, Yggsradil, and lost an eye for KNOWLEDGE, not Wisdom.”

Peter says,

FYI only. This doesn’t take away form your point:

En undir theiri rót er til hrímthursa horfir, thar er Mímis brunnr, er spekdh ok manvit er í folgit, ok heitir sá Mímir er á brunninn. Hann er fullr vísindum fyrir thví at hann drekkr ór brunninum ag horninu Gjallarhorni. Thar kom Alfödhr ok beiddisk eins drykkr af brunninum, en hann fekk eigi fyrr en hann lagdhi auga sitt at vedhi.

Which means:

And under the root which to the rimethurses stretcheth is Mimir’s spring wherein insight and good sense are hidden. And it is named for Mimir whose spring it is. He is full of wisdom, for he drinketh from the spring out of the horn Yellinghorn. Thither came All-Father and bade one drink of the well, but he got it not until he had left an eye on loan.

Thus wisdom is defined as “insight and good sense (man-wit).”

Comment by Peter



Commenters are Talking to Each Other

They think they are fooling me. They are making all sorts of points of agreement and disagreement, but I know what is REALLY going on.

If you study the Cabalist Bilderberging Hebrew Code and combine it with Da Vinci, you will see that they are telling each other, “Bob is paranoid.”

Got you!

And you thought I was some kind of a wierdo.



Today’s Robber Barons

When I see “professional journalists” sitting about bitching about the Internet I am reminded of Big Businessmen a hundred years ago bitching about demands for an eight-hour work day.

A hundred years ago all the money was theirs, and they were very upset about workers getting a piece of it.

Not that long ago all information belonged to the “professional journalists.” Now everybody can get his own and spread his own.

IO wish more people than Bob would look at how exactly today’s rulers are like the Robber Barons. By ignoring this, we continue the illusion that there is something new about today’s exploiters.

There isn’t.

In my book thirty years ago I began my discussion of busing by talking about the 1900 cartoon that had a fat, silk-hatted businessman standing there watching a poor, thin child slaving away at a machine.

The caption read:

“They grow rich by stealing children’s playtime.”

Then I gave an example from the present day, one which I knew well because I had been on the streets in the anti-busing movement. A white child in Louisville was waiting in the freezing dark before dawn for a bus that would take two hours to get him into the ghetto. After school he would get on a bus for another two hour ride.

When he finally got home he was so exhausted that all he could do would be to go to bed. Or do his homework and then go to bed.

When he arrived home it would be freezing and dark again.

I have known of many judges who have ordered this obscenity. I have never heard of one who did not have his own grandchildren in private schools.

They gained their appointments by stealing childrens’ playtime.

No one but me ever mentioned this.


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