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I got crappy and Mark called me on it:

Regarding my bad-tempered remark below, Mark hit me TWICE:

I take offense at your statment. So you write an entry which is more proclamation than discussion and then you expect everyone (during a holiday weekend even)to throw themselves to the floor, genuflect like trained puppets, and squawk what a wun-der-full statment you have just made. Okay, fine. From now on when you’ve written one of your declarations of adoration entries I’m gonna’ write:

“Amen-hallelujah-aman! That Bubba Witt’ker fella is might-eee fine! Amen – hallelujah-amen!”

Comment by Mark — 5/30/2006 @ 3:29 pm | Edit This

Oh, and another thing. While you were penning that ever so enlightening and oh-so invigorating paragraph about sewers and what not, I was busy visiting the grave (w/my daughter) of a real pro-white hero — one Sam Hildebrand (Missouri Major of the army of the Confederacy, bushwhacker, peacelover until his family was murdered and his home burnt down by northerners, and all around 19th. century real-life bravehart).

But of course, forgive my divine father for I have sinned. Amen-hallelujah-amen! That Bubba Witt’ker fella is might-ee fine! Amen-hallelujah-amen to ad nausium…

Comment by Mark — 5/30/2006


Mark, I wish you would stop being so worshipful and shy and just tell me what you think.