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On George Washington, Shari says:

NOT SPAM Maybe the best spot to be in, is one that can RECOGNIZE smart and stupid, without being one way or the other too much themselves. Of course honesty would be nessesary in such a spot.

Comment by Shari


Shari, PLEASE put the NOT SPAM at the top as a separate sentence, the way Antonio does.

I would much rather not have attention deficit, but the next best thing to not having it is finding ways to DEAL with it.

Your mention of honesty goes right to the heart of the matter.

I have repeatedly mentioned that two of my professors in grad school won the Nobel Prize in economics.

One of them won it by pointing out that an honest society is an EFFICIENT society. The less time you spend on figuring out how to say what you are saying, how to deal with people who are trying to trick you, the more you can concentrate on DOING things.

He used a lot of calculus equations and stuff, but only in order to get a bunch of dumbass “intellectuals” to see this as an insight they never thought of.

Now let’s go away from the True Intellectuals and get down to the Bob level.

You remember when I accidentally insulted Peter by saying he was a Pain? It didn’t occur to me he might take it as an insult because I obviously respect the hell out of him.

But Ole Bob is just a little odd, and sometimes his statements don’t come out well in translation by normal human beings like Peter.

By the same token, a lot of people will go ballistic when I point out that George Washington was not all that bright.

George himself might have shot me for that, but my reasoning is, “If you’re George Washington, why would you care whether somebody says you would score high on an IQ test?”

Shari emphasized honesty.

When I said he was “not bright,” I was emphasizing moral courage.

If GW had appointed a bunch of intellectual demigods to his first cabinet, it could have just meant that he knew he was smarter than they were.

You cannot have the awe I do of the man unless you realize that he was not all that IQ smart and he knew it. Everybody who assumes that GW was an IQ genius ignores the fact that he really didn’t give a damn about it.

If you think that way, you are ignoring his MORAL COURAGE.

This was a man who was writing letters during the Revolution about what land might be good to buy after the war was over.

GW did NOT write, “This would be a good investment if I am not hanged or assassinated or killed in action or have to spend the restof my life as a propertyless guerilla.”

He was able to write those letters with all that hanging over his head.

I couldn’t have done it.

Shari mentioned honesty. My professor Robert Chesen got a Nobel Prize for discussing that little point.

Nobody ever notices that a second-rate man hires second-rate people. He is worried about making himself look good.

This never occurred to GW, exactly as it never occurred to him to write, “This would be a good investment if I am not hanged or assassinated or killed in action or have to spend the restof my life as a propertyless guerilla.”

We all take it for granted that Washington knew he needed the transcendental geniuses like Franklin, Hamilton and Jefferson to run his country.

Moral courage like that BUILT this country.

The total moral cowardice of the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation is what we are trying to save our country and our race FROM.


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Antonio says:


You know the role of modern physics has expanded to the point where it encompasses much of chemistry, cosmology, astronomy and even certain subspecialties of biology.
There’s hardly a problem today that can’t be reduced to the spin of a proton.

Wouldn’t it be funny if one day in the future genetic engineering and nanotech made the roles of philosopher, lawyer and judge redundant because the physician could cure evil by programming it away?

Comment by Antonio Fini


I leave in the NOT SPAM because I NEED it.

Antonio knows very well that what he predicts in the second paragraph is EXACTLY what is going to happen.

On his first paragraph, Antonio knows that protons don’t spin.*

But the second paragraph really gets to the point of the piece Antonio is talking about.

Grown men running around in black robes and academic gowns and dictating reality is silly.

You only need robes when you have to act like you have something special to say and you don’t.

The only reason an adult runs around in a robe is because the questions they are dealing with have not been subjected to serious, definitive questioning yet. A serious physicist can walk around buck naked wihtout it making any difference to whether he is right or wrong.

* Yes, in some of the hundreds of versions of string theory, you could argue they do spin. But you would be astonished to know how few people worry about that.


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Budarick points out:


Dear Bob.

I don’t aggree with you when you say the race problem is primary to the Jewish problem.

I know the Jews are scared of any racially conscious society, but that is not my point.

So long as the Jews control how most of us feel and think, the Jewish problem is the only one we have and MUST RESOLVE. And also in many different domains such as economics, philosphy, the arts and how they propose to wage premptive nuclear war, which no sane Aryan would ever contempleate without a prefound awareness of the possible consequences.

If we did not have the Jewish problem then in my view our natural racial discriminatory instincts would lead us to healthy normal responses, and furthermore in my opinion, those healthy normal responses would certainly NOT lead us to commit genocide on blacks or other races [as the Jews are doing to us and to the Palestinians].

That leads me to the other point i wish to make, being that discrimination does NOT lead to the abuse of those descriminated, but rather could be seen proactively, in that it empowers the descriminator to effectively help those of other races [because we see clearly in what ways they are different and how their needs are different to ours].

How could we help another race or culture without discrimination?

And isn’t that what White Aryans have always done?

But the Jews seek to prevent that Christian approach we have always had in the past, because they want maximum conflict between races. And if we sudy it, it is quite clever what they are doing.

If it was not for the Jews [who i claim now rule the world – am i wrong or deluded?] we would not have the race problem!

We would still have many problems, as is the nature of life, but it would be as America and Australia was before the Jews took us over.

But we can’t return to the past.

Jewish world dominion is now the base reality of 2006.

We need to be able to discuss it sensibly.

Comment by PeterGene Budarick


You made me realize how I may be misunderstood when I keep criticizing too much emphasis on the Jewish Problem, by which I mean THE PROBLEM JEWISH LEADERSHIP HAVE MADE OF THEMSELVES.

Every point you make is the kind of comment that makes the Blog worth while.

But the question, what can WE do about it?

By WE I do not mean white gentiles in general,

By WE I do not mean all white preservationists.

By WE I mean the tiny and precious group of Bob’s Bloggers and the tiny shred of Stormfront that doesnot just say, “Bob, you’re right” or Bob, you’re wrong” but those who take what I write the way I do, as advice from a professional wholey dedicated tot he preservation of our race and finding arguments and means to accomplish it.

By WE I mean the few who don’t just read what I say and worry about whether I was nice enough to somebody, but those who THINK about what I SAID as a tool for fighting their fight.

That is why I am so upset when a potential member of WE gets sidetracked on W’s stinky feet or on Iraq or on Jews in general.

On Bush or Iraq, they just get lost in the choruse of millions. On the Jewish Question, we already have giants like David Duke and Kevin MacDonald. We have the whole Islamic world.

For this WE to spend its resources on the Jewish Question is exactly like a German soldier on the Western Front lying awake all night worrying about the invasion of Russia.

You would not find a single German general in either World War who would say, “Forget Russia, it doesn’t matter.”

But EVERY German general would have said, “If you lay awake worrying about Russia, you’ll be groggy and get your head blown off in the battle you need to concentrate on.”

At this moment, our resources ar dedicated almost entirely to the front you are talking about. We desperately need more people repeating Bob’s Mantra.

It will be a long cold day in You Know Where before the number of people who join me in the the work I am doing actually cuts into the hordes who are fighting on the Jewish Front.

When that day comes, I will change my tune.


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