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No, Elizabeth, there will be no Mexican War.

Jews and nonwhites only make war on women and children.

They mix with our women and they brainwash and bus our children.

A group of coloreds will gang up on one unarmed white man, but NEVER on an armed one. If he’s carrying, he’s not a suburbanite type.

In Georgetown, DC, I once chased a whole group of hippies off who were assaulting a member of the Nazi Party who was along and in uniform and whose car had stopped. Two of us were too many for fifty or a hundred Love Generation types to take on.

Don’t flatter them by calling it a WAR. Their idea of war is bedding a white woman or busing a child.

The only “war” they will ever fight is one in which we are not allowed to shoot.

Elizabeth says:

Given recent events, I can’t help but wonder if the Second Mexican-American
War is imminent.

There are reports — not yet in the national media, of course — that the
Mexican Army is on their side of the border, assisting drug dealers and
other border sneakers.

Now our National Guard is going down there, to parts of our side of the border.

I’ve heard some interesting things about just who’s been crossing the border.

I defy anyone to look at a group of silent, identically-dressed brown men and
determine their nations of origin.

Comment by Elizabeth




As I waded through 68 pieces of spam to get three commenters’ words, I was awakened by Elizabeth’s putting in NOT SPAM!

It helped a lot.