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P is for Peter, P is for Pain

Peter is confusing an old political writer with a whole bunch of facts, and for me that is a pain in the Nether Regions.

And I’m NOT talking theology here.

Keep it up. Pain is about ten thousand percent better than silence.

To begin with, in response to my referring to Old Norse speakers, Peter made a common-sense correction:

“I imagine that any native Old Norse speakers are older than even you are, Bob.”

Actually, Peter, the last time I was in Iceland, a LONG time ago, Old Norse was alive and well there. When a new word came in, they woud try to introduce an Old Norse word for it, rather than letting the English word take over.

I understand that the overwhelming majority of the sagas and eddas the Church didn’t burn are still untranslated, but htey are working on it. Everybody else is learning Hebrew and heiroglyphics.

The people who wrote me, unanimously, about my making the difference between knowldge and wisdom were all fluent in Old Norse, from profession to hobby. I would take their word over a Dutchman writing in German.

Once again, keep in mind that EVERYBODY sees knowledge as a lower form than Wisdom. I cannot imagine how your writer, who obviously has a high opinion of Norse thinking, would not have been influenced by this.

Remember what Wagner did to Odin in the Romantic Age. He declared that Odin lost an eye for love of Freya!

Whatever the High Motivation is in the age a writer is writing will be what he tries to turn it into.

So my default setting is onthe people who USE the language.

And what is the POINT here?

Do we really want Odin to be one more Chinaman sitting around waiting for Wisdom while children starve around him?



Human is not a Race

The genetic urge is an urge to perpetuate OUR KIND, people who LOOK LIKE US.

Take a look at this “no borders” crap and then take a look at nature. A bird or a monkey will allow a different kind of bird or monkey to cross its borders with no problem. But if an INTERBREEDABLE type comes on its ground, there’s a fight.

This is EXACTLY what the Wordist always told us that nature did NOT do.

Nothing is more of a violation of nature than the idea of Humanity.

The sea change article Elizabeth talked about, by Rushton and Jensen, shows why this won’t work. It was published mainline, which is one hell of a breakthrough, and it shows how a race is a FAMILY. People tend to marry people who look like them, even when they cross the sea.

The battle which produced us was a battle between interbreedable groups.

You can talk your throat raw and make whites defenseless, but Hispanics are going to fight for Hispanis, blacks for black. You would be astonished if am Oriental did not take an insult to orientals far more personally than he would an attack on Australian aborigines.

When someone says something negative about Jews, what group do you expect to lead the charge against them?

Jews, of course.

Only whites are not supposed to react this way.

Nobody, but NOBODY takes this “mankind” crap seriously unless they’re talking about white people.

In all of nature, the battles are between INTERBREEDABLE groups.

Get up to date.

The time is past when a Marx could say that all human class distinctions are artificial results of economics. Now we know that class is alive and well in every social animal.

The days of the sweet little chimpanzee munching on his grass and puzzsling over the violence of man are OVER. We have seen them tear monkeys to pieces and eat the,


Leave Humanity in the past where it belongs, and join us in the new millennium.