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Hitler Killed the Jews

In 1945, Jews became the spoiled children of the world.

Jews were the symbol of everything anti-Nazism fought for. The emerging third world looked upon the Jews as fellow sufferers, looked down upon by the white gentiles.

Leftists looked to Jews as leaders of the Communist movement. Jew bragged about the complete preponderanceof Jewish names in Commuist leadership all over the world.

When the first Knesset met, they tried to distribute themselves on the standard left-to-right continuum, but not one single jew would sit on the right.

Then the pictures poured inof Jews inthe Death Camps. Eisenhower granted leave to members of the Greatest Generation to visit the Death Camps. All of htem came back with testimoney about The Death Camps in Germany.

It came out a couple of decades later that none of the Death Camps were in Germany. They were all safely behind the IronCurtain where nobody could examine them.

None of which ever kept a single member of The Greatest Generation, icluding Andy Rooney, from declaring he had SEEN the Death Camps in Germany.

But there is a fatal problem here.

In all the world, there is no group that is less able to HANDLE the status of Official Spoiled Children than the Jews.

The problem is that today’s Christianity has degenerated into pure self-hatred, while Judaism is now 99% self-pity.

Judaism was always based on Five Thousand Years of Suffering. As Henry Kissinger pointed out, “Any group that has been persecuted for five thousand years is doing something WRONG.”

But Judaism has always been based on the psychotic assumption that everybody is crazy but Jews. Every nation on earth has persecuted Jews, and every nation on earth, except the Jews, has always been wromg.

If I walk up to you and say, “Everybody’s crazy but me,” you would try to put as much distance between yourself and this nut as you could.

“Everybody’s crazy but me” is the CLASSIC line of a psychotic.

But “Everybody’s crazy but me” is the BASIS of Judaism.

So Jews were the world’s love children in 1945.

Now who loves the Jews?

Easstern Europe hates Jews in the old way. The French amabssador in the US referred to Israel as “that sh—y little country.” And the anti-Semitic Arabs have just BEGUN to arrive in France.

Those Arabs, who like Jews just a little less than Adolf did, are courtesy of the Jews. After World War II, Jews decieded they would GET white gentiles, once and for all. So they called anybody who opposed third world immigration into Europe Nazis.

So in came the Moslems. Tens of millions of Moslems.

Jews had long since decided to get their revenge on white gentiles through Bolshevism. So they backed the Communists who took over Eastern Europe.

Who loves Jews more, Eastern Europeans or Moslems?

It’s a close contest.

If Jews are so smart, why are they digging their own grave?



Maturity Without Senility

At first I was hurt that Peter had taken me wrong about my joking that he was a Pain.

In fact, I thought that when he took Pain as his new name, he was in on the joke. So I thought he would find another jab entertaining. So when he told me he thought I was insulting him, I was stunned.

The something finally occurred to me.

Here is a senstive young man fighting the same battle alone that I did. If I had found someone like Ole Bob, I would have been very happy.

But what would I have done if Ole Bob turned around and insulted the hell out of me, not once but twice?

My reaction would probably have been to go ape.

Peter’s reaction was to be deeply disappointed and say so.

Peter is definitely not the sort of person who takes abuse lying down.

The simple fact is that Peter considered Ole Bob too damned valuable to dump.

It took me two days to realize that I have been handed one hell of a compliment.

It took me two days to realize this after fifty years of experience. Half a century ago I would never have caught on.

Another hundred years or so and I could be really SMART.



Confusing Rooting

In the 1790s Americans who had supported the French Revolution were revolted by Robespierre’s Terror. They were appalled when Napolean used the Revolution to set up his own monarchy.

Many Americans loved England, despite all she had done to us. But most of us hated her guts.

So with Britain and France in the midst of a twenty-year struggle, which side did you back?

A statement began to be made that has been repeated by healthy Amerians down through the ages:

“It’s just too bad that BOTH sides can’t lose.”

During World War II neutral Ireland hated the Brits but it loved the Americans. The prevailing sentiment was that they hoped the Americans would win and the Brits would lose.

Since the Brits and the Americans were on the same side, this was a wish that would be a little hard to grant.

But as good Catholics, I am sure some of the Irish hoped for this miracle.

I am sure a bit of good Irish whiskey made the whole thing seem plausible.

In the Middle East, both sides are despicable for the average American.

I sonder if you have ever noticed a fundamental difference between complaints about news coverage in America and in the Middle East?

In America, we all complain that we do not get enough attention. In the Middle East,t he ideal is to be ignored.

Nobody in the meida ever reports what the Israeiles were doing this week,and Israel likes that just fine.

In the Middle East all attnetion is on what the Iranians are doing or what the Palestinians are doing or what the Iraqi resisitance is doing.

And it turns your stomach.

This time, both sides deserve to lose, and both sides are likely to lose.


No Comments

Questioning? Minds?

There is a lot of disagreement about how much efffect heredity has versus environment.

The post-World War II period, when the Greatest Generation went to college to get indoctrinated on the GI Bill, was the halycon period of pure environment versus heredity.

I was there. Any mention of heredity was instantly branded Nazism. But that period wore itself out as more and more discoveries about genetics surfaced.

In the period 1945-1955, though, one could say without fear of contradiction on campus that there was no such thing as genetics when it came to human intelligence.

Nobody SAYS that today, but it is the unspoken assumption in every classroom, and no student ever challenges it.

The argument today is whether heredity makes 50 or 90% of the difference in determining who will commit crime or one’s choice of toothpaste. Identical twins reunited separated at birth almost always use the same one and usually commit the same crimes at the same ages.

But you will sit in social science and science classes for a thousand hours and never hear one single word about hte effect of hereidty on human action.

But if the disagreement is about how much of human action is causd by heredity and how much by nurture, surly htose questioning young minds that are supposed to be so revolutionary would ask why this is never mentioned in ANY class.

In the 1960s, when Mommy Professor’s Young Revolutionaries were out there demanding that the whole economy be made Marxist and everything be turned over to “the intellectuals,” meaning Mommy Professor, those so-called “radicals” were the most obedient people imaginable.

No “young radical” EVER asked why heredity was never discussed. They attacked anybody physically who asked about it.

Those were the Questioning Young Minds Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather always praised to the skies.

But the iron lock on all discussion of what REALLY determines the human future is as solidly in place today as it was in 1955.

And no young “mind” questions it.



Political Correctness and Treason

You’ve heard anti-whites introcude themselves this way:

“First of, let me introduce myself. I am English, white, have blue eyes, …”

Readers need to understand this particular psychosis. It reminds me of the Communists who used to begin by bragging that they were born and raised in Middle America.

Why is it a virtue to declare that one is not merely anti-American or anti-white, but that one is also a genuine, dyed-in-the-wool, total traitor?

The reason is that, for Mommy Professor, the ultimate virtue for an American or a white gentile is to hate his own people. For white gentiles who belong to the cult of Political Correctness self-hatred IS virtue. Self-destruction is the ultimate Good.

But, unlike Christian monks, the religion of Political Correctness does not demand PERSONAL self-torture and locking oneSELF away in sterility and self-mortification.

Political Correctness sees salvation as the destruction of one’s own country and one’s own race.

So monks begin by explaining they are not homosexuals. They are lustful and are committing genetic suicide nad are therefore to be admired.

And Political Correctness has one start by saying he is blond and blue-eyed and he would be pro-white except for his Virtue.

To me anyone who thinks self-destruction is a virtue is simply a sicko.

But you may need this explanation of why they brag about it.