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Don’t forget, this is an industry which needs us to survive! Without us nasty racists, they are out of buisiness. No wonder they seem so keen to make any white person who speaks for his race a racist, and anyone else who doesn’t really support multi-racialism a ‘latent’ or ‘closet’ racist.

They need us to survive, just as the Jews need racists, so they can be Jews. They need their enemies.

And in a sense, I think some of us need them.

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That reminds me of Gandalf in LOTR.

What if I get my little army and topple the Dark Lord the way I want to?

We can do it.

While all the obvious forces are in full array marching against the Enemy, we can destroy the evil ones

Why? Because they will be looking at the chest-beaters. None of them could imagine anyone would be willing to forego all the glory and hit them in hte one place that would be their ruin.

The Dark Lord was destroyed in the very place and with the very Ring it never occurred to him anyone would be willing to have the moral courage to destroy.

H was confident that everyone would see that the Ring was beautiful and precious.

No one would destroy it simply because it was Evil.

Let eerybody else array themselvea against the Powers That B

We will destroy them because they are laughable.

Then what?

Gandalf said that his mission ended when the Dark Lord was destroyed, when the Third Age ended.

Could I live with that?

Put it another way:

With that, I could LIVE.


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Industrial Strength

How would Morris Dees be able to increase his multimillion-dollar bankroll if we didn’t exist?

How would he gutsy Norman Finkelstein’s “Holocaust Industry” survive if they actually made good on their statement “There is no place for racism in America.”

A more basic question:

Do you think that anybody in the anti-racism industry today really CARES about white racism?

I am amused by all the people who shout how practical they are because “It’s all about money!” but at the same time they insist the other side is motivated by pure Idealism.

News item gang: The people who really hated us are mostly DEAD.

We are dealing with an INDUSTRY a lot of people who are making a living INHERITED.

Think about that and then get back to me on it.



Jewish Realistic

Clint Eastwood made a movie called “The Unforgiven.”

He had made all those spaghetti westerns and Dirty Harry movies, so Eastwood decided to make a movie that all the critics would think was GREAT.

He did.

You have to give Eastwood credit for knowing what he is doing. He wanted all the critics to say all those other movies were just entertainment, but “The Unforgiven” was The Real Thing.

Keep in mind that the last person who could possibly know what The Real Thing was in the real west would be a New York movie critic.

Have you ever seen a Woodie Allen movie?

Absolutely every single whie person in “The Unforgiven,” including the one Clint Eastwood played, was a Woodie Allen clone.

All of them were absolute cowards. Clint’s character was a coward until he got drunk.

The only real hero in the movie was Eastwood’s Faithful Negro Companion. He never showed an ounce of fear. He was the martyr the evil sheriff totured to death and for whom Eastwood got drunk and killed the white gentiles for.

To say this movie was a critical success is a gross understatement. Whoever and Ebert pronounced it a truly realistic picture of the Old West, with which they were apparently intimately familiar.

Reality, realistic, true to life, all of New York praised the movie.

Eastwood made the movie precisely to get this bunch of retards to say that.





The slow season for news has traditionally been August. That’s probably still
true on a national basis.

There are a lot of small towns and small cities where most of the local clubs
don’t meet in June, July and at least the first half of August, but we’re in
an off-year election year and some states have very hot state and local races.

A press release isn’t _hard_ to write. However, there are some requirements,
such as prominently listing a point of contact and his or her _current_
contact information. Sending any picture files less than 300 dpi is a waste
as they won’t print well.

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