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Have I Ever Met Any Non-Whites?

Writing is WORK, so I hope you don’t mind my repeating exchanges from Stormfront that I feel might interest you.

Here’s one:

When I was working on Capitol Hill, one elevator operator was a black woman with whom I exchanged jokes all the time.

Once I told her the air conditioner was set too high. What I needed, I told her, was one of those old funeral home church fans they used to have in our churches. She said she’d get me one.

The next week I was rusing my congressman to the airport with another staff member. She was on duty and she handed me the fan. I thanked her and we shared a few reminiscences from Down South.

As we let the elevator, the other staffer said, “I thought you people down there HATED blacks.”

I replied, “If you’re from where I’m from and you hated blacks, you would have gone NUTS.”

The congressman laughed. He knew Southerners.

Yes, the blacks I associated with everywhere knew my views on race.

Calling someone’s else’s opinion “Hate” is a tactic. It justifies bigotry. It justifies using force to suppress opposing points of view. It has nothing to do with the truth.

I was in Africa and I squatted against the wall in black African houses and shared their grits.

They told other whites that I was “very African,” which is something they usually say only about the Boere.

That doesn’t mean they liked me or didn’t, any more than they love die Boere. It did indicate fairly strongly that I was not unfamiliar with blacks.

As a Reagan appointee, I worked with black Senior Executive Service (SES) the equivalent of generals in the civil service.

I worked in the kilns with blacks on brick plants.

One of the blacks SES showed me a clipping he carried in his pocket abouthis grandfather having himself carried to the poll to vote in 1944 in Mississippi. Since we were both Southerners, the idea of carrying a clipping about your grandfather in your wallet didn’t seem odd.

Another black SES was the only person there who, like me, would SQUAT by a seated person for a quick conversation. If you’re fairly athletic, it’s much easier than finding a chair for two minutes and more polite than hovering, at least to us. Only Southerners and Westerners SQUAT.

Like all old men I could keep this up for pages.

What was your question again?

[QUOTE=Supreme Within]I’d like to honestly ask, how many have you been in contact with?

It seems to me that many WNs have been saying the same thing about blacks (and other races) that has been reiterated over and over, and I don’t get any other proof other than statistics, that can be taken well out of their contextual bases. And when I hear things about people interacting with Black people, it is always negative.

Some might ask me how many WNs I have met or have been interacting with in some way (internet), and while it is in few amount (3), only one person treated me with some decent respect. If any WN wishes to know about my experiences, I will simply post here if you wish.

I think that many WNs don’t actually know on a first-hand basis about blacks, and would rather hand out statistics about violence, and other negativity about blacks. I would like to know who’s really been in contact with someone real rather than statistics or what knowledge you have based on an availability heuristic.[/QUOTE]




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