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I’m going to bed.

My friggin’ DREAMS are smarter than this!



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Somebody mentioned that Eastwood is beneath contempt.

I was corresponding with somone in med school who spent his days being sick.

He had rotting corpse parts put in his hand on a regular basis.

I used to get sick thinking of formaldehyded frogs.

A medical professional can autopsy a three-day-old corpse, go to lunch and get back to work.

If a fellow worker said to him, “This thing really STINKS,” he would mark the commenter down for treatment.

If you are a sewer worker, knee deep in the slime, what would you do it someone cried out, “I can’t BELIEVE it! Right over there there is a piece of **** floating in the water!”

I probably don’t really appreciate the outrage of Conspiracy Theorists because I have been knee deep in this sewer so LONG.

When Clint Eastwood took over on Wagon Train the first Heroie Negro was part of his ensemble.

His first major film, a semi-horror flop, featured his very black buddy with a blond girl who said, “I’ve got my MAN.”

Troy Donahue was always getting pictures taken dancing with his very black girlfriend.

Her Glorious Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II had pictures taken showing her dancing with the new president of Ghana, whoever the hell he was.

I spent my entire career in that sewer.

So you finally figured out that what is floating down the river Her Majesty lives in is is a piece of ****.

That’s a good start.

But don’t announce it to me like it’s a new release.


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Ideas, not News Items

I was asked what my policies would be if I were president.

I mentioned several, one of which was that if the oil cartel didn’t stop cheating us, I’d sent in troops and take some oilfields.

Please note I did NOT say that if the oil cartel didn’t stop ganging up on France or Britain or anybody else I would threaten them. I would not even name any specific set of oilfields we’d take.

I would say, “I am the AMERICAN president. You are robbing AMERICANS. If you don’t get the price for US down to reasonable levels, I will see the cartel as an act of war, a combination against our national interests.”

“We (The People of the United States of America and OUR Posterity) need oil. We can buy it or take it. But if we have to take it you’ll pay the cost.”

The AMERICAN oil problem would end so fast it wou ld make your ears ring.

Naturally somebody pointed out that I was just one of neos out to pick onthe Arabs.

He reads the paper too much or listens to too many “sources” and doesn’t look at the Constitution and stuff like that.

But he also wrecks a discussion that is needed.

He wants me to defend myself, Bob Whitaaer, against being a NEO when what I have put on the table is something any real American has thought of from time to time.

He has fifty million news readers to shout “neo” at, but this is hte only place he will find somebody bring this idea out in the open.

And it is IDEA.

If his sources tell him that command of the US Armed Forces has been turned over to me, he needs to let ME know.

As a matter of fact, I think DISCUSSION of the POSSIBILITY of this action, if it got votes, would have OPEC in Washington clamoring for a deal if we won OR lost.

But before we could do this, we would have to deal with all the conspiracy freaks who are obsessed with labels and the latest poop (in BOTH senses of that word) about whatever is big on the Conspiracy Network right now.

West had it dead right: our challenge is not the antis, it’s debate with EACH OTHER.

Anything out of hte box gets aborted at birth.

And we are NOT going to win by reciting inside the box.



The Seminar Responds Through Mark

When I bitched about “Comments (0)” here were are the responses:

Peter Paine:***

“We need Mark.”


“Thanks for the vote of confidence!”

“It’s just that sometimes I don’t have anything unique or insightful or all that intelligent to say on a subject so instead of sounding dumb (which I do enough of anyway) I wait for greater minds than mine to respond. ”

This is exactly how a real seminar, not the dished-out crap that passes for them today, worked.

A seminar is where an old professor who has spent decades trying to pound half a gallon of information into pint-seized minds.

If it’s economics, there won’t be two sudens in a large lecture room who are there voluntarily.

So when he got his seminar, he had something he lovewd, but which a modern professor-bureaucrat cannot deal with: a roomful of students who were familar with his subject and were there on purpose.

Many, many times he would say, “I’ve been working on this” and go up to board and scracth out a diagram or an equation or something to mkae common sense look academic.

You gotta do SOMETHING with your hands.

He would end up saying, “I want you to give this some thought.”

Can you imagine a modern professor-bureucrat asking his students to do some THINKING?

But many times the students would spend the period between seminar sessions partying.

Naturallly this did not include Robert the Virtuous. But I must admit that, while I sat in my bare cell lost in Transcendental Thoughts, my mind did wander away from the subject the Prof had talked about.

The pre-class talk would begin calmly and then get a little feverish.

“Did something come up with anything?”

“I didn’t, I had a big macro test and a hundred test papers to correct.”

“Me, neither. I had two basic economics classes to teach and tach-up work on my thesis and…”

Finally some honest man would respond, “You gotta be kidding! I just woke up inthe drunk tank two hours ago.”

He was in no shape to think up excuses.

So a Peter would pipe up and say, “Where’s Mark? He can always come up with SOMETHING.”

He did.

But the point here one I doubt any of you who have been in college or grad school can even imagine.

Ole Prof demanded that you THINK about something. Can you IMAGINE a modern professor getting grumpy if you didn’ try to THINK of somethine HE hadn’t spoon-fed you?

*** Since I called Peter a Pain and he took me on by changing his name here to Pain, it occurred to me that Peter Paine would make a great name for a character in a stoty.


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